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In software development outsourcing, we take all responsibilities of your software development activities by providing you on-demand skilled developers and help you in the transition of your digital transformation jounrney.

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Most Effective Software Development Outsourcing Services

Staff Augmentation

In Staff Augmentation, we provide expert software developers work with your internal development team or on your projects as an extended team. We make sure the developers are culture-fit with your team and working until your project completion.

Dedicated Teams

In Dedicated Development Model, we provide our clients a dedicated team of skilled developers along with project managers, QA and BA teams. This option provides a management structure with hands-on supervision of the workflow and tasks.

Project-Based Model

In fixed buddget model, we as your partner company oversees the entire development process: from establishing the specs, to allocating workflow, setting timescales and quality testing.

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Most Effective Software Development Outsourcing Services

Up to 30% software quality increase

due to access to the top technology skills and development best practices.

Up to 40% development speed increase

due to plugging into established and field-tested agile processes of a vendor.

30% decrease in development costs

due to no need for hiring, onboarding, and training new employees.

40% decrease in development costs

due to no need for hiring, onboarding, and training new employees.

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Our software outsourcing services are specifically designed to

  • Work in both software development outsourcing or combination mode
  • Work across a wide range of time zones
  • Provide teams with diverse skill sets
  • Handle end to end software development life cycle
  • Identify the project requirements and evaluate its complexity and lengthy
  • Provide a report on every stage of project development to ensure every step is executed according to the plan
  • Test and debug all the solutions that are delivered.
  • Work on suggested enhancements

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Our client centric approach enables us to exceed expectations by

  • Increasing the level of flexibility and scalability.
  • Providing high standard of in-house expertise
  • Understanding client’s primary business objective
  • Client engagement in project
  • Reducing time to enter market
  • Maximizing economic efficiency
  • Increasing focus on core areas of client’s business
  • Increasing scalability and flexibility
  • Identifying and minimizing inherent project risks

Our Software Development Outsourcing Services

Collaborating with our software outsourcing company allows our clients to benefit from our vast talent pool and industry experience to enrich the software development project. Like most outsourcing software development companies, we focus on building a long term relationship with our clients and help them survive their technology development challenges. We provide several service options, carefully designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of our partner organizations. The outsourced software development portfolios we provide include:

  • 1IT Management Services We help our partner businesses gain leverage on the complete cycle of software development process so that they can be ahead of their competitors.
  • 3Web Application Development Our web application development services are backed by our expert team of IT professionals who can build class-apart software products that are designed to meet client needs in compliance with the best IT practices in terms of security, functionality, and scalability.
  • 2Mobile Application Development Our teams have the best experienced mobile application development professionals who can develop fast programs with high functionality.
  • 4IT Infrastructure Outsourcing We provide IT infrastructure consulting for our clients who do not operate with IT as their core business. They can hugely benefit from a reliable and customer centric technology providers like us.

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More Services

There are different ways of outsourcing software developers and unleashing the full power of the Top 1% IT Talent.

Dedicated Teams

An expert autonomous team, typically composed by a PM, SW engineers, QA engineers and other roles, capable of rapidly and efficiently deliver end-to-end technology solutions and value. Management is conducted jointly by BairesDev Scrum Master / Engineering Manager and Client’s Product Owner.

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IT Staff Augmentation

Like other outsourcing software development companies, we can provide the additional boost to our client’s team with our pool of critical skill set. With our client’s business or IT objectives in focus, we are experienced to fill gaps in the client’s current team structure and ensure that the technological initiatives are in line with the business needs.

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