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DreamzTech offers a wide range of solutions for media and entertainment industries. Our solution includes Cloud based Digital Asset Management, Digital Content Archives, Video Streaming, Podcasts, Live Streaming Software Solutions, Broadcaster Software Solutions, Custom Video platforms OTT etc.

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An experienced provider of Media and Entertainment software solutions for businesses worldwide

DreamzTech has experience to create omnichannel solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry. Our comprehensive solution enables Media and Entertainment Houses to transform their business by reducing technology risks.

Digital Asset Management

DreamzTech offers cloud based Digital Asset Management(DAM) which stores and organizes digital assets. It amplifies the benefits from creative files such as images, videos and other media. DAM enables quickly find assets like videos, photos, documents and other media.Our DAM Software solves one of the biggest problems most organizations have today – an overabundance of digital content. It takes this content and stores it centrally for everyone to quickly access. Our cloud-based DAM software, which offers more versatility and anytime access to all of your data from any device type or web browser.Our DAM comes with native (iOS or Android) or cross-platform mobile app with the same functionality plus mobile camera scanning options. Cloud DAM solutions also allow for a faster implementation process and additional, scalable integrations.Our DAM also allows accessing data with Role Based Application Controls (RBAC) and workflow management.

Progressive Web Apps

DreamzTech Platform delivers the latest technology adapted specifically to keep customers engaged from discovery to end processes. Google-backed Progressive Web App (PWA) technology is the core of our Platform. It brings the high-converting features of an app to your larger audience on the mobile web, delivering significant improvements in mobile revenueWith PWAs, which are the future of app development, customers can now launch browser-based applications with actionable buttons, to do ecommerce transactions. The platform can integrate data, applications and channels seamlessly.DreamzTech has Instant App Development Platform which enables enterprises to rapidly deliver digital engagements to their customers via an extremely agile and lightweight compute platform.PWA Apps combines push timeline based messaging, actionable UI use the device’s native features such as the camera, location services, fingerprint scanner etc. to provide personalized banking services, location based services with reliable security like Two Factor Authentication (2FA), Pattern and PIN and many more native features of mobile devices.

Celebrity Network

DreamzTech is extensively engaged in developing Celebrity Network as Platform built specifically for exclusive celebrities to endorse them, their lifestyles and their brands.DreamzTech is engaged with top celebrities to build their online presence for fans and can connect with her follower like never before.The Celebrity Network enables connecting with fans and followers and allows them to make donations online for their supported cause.The platform also covers channel features to promote health & nutritional facts, charts and recipe books and many more.The platform also provides ecommerce to endorse their brand online. Some celebrities like Wes Brown, Leanne Brown, Nandi Madida are already Live on the platform and many more in progress.

Broadcaster Software Solutions

Dreamztech Offers broadcasting software for video and audio recording. We design custom modules for plan production, lineup programming, scheduling and management of workflows with support for various channels and geographic locations. Our features for content prep and distribution are enriched for use on television, VOD, OTT, mobile and more.Whether you’re a YouTuber, Broadcaster, Our streaming software services allow you to get your message out to a wider audience, faster and easier.

Live Streaming Software Solutions

DreamzTech has experience in creating pro-quality streaming services from any desktop or mobile device. We integrate with best solution providers like Wowza, Brightcove, JWPlayer, Brid Tv and other powerful options to work on web streams. Content generators can make their channels stand out on YouTube. Display, record and live stream simultaneously. Our Live Streaming solution gives the ability to create video broadcasts and share them with the world in real time.

Photo Booth Software Solutions

DreamzTech Photo Booth Software enables you to create 180° and 360° images and video. We use both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) reating fully-rendered VR worlds with the visual experiences.The content can be shared on supported social media. Users can experience VR using Samsung Gear VR, Google DayDream VR and other supported accessories.Many industries are leveraging reality-based interactive technologies in applications such as eLearning, Product Marketing, Interior Design,Real Estate, Engineering and Hospitality.

Custom Hospitality & Travel Management Software Development Services

DreamzTech with wide array of experience in developing custom tailored solution to meet exact business and operational needs and deliver world class solutions to customers.


Headless Commerce Platform Development

Our client runs an online printing business for more than 25 years. The existing website of our client was not mobile-friendly because of that our client was losing its existing clientele drastically, hampering its revenue year on year. Dreamztech has converted the existing online printing website into a PWA solution which was lightweight and responsive to desktops, mobiles, tablets, any other electronic devices. The solution provided an easy to use and all device responsive PWA solution that resulted in a better UX and user engagement.
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Online Digital Magazine Solution

Our client owns a family magazine business in the United Kingdom, which is published ten times a year. Due to the drastic shift of print media into digital media (digital world)  and our client was losing business. They wanted us to provide a solution that will not only increase their sales but will give their online and mobile customers an easy tool to read the monthly magazines with an easy subscription model. Dreamztech worked with the client in the UK for 3 years, setup server and go live, developed their website, themes, making the design responsive.
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Digital Newspaper Archives Solution

It is critical for businesses to preserve important documents for daily operations and to conform to regulations. However, preserving paper documents for a long period of time is challenging due to space and maintenance needs. Finding out the right document at the right time is an even bigger challenge. DreamzTech has developed a Digital Document Archive Platform for one of our clients in the publication industry to address the above. Our solution enables our client to create a digital archive in a format to efficiently manage and preserve history while saving space, time and money.
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