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We provide top notch Progressive Web Application development services which are exceptionally designed and have highly responsive user experience in order to meet the unusual demands of the users. Let us elucidate the Progressive Web Application development services provided by us:

  • Custom Progressive Web App Development

Our Progressive Web Applications can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the business. We develop apps that are user friendly and easy to use and understand.

  • Progressive Web Design and Development

We help you get past the traditional browsers by providing access to our apps in mobile devices. With standardised and consistent progressive upgrade and development, we provide a unified user interface and assist you in expanding mobile conversion rates.

  • Application Shell Architecture

We create PWA on application shell model to convey remarkable client experience with simple to explore, quick speed without any interference.

  • Secure Data Migration

We follow an organized approach and build up an information escalated web application with quicker, consistent and secure relocation of information across programs.

  • Quality Assurance Testing

For PWA advancement, we follow a flexible approach and perform extensive testing to offer total help and upkeep. We guarantee that your PWA arrangements are without glitch.

  • PWA Maintenance and Support

Our progressive web app services include proper maintenance and support for every issue that affects the system functionality.

The Process of Developing the Best PWA

  • Understand and Analyse Business Requirements
  • Wireframing with PWA Data Flow Architecture
  • Build PWA’s User Experience Design
  • Selection of Technology and Technical Specifications
  • PWA Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment and Support

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Why DreamzTech is best as a PWA Company?

  • 1. Manpower: Our team is experienced and dedicated to meet the requirements and the unique demands of the clients
  • 2. Presence in 5 global locations: We are based in five different locations such as India, USA, UK, Singapore and South Africa which helps us to work with a wide range of talent.
  • 3. An experienced company: DreamzTech has an experience of 13 years in web and mobile app development which helps us to understand the market in a better way and adapt to them conveniently.
  • 4. Ready to use PWA builder to build your own app: Now you can build your own app without any knowledge of coding.
  • 5. Ready plug and play PWA app: With us you can experience the out of the box plug and play mode of the app without the need to worry about jumpers, switches and hardware conflicts. Users can experience an unmatched sense of mobility with this technology.

Why should you choose PWA for developing your app?

  • Full-Screen Native App experience

With PWA, sites are stacked with a full-screen insight. Rather than a URL bar, clients will presently see a greater amount of your site on the screen, total with a sprinkle of marketing added just in case. This gives your site considerably more presence and a more grounded brand personality. Full screen might not create a noticeable difference to the user but it helps you to create a stronger brand image.

  • Add to home screen

Progressive Web Apps can be added to the home screen and this helps brands to have better engagement with their customers. After visiting the website the user gets a popup asking them if they want to add website to their home screen which has the complete icon and the branding. This gives user to have an app like experience without any effort of installing it.

  • Works even when offline

Progressive Web Apps are available for offline use just like a native app. This feature helps users to reduce the consumption of data used in running the app. All the data gets stored in the app and the user has an access to it, that is the users can view articles that they haven’t viewed even when the internet connection has lost completely.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications appear on the user’s notification tab and helps you to update users about new developments such as a publisher can update its user about a brand new article via a push notification. This feature helps the brands to engage and re-engage with their customers from time to time which help to increase the revenue of the brands.

  • New ways to share content:

When users find your content interesting and engaging they wish to share them. Sharing also helps your website reach a greater audience. PWA allows users to share content via any app installed on their devices. Suppose there is a new and a suddenly popular social network for sharing, users can easily share content on it without you having to spend resources to add new features on your website.

  • New updates

A PWA permits publishers to carry out patches promptly, for instance, it empowers them to keep full control of the substance. Clients consistently utilize the most current version of the application because PWA automatically updates itself and there is no need for user’s to update them.


Loyalty App

Ensure that your customers keep engaging with your brand by giving them personalized rewards on each purchase. This ensures loyalty and an improvement in customer satisfaction.

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Delivery App

This helps customers to search through all the businesses available nearby them so that they can order food easily without waiting in a queue.

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Local Directory App for Bar and Restaurants

This solution helps businesses as well as customers to connect and interact; the owners can display the menu according to the availability so that customers get real time updates.

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Local Marketplace App for Beauty Services

With this solution the beauty parlours can engage with and attract more clients. The clients can easily book their appointment and enjoy the services hassle free.

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Wholesale Retailer App with Service Booking

This solution enables customers to have an access over all the services 24×7 so that they get an improved experience and can easily connect with the wholesaler to know about the availability of the products.

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Table Reservation App

This solution helps customers to book tables seamlessly. It also enables business owners to manage the customers and improve consumer satisfaction.

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Ecommerce App

E-commerce app is a solution which helps businesses to connect with their customers globally. The consumers have access to all the products even when they are offline.

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Social Networking App

This solution which is developed on a PWA technology helps users to connect with their friends over the internet. This app also helps users to book restaurants, events and other entertainment programs.

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Online Printing App

This app helps customers to get all the printing services information digitally. This solution enables customers to design their own prints according to their requirements.

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Doctor Consultation App

This solution helps patients to book their appointments easily according to their preferred time in order to avoid unnecessary wastage of time.

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Chatbot App

This solution helps businesses to provide support to their customers 24×7 so that their queries get answered even when the owner is not available online.

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Event Management App

This helps the businesses to manage their events seamlessly starting from scheduling to execution. All information is stored in the app for effective management.

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Property Management App

This solution helps users to manage their property. It also helps them to track and provide better services to their customers with improved business insight.

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Celebrity App

This app helps renowned personalities to share their lifestyle and social activities with fans and followers. The fans can have access to celebrity photos and brand endorsements even when they are offline, this helps to increase the fan base and to improve engagement with them.

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Online Athlete Academy App

This app helps owners to manage and promote talent digitally. This helps people to showcase their talent to a larger audience without much effort.

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The concept of Progressive Web App example is being able to do work offline or may be in poor network conditions. This is an app that can be installed on the user’s device (only Android) and one can access it like almost a native app. One can also access it via home screen icon and push the notifications to the lock screen of the device.

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  • Java for Android
  • Objective C and Swift for iOS
  • SQLite
  • JSON
  • XCode, Android Studio
  • AngularJS, React, Node.js

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