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Our financial services solutions are driven by key technologies such as AI, Cyber Security, Blockchain and Customer Experience Management and thus we help financial organizations with better customer experience and improved operational efficiencies

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Empowering Financial Institutions to provide better customer experience

The BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) industry has witnessed unprecedented development in recent years with greater private competitions and more initiatives undertaken by the Government. However, increasing technology adoption, internet penetration, and smartphone culture have changed the way BFSI works.The banking and finance industry is one of the most competitive and critical industries for the economy. Financial Institutions relies heavily on its information systems and technologies – making it imperative to invest in acquiring, upgrading and maintaining data, systems and infrastructure.We provide our clients deliver a robust software solutions to achieve operational success.

Blockchain Secured Collateral Management

DreamzTech Collateral Management Solution helps in tracking collaterals (such as Loan, CDs, Credit and debit status etc) on Ethereum Blockchain. Using the solution, each collateral would be tracked as a digital asset to track the origination, trail of records and act as a single source of truth of collateral on blockchain network.Smart Contracts have been developed to interface with bank’s existing collateral system to track Secure Loan. The Smart Contracts were developed optimizing minimum gas consumption for each transaction in blockchain network.The solution eliminates manual errors and associated risks, reduces back-end functions and the need for dispute management and reconciliation, facilitating quick settlement time.

Blockchain Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

DreamzTech can develop a Cryptocurrency wallet to allow users to earn, monitor and transfer virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies can only be recorded as transactions on the blockchain technology. Every wallet remains unique ledger accounting for wallet and transferred to the wallet will mean that the ownership of the currency is signed off to another dedicated wallet’s address. DreamzTech can develop both Custodial and Non-custodial wallet types. Cryptocurrency wallet which is highly functional and can be accessed seamlessly on any mobile device is called mobile wallet.

Blockchain-Based e-KYC

DreamzTech Blockchain KYC Solution is a game changing innovation of RegTech Industry. It enables seamless, secure and faster data transaction with a reduced operating and compliance costs and improved customer experience. Our solution can effectively help banks to improve their Know Your Customer (KYC) process.Our blockchain based KYC solution provides customers an enhanced experience by reducing the on-boarding wait times and instant visibility of all shared information.The redundant, distributed and shared ledger acts as in immutable, assured audit trail of all the corporate KYC processes and reduce the risks for banks

Computerized Maintenance Management Solution

Facility operations in the financial industry face many challenges today like mergerings, rebranding, renovation, and growth. New services and new competitors have made the retail banking critical to the customer experience — impacting both retention and new customers.While some institutions struggle to run, others improving the bottom line with scheduled maintenance procedures and tracking real-time costs for each equipment item, and at each facility with more efficiency.With DreamzTech’s CMMS, Streamline Your Work Order eliminate maintenance disorganization with our easy work order management. Everyone in your team can easily access work instructions, prioritize tasks and manage work orders from anywhere.

Face Recognition Solution

Since the start of the digital revolution facial recognition has been gaining prominence over touch and type based interactions due to the convenience it offers without compromising on the security of transactions.Despite an increase in the use of EMV cards (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) coupled with password creation policies, there has been a surge in banking fraud cases. As a result of the billions that are lost by major banking institutions, there has been a call to switch to biometric facial recognition to curb this issue.Facial Recognition software has a liveness detection which prevents hackers from using a picture of the customer for impersonation purposes. It assesses the ‘liveness’ of the facial image to guarantee that it is a live image and not a (still) picture or a spoof as it is known.

Instant Banking App Development

The banking industry today is to get their customers to download their various apps for internet banking. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), this emerging technology works with all major platforms, so consumers don’t need to download anything to get the mobile app experience. With PWAs, which are the future of app development, customers can now launch browser-based applications with actionable buttons, to do banking transactions. The platform can integrate data, applications and channels seamlessly.DreamzTech has Instant App Development Platform which enables enterprises to rapidly deliver digital engagements to their customers via an extremely agile and lightweight compute platform.PWA Apps combines push timeline based messaging, actionable UI use the device’s native features such as the camera, location services, fingerprint scanner etc. to provide personalized banking services, location based services with reliable security like Two Factor Authentication (2FA), Pattern and PIN.

Swift Integration

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) is a messaging network that banks use to securely transmit instructions for money transfer through a standardized system of codes. The SWIFT network exchanges standard messages and data with its banking partners, as well as using standard formats for those messages. Integration becomes less about individual bank interactions and more about data integration to internal financial systems. The SWIFT integration model shifts the cloud to the SWIFT Service Bureau.At DreamzTech, Programmers develops for the integration of back office system message formats to SWIFT messaging standards. We support standard connectivity solutions in converting data from proprietary message format to SCORE and more.


Collateral Reconciliation Solution

In this highly competitive banking environment, Banks need to be responsive to the ever-changing customer needs and consistently exhibit clarity and transparency to earn customer Trust. For Banks, collateral management is time-consuming and complicated by lengthy lending workflows.
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Blockchain KYC Solution

DreamzTech Blockchain KYC Solution is a game changing innovation of RegTech Industry. It enables seamless, secure and faster data transaction with a reduced operating and compliance costs and improved customer experience.
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