Event Management

Event management has never been easy before; our Blockchain and IoT powered solutions for Event and Meetings Management, helped event managers and organizers not only to manage it efficiently but also save a huge amount of money and time by automating processes and helping in security access. Track and trace of assets, promotions, and advertisements are few features to be named.

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Don’t just manage your events. Manage it smartly with our Blockchain and IOT powered event management solutions.

We at DreamzTech believe emerging technologies, should not only make you efficient but also smart and secure. Where Blockchain technologies taking care of the security part, IoT and AI makes your event more efficient and give you business and operational insights which only help you to make your business better and better, the more you use the system.

Rfid Based Asset Tracking System

RFID based asset tracking system enables organizers and participants to track and manage the movement of any assets seamlessly in an event like Trade Shows or Exhibitions etc. Exhibitions like book fair in places are so popular that without a proper technological solution, it becomes impossible to track goods movement from presentation to billing and finally deliver in front of a massive crowd. Fortunately, the RFID based asset tracking system not only helps in security but also helps visitors in locating goods with minimum help of event participants.

Energy Utilization and Security System

DreamzTech manufactured Smart Controller with other IoT sensors and devices and helps in energy utilization and savings of a lot of money. Installed inside switchboard, it controls electrical appliances remotely with the help of a mobile app. With the help of other sensors like motion sensors, it can help reduce energy consumption, by only switching the appliances on whenever there is a human motion detected. Sensors like a smoke sensor, CO sensors, and LPG gas leak sensors help send alerts to respective event organizers and security personnel in real-time to take immediate action.

AI Video-Based Footprint Mapping System

Though it is possible in a paid event to find out the number of visitors per day, however, it is very hard for organizers to find out the actual counts of visitors in a public or free event. More importantly it’s really hard to even estimate the number of footprints area wise segmenting it into age groups, genders etc. DreamzTech provides AI-based video analysis and the mapping system can analyze live streams and create heatmap based on area. It can also capture visitors’ facial expressions, analyze and generate reports segmenting them into groups like age groups, gender and an expression like smile, anger, disgust, etc.

Event Ticket Booking Management & Solution

DreamzTech created an intuitive booking app, where users can simply choose events happening in their locality like a football, choose one or more seats from the desired row and upon availability, the user can then pay with a credit card or blockchain-powered wallet. Every payment from the wallet accrues user loyalty points which they can use later. E-pass in form or QR code can be downloaded to the wallet for iPhone users or get printed tickets by showing the booking ids when arrived in the venue itself .

Pwa + QR Based Check-in System

Whether its a musical evening or a football match, check-in visitors with tickets or pass is slow and inefficient. With our PWA+QR based check-in system, visitors get PWA link from event organizers, and upon successful payment online or by updating booking id, visitors get a QR code which simply allows them to put in front of a QR scanner placed in-front of the event to auto check-in into the event.

Interactive Digital Signage

DreamzTech can create interactive digital signage to give an optimized customer experience by properly streamlining advertisement and announcement personalized to every user by providing the opportunity to put the mobile number, or scanning of QR code from a monitor or tablet places in a show booth or venue. On scanning the code the users get redirected to a PWA powered web app and can put their mobile number there to get custom offers based on their interest.

Event Management Tools for Event Managers, Planners & Vendors


DreamzTech offers cloud-based RFQ, Quote and Invoicing and Payment systems specifically tailored for event planners and vendors, where vendors can add and list their venues or food menus if they are also providing catering services, and many more features. Planners on the other hand can looks for vendor servers, compare them, select menus and add them to RFQ form and send RFQ to vendors, accept quotes, and make a payment on an invoice. All these features come under one umbrella making lives easy for event managers and vendors alike.


A US Based Client Developed Event Management App With A Vision To Increase Offline Engagement Using Online App

DreamzTech developed an Event management app in iOS and Android platform for general users and a web application for admin setup with intelligent data analytics report. The system is developed on the customized requirements to show the events in animated way.
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DreamzTech’s Event Management Platform Aids In The Better Organization Of Corporate Events And The Increase Of Ticket Sales

DreamzTech developed a cloud based Event Management Platform and an event attendance tracking app for attendees to view upcoming events schedule, book their seats, check-In/Out, view their certificates, CEU and badges.
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