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Leveraging the power of Blockchain, IoT and AI, DreamzTech helps retailers to offer the unbeatable and unique shopping experience to their consumers with the perfect mix of online presence, mobile outreach and sophisticated backend capabilities.

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Retail Industry is undergoing sea-change as the balance of power shifts to the consumer. Empowered customers, dynamic competitive landscape, new engagement models,and an evolving technology landscape have created challenges for every retail players. DreamzTech helps retailers to offer the best shopping experience to their consumers with the perfect mix of online presence, mobile outreach and sophisticated backend capabilities. Our retail software services and solutions provide custom retail solutions for brick and mortar, e-Commerce, c-store & grocery, dealerships, shopping cart, and mobile systems.

Blockchain based Cold Chain Solution

IoT integrated, block-chain based DreamzTech’s Cold chain management solution is designed to automate the entire supply chain of a retail business, providing real-time visibility into all transactions using smart contracts and collect parameters like temperature, humidity, storage conditions of the products that helps retailers to take preventative actions before any damage or contamination of the products.


M-commerce sales grew 276% from 2013 to 2017 and are expected to rise another 170% by 2021. This rapid growth will bring m-commerce sales above those of computer sales and account for nearly 54% of online retail sales by 2021.The changes in technology and consumer shopping habits, retailers’ investments in mobile channels are contributing significantly to m-commerce growth. From marketing and social media to apps and mobile-friendly websites, retailers across categories are implementing strategies to reach consumers via their phones. DreamzTech creates customized m-commerce platforms that enable retailers to better understand their consumers and offer them personalized offers and promotions.

Mobile E-commerce PWA Solution

DreamzTech offers its progressive web app builder solution to build mobile e-commerce progressive web apps that are superfast and lightweight in nature and enriched with unbeatable features like zero download, push notifications, real-time content update, SEO friendly and give users native like experience at a lower cost.

Blockchain based Supply Chain Solution

Our blockchain based supply chain management solution has the potential to transform the retail omni-supply chains. By introducing cryptographic product identity, maintaining and managing supply chain data, chain-of-custody information, and supporting autonomous transactions, blockchain can help retailers ensure customer trust over disparate retail supply chain partners and improve product visibility into the movement of produce from farm-to-fork.

Facial Recognition

The facial recognition solution developed by DreamzTech can help retailers to get the traffic data of in-store customers and also can reduce the time in billing desk by implementing customer recognition feature. The facial recognition systems can help retailers offer more targeted and relevant discounts. By using a facial recognition customer experience platform, retailers can keep track of customers’ buying preferences and offer better rewards.

Vehicle Authorization Management for Mobile Storefront

Our Blockchain and IoT based Vehicle authorization management solution provides features such as 24/7 Tracking of Van and Alerts upon any unusual activity like, over speeding, Geofence etc, Alerts for van reaching to each delivery location, Automatizing the order from request to purchase and process,Preventing unauthorized access to the Van door. The solution helps retailers in Authenticity and anti-counterfeiting, Fast/Real-Time Transaction Settlement, Provenance Tracking, Brand recognition & value, avoid pilferage of inventory and increase the productivity of the distribution process.

Smart Shelves

The Smart Shelf solution developed by DreamzTech is a revolutionary IoT solution in retail. The smart shelf allows to display specific product related information, promotional offers and ads when an item is picked up from the shelf by customers and also gives insights of stock and customer’s behavior to retailers

Personalized Promotion with IoT

Using Beacon, RFID tags, NFC chips DreamzTech can implement and integrate smart personalized promotional module to existing enterprise retail application where retailers can set up sensors around the store that send loyalty discounts to certain customers when they stand near products with their smartphones, if those customers sign up for a loyalty program in advance.

Retail POS Solution

Our cloud based retail POS Solution helps brick and mortars with flexible payment processes using credit/debit cards/fleet cards, electronic balance transfers (EBT), checks, mobile payments, loyalty/prepaid/gift/reward cards, and electronic payments. The cloud POS Solution is multistore enabled, the inventory stock, accounting and sales can be handled efficiently from anywhere online /offline.

ERP & CRM Solution

Our ERP and CRM Solution provides complete operational oversight and detailed purchasing, order, inventory, sales pipeline, customer management, warehouse, accounting, multi-store, and vendor management. The consolidated reports and overall business insights help retailers to streamline their business operations, reduce overhead costs and improve customer relationship management.

Inventory Management Solution

DreamzTech’s inventory management solution can be seamlessly integrated with RFID, barcodes, and QR code scanners, websites and mobile applications to incorporate features for fleet management, vehicle tracking, Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD), as well as warehousing systems integration for first-expire-first-out (FEFO) inventory allocation and deliveries.

Interactive Digital Signage

DreamzTech can create interactive digital signage to give an optimized customer experience by bringing elements of online shopping into the retail store. It helps to increase sales, operational efficiency and brand awareness and applies fact-based real-time customer preferences to optimize messages, tailoring down to even a single-customer focus and create a seamless, self-effacing omni-channel retail strategy.

Logistics Management Solution

Our EPOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) software solution manages last mile delivery of retailers.The cloud based EPOD solution helps in managing field employees with automated job assignment allocation and distribution,route planner, customer feedback collection and instant notifications. The EPOD supports integrations with third-party logistics APIs from FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, and more.

Custom Retail and E-Commerce Application Development

DreamzTech is a leading software development company for building enterprise level retail applications and e-commerce websites and mobile apps featured with inventory management, order and invoice management, suppliers and vendors management, customer management, ship and drop module development, payment and wallet integration, brand promotion, IoT implementation and many more. If you need to hire eCommerce application developers or retail application development company for your next project or want to outsource your application development tasks on an ongoing basis by having an expert software development company onboard, get in touch with DreamzTech Solutions today


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