Social Networking

Social networking is an integral part of everyday life for almost every human being, in this world. Whether it’s a virtual place to hangout or corporate networking, a dating app or city builder game through networking. DreamzTech has a wide range of solutions at its disposal when it comes to Social Networking.

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With tons of solutions and app in our disposal, we take care of your social networking needs the best.

We developed a huge number of social networking sites and mobile applications of different genres from scratch with intuitive User Interfaces (UI) and productive User Experiences (UX), niche technology with open source tools or end-to-end custom solutions. We create web-based Social networking platforms with native mobile applications using the devices inherent hardware to create unified user experiences across iOS and Android operating systems. We also provide solutions in Progressive Web Apps.

Dating App

DreamzTech has experience in developing dating platforms that would enable users to register with the platform, search users by filtering by a set of parameters like distance of the user, age group, gender, and other interests. We have developed modules like sending virtual gifts, private chat and featured listing where users can pay to be on top of search results. The platform also enables users to invite contacts to real dates outside the platform.

Share Workspace

Whether you own a restaurant, bar or any business place which has enough places to share, register with a workspace renting solution which allows freelancers and digital nomads to book and rent any workspace at an hourly rate and complete their project without the boredom of work from home. Not only freelancers, small businesses or start-ups can also book for more than one person and get group discounts from venue owners. It’s very easy to find nearby venues as users can search by distance, availability and one-click booking solution and payment.

City Builder Game

DreamzTech has developed a collaborative city builder game where users can register and buy cities, build the city as per user’s preferences and also collaborate with other users to exchange commodities, make friends and help each other out. This platform uses blockchain technology extensively where users can actually buy things from the account wallet powered by blockchain. All transactions like buying land, property, assets. Registering them etc have the real-world implementation of blockchain but in the virtual world.

Corporate Social Networking

We developed a cloud-based social networking platform for professionals where they can create profiles and get connected with other professionals. A user can create multiple profiles under one account where each profile may be of different profession altogether. Users can list their skills, expertise, and achievements which can help lead them to a new brand opportunity as a new freelance work or a new job itself.

Business Collaborating and Chatting System

DreamzTech developed a business collaborating and chatting system where people can register and add one or more companies and under each, they can invite business contacts to collaborate. It’s a peer-to-peer chatting system where you can chat one-to-one with contact or create groups to chat with all members, share notes and upload documents, etc. We also developed a VOIP audio conferencing solution so members can have single or group calls as well.

Tipping And Talent Booking Solution

This unique social networking app helps local event planners to find potential talents for shows and events happening in local communities or personal events like birthday parties or weddings. Users looking for talents can book directly from the app where people in the show can also join the app and tip the performer from the app itself, which the performer can withdraw after a certain amount has been accumulated.

Travel Planning And Networking

Our travel planning and networking solutions help travelers to connect with friends and other travelers and plan for a trip where they can share responsibilities to manage the trip. The portal allows users to not only collaborate with others but also to get very detailed travel-specific information of any place, book hotels, and flight tickets, rent a cab and many more. Powered by blockchain technology, users can pay through the wallet and accrues credit points for future purchases. Users can also join several local groups of travel planners where users can get the best information on that localities, get a notification on any tour being planned and can also participate in the trip.

Community Builder Portal

This unique portal allows users to register and create a private or public community, where user can list their businesses, post ads, communicate with other community members via a real-time message board. There is an event organization section where community members can share community events and add to a calendar. Members can also post house sell or rent announcement or a job posting, available for other members.

Talent Crowdsourcing And Networking

Social networking platforms for struggling and emerging talents whether actors, singers, dancers, magicians, etc, users can register to this platform not only to meet and network with other talents but also can upload their talent videos, collaborate with other users and work on the same project. Industry leaders like directors, show organizers, etc, can also register themselves and find talents for your next big project from this large pool of talents.


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