Blockchain Based Cold Chain Solution

Streamlining the Cold Supply Chain with a Blockchain Powered Solution

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Cold Chain Solution - Integrated solution across warehousing and transportation

Fast Transaction Settlement

Transactions are processed directly from peer to peer with fewer intermediaries and ledgers get updated automatically.


Blockchain asset tracking can combat counterfeits. RFID tags can track and trace assets throughout the entire supply chain until they reach the consumer’s hands.

Immutable & Reliable

Blockchain technology is resilient and does not have any single point of failure. Transactions processed in the blockchain are immutable and irrevocable.

Low Cost

Automated smart contracts to validate transactions, Less use of intermediaries, no reconciliation of work help to reduce the supply chain cost overall.

Greater Visibility and Efficiency Across Supply Chains.

Improved Inventory Management

Blockchain provides an efficient way of filling up the gaps created by legacy systems that were used for inventory management. By anticipating stock shortages, improving data integrity and distribution, this technology can help businesses manage and control the condition at the food production unit or facility.

Trace Stolen Items

The system can easily trace food volumes in the supply chain. Besides preventing counterfeiting and tampering, Blockchain ensures continual flow.

Quality Monitoring

The system can easily trace the condition of food items in the supply chain (such as Temperature, humidity etc).

Verify Globally

Blockchain Based Cold Chain Solution creates a truly Global solution which can be verified and monitored by the company itself.

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