Real Estate Indusrty

DreamzTech has developed a wide array of projects for the real estate industry, to name a few like ERP for Construction, Property Management, HOA Management Systems, Building Management Solution, Smart Home Solution, Real Estate Concierge, Real Estate Listing and CRM. Custom software solutions to handle structured or unstructured data to identify and develop new business opportunities. We help you discover, interpret and communicate relevant and useful patterns in data and get rich visualization of the resulting insights and reports.

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Enabling disruptors to validate product ideas, transform product vision to reality and turn data into insights.

We bring your most unique and complex real estate software ideas to life with our full-cycle development services. Having built numbers of web and mobile-based solutions in the real estate domain, DreamzTech is in a unique position to bring ideas from the whiteboard into the market through UI/UX design, programming, testing, system integration, and product sustainability.

Real Estate CRM Solution

Build robust CRM applications that automate lead management, pipeline management, and customer management with real-time data flow, intuitive data visualization graphics, data-intensive report and easy to use UI.
Integrate aesthetically appealing custom app dashboards for predictive analysis, trend mapping, decision support, KPI tracking, performance scorecards, and much more. We can BOT solutions to Increase your conversion rates on leads with our AI Bot that converses with your customers to get them engaged and educated.

HOA Management Software

We develop HOA management software with features that provide automated workflows, optimized accounting, easy maintenance, and association-oriented streamlined reporting. Our developers design software solutions for HOA management that offer cloud-based capabilities to manage association accounting and online payment processing. We develop HOA and condo management software components, with features such as calendar, website and committee management, automated follow-up, etc.

Property Management Solutions

We have property management Web and Mobile Apps that help in monitoring, administration, and supervision of properties by facilitating task automation tools and multi-property management interfaces. We can custom solutions that provide access to leasing and property information and manage all activities related to the same, 24 hours a day. We customize fully expansive property management software modules that function on any device and operating system. PMS with Concierge Solution, Valet Parking, In-house Services like Spa Booking, Food & Beverages Order, Utility Services like electrician, carpenter, plumbers on demand, etc.

AI Enabled BOT Solution

We can create an Artificial Intelligence enabled Campaign Management solution to manage and control outbound communications (emails/SMSes) directed at qualified and unqualified leads. The solution can deal with a large number of leads, inbound and outbound communications with minimal manual interventions.
DreamzTech extended our managed services, to design, develop and deploy an ArtificiaI Intelligent comprehensive campaign BOT solution. Our team of SMEs, Business Analysts, Architect, Project Manager, App Designers, and Developers worked with the client to build the solution.

ERP for Construction

Real Estate industries face huge challenges in planning of project and execution, costing, regulatory compliances, cash flow visibility and collaboration with service providers. Boost profitability and reinforce competence across the enterprise with our real estate ERP software. Our ERP enables project estimation using BOQ & monitoring Actual Cost as executed by Sub Contractors. Our planner tools allow to schedule and manage complex projects. Now you can create Contractor Running Bill directly related to their Measurement Book and payment that negates pain of managing large projects making daily billing quick & easy. Key Cost and Progress Indicators are available on a routine basis from the Online System of Activity-wise Cost.

Real Estate Concierge Solution

The platform enables streamlined real estate services for mortgage lenders to increase their funding rates on pre-qualified / pre-approved home-buying customers while enhancing the customer experience.
The solution would connect Real Estate Buyers, Sellers, Loan officers, Mortgage Lenders, and Realtors through easy to use solution using desktop and mobile devices. The platform enables streamlined real estate services for mortgage lenders to increase their funding rates on pre-qualified/pre-approved home-buying customers while enhancing the customer experience. It provides a property valuation calculator that helps home buyers and sellers to know property value based on several factors.

IoT Enabled Smart Home Solution


Having a smart home permits you to deal with electronic gadgets and systems from over the house or over the world. Draw the shades, turn on or off lights, and monitor security – smart home allows you to change the way you live, saves time for the day to day tasks with automation and reduce cost with efficient usage of energy. IoT enabled smart home can take preventive measures based on the feed from a camera or smart sensors and lock or unlock the doors and can even inform security personnel so that quick action can be taken.
The smart home ensures you use electricity more efficiently and save electricity. This not only saves you cost, but efficient usage of electricity ensures lower emission of noxious gases. This leads to a healthier environment and a greener planet of the future. DreamzHome App allows you to control and monitor your electrical appliances remotely. So no worries if you suddenly remember in the middle of your trip that you forgot to turn off the geyser – you can turn it off from anywhere in the world. Connect your DreamzHome Controller with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and control your appliances in a completely hands-free way.

Whether your software is lacking versatility due to old application structure, hosted on inefficient servers, or suffer from outdated interface designs, we help you re-engineer and modernize your legacy system, while maintaining data integrity and security with minimal downtime. Contact us to give your idea/concept a shape and move to the market.


Document Repository PWA

Managing the documents such as floor plan, electric blueprint, gas pipeline blueprint, etc. is not easy to let alone permission-based partial access of those documents in digital format. DreamzTech extended its Managed Services, to a startup based in Arizona, USA, with the idea to create a document repository which is required for developing a building and grant partial or full access to numbers of people like electrician, plumber, etc who must have access to only a part of a blueprint. Our team of SMEs, Business Analysts, Architects, Project Managers and Developers worked with the client to transform their business by the implementation of the latest technologies and develop document repository management system.
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Open House Lead Conversion

Leads are the lifeblood of mortgage business. The goal of an open house is to secure interest from buyers. An open house appeals to real estate business due to the possibility of creating a database of authentic customers and conversion of leads. A good open house conversion tool can help you with higher lead conversion, realtor team building tools, easy realtor relationships tools, co-marketing features and more. DreamzTech got an opportunity to develop an Open House Conversion application for one of its esteemed clients. It was developed in a way that the platform owner acts as the super administrator, controller and moderator for all parties involved.
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Property Management Solutions

In this digital age, most of the real estate properties are bought and sold through online platforms. The client wanted to take his business one step forward by establishing an online platform through which they could manage all the sellers and buyers. Dreamztech has designed and developed an integrated platform for the client through which they could register sellers and manage all the properties they had to offer. The client could add customers, verify properties and quotations for properties through the platform. The solution offered a flawless environment to manage property listings, order management, payment options, notifications and database management system.
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