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Improve efficiency, planning of processes involved in the production, storage, inventory, delivery and distribution of specific goods or services; Facilitate real-time tracking and inventory management; Automate processes and systems; Streamline Logistics Operations.

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Our Wide Bouquet Of Customized And Specialized Services Benefits Your Business In Multifarious Ways:

  • Mobility Solutions

    As a reputed mobility solution provider, our team of experts has a deep understanding of the current market trends as well as technological challenges faced by the industry. Our specially-curated services are thus developed to enable our clients to evaluate, design and implement customized mobility solutions for the Transport & Logistics industry at large.

  • Digital Transformation

    Our outstanding digital transformation consulting and solutions can help enterprises plan and execute strategies by investing in top-notch technologies. DreamzTech also offers penetrative insights to bolster the digital strategy of all our discerning clients.

  • Data and Analytics

    At DreamzTech, we offer a wide array of data analytics solutions to transform our client’s historical and real-time data into actionable insights. Our thoroughbred professionals define data analytics strategies and suggest suitable technologies to drive better insights. We help our customers leverage the latest digital technology to provide real-time planning and routing for vehicles in transit.

  • Last Mile Delivery Solutions

    Research indicates the last-mile delivery software is poised to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 8.9% from 2021 to 2026 and estimated to touch $66,000 million by 2026. Such is the growth potential of this segment.

    In keeping with this projection, our Last Mile Delivery solutions have ‘Auto Dispatch’ functions which reduces labour costs and service time by auto-assigning or suggesting the nearest suitable driver for the delivery task. Our delivery apps also employs smart technology like scanning features to scan QR and barcode which helps in scanning the goods, save time and labour costs during dispatch. Additionally, in the delivery apps, our digital stamps work as proof of delivery, thereby reducing tedious paperwork. Customers can also provide digital signatures and delivery apps to capture images and videos which can be considered as proof of delivery.

  • Customized Freight & Shipping Solutions

    We have the bandwidth to develop custom freight and shipping modules to manage only the functions that you need for TL, LTL and Intermodal Freight Operations. Our developers have extensive experience in integrations with third-party providers to fetch Freight and Load Data, GPS Data, Route Planning Info, Analytics and Reports.

    A customized freight software goes a long way in optimizing resource utilization and reducing operational costs by providing real-time visibility on delayed or partial shipments.

  • Custom Logistics Management System

    Our expert developers design and develop Intelligent Logistics Management systems to facilitate logistic companies to create efficient route planning and tracking, improve supply chain visibility and optimize scheduling delivery operations. A cloud-based logistics platform can connect all global logistics operations in a single window. An ERP for logistics primarily includes Warehousing, Transportation, Material Handling, Inventory Management, Customer Services, Procurement and Regulatory Compliance.

    We customize ERP and CRM Solution with GPS tracking & monitoring of fleet, Integrate with accounting solutions and have expertise to serve the transportation, freight forwarders, warehouse, supply chain and 3PL/4PL logistics operators.

  • Integrated Freight Forwarding Software

    Our customized Freight Forwarding Software provides complete visibility to an organization or the stakeholders through an integrated Client Portal and Mobile App. You can automate transportation management and operations through collaboration with increased delivery reliability as well as reduced transportation management cost.

    TMS Solutions can be integrated with freight forwarding software, customs broking, warehousing, and other modules that can handle every aspect of logistics operations right from the pickup, trip planning, route planning to delivery.

    From dispatch to delivery, integration with various third-party logistics providers such as KeepTruckin and Fleetio, can provide real time tracking of delivery. Freight Forwarding solutions with Sales, CRM, and Billing can also be integrated with Financial Accounting 3rd party providers such as Quickbooks, Xero, Sage Intacct, Sage X3, MS Dynamics 365, Oracle Suite and SAP to achieve unmatched financial excellence. In other words, we have automated all the operations of the logistics and supply chain industry to book, bill and deliver the shipment.

  • Warehouse Management Software

    We take care of another vital need of the industry through our Warehouse Management System (WMS) that plays a very crucial role in the supply chain by converting day-to-day warehouse activities into efficient business processes. Accurate documentation and process-oriented approaches help to simplify, control and optimize warehouse operations.

    Our Warehousing Management Software helps our clients maximize their labour utilization by offering real-time transaction processing, optimized storage & strategies, directed task management and much more.

  • Fleet Management and Tracking Solution

    A Fleet Management Solution is an integral part of logistics for providing fleet management and maintenance information. Our fully customized fleet management software facilitates Fleet Telematics, Fleet Tracking with GPS, Route Planning and Route Optimization, Fuel Management, Fleet Maintenance and Fleet Management Integration with 3rd party solutions.

    Fleet Telematics facilitate easy tracking of location with GPS, hours of services (HOS) and FMCSA regulations. GIS Data Trail records complete details of fleet movement and services with complete fleet information. The software records fleet data and vehicle tracking systems in a bid to track fuel and monitors the fuel consumption of vehicles. As mandated by law, our entire Fleet Fuel Management Solution adheres to the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) regulations.

    Our fleet GPS Tracking Solution also supports real-time fleet tracking and helps with routing strategies, geo-fences, customized alerts and notifications. Hire experienced GIS developers to customize your transport solution by integrating third-party fleet management technologies from Fleetio, KeepTruckin Teletrac, GeoTab, Onfleet, etc to maximize the effectiveness of your fleet tracking.

  • Transport Management Solutions

    Transport Management System is associated with tracking shipment, monitoring drivers, vehicles and updating clients. To gain supremacy with regard to these, our simple yet powerful load management software comes up with an advanced integrated solution to handle effectively both FTL (Full Truck Load) and LTL (Less than Truckload).

    Thanks to our Transport Management Solution, you can accurately spot market freight rates on shipments and make informed bids. Dreamz CMMS can execute accurate integration with Load Bidding Marketplaces depending on the client’s market conditions and freight characteristics such as freight classes and NMFC codes to deliver quotes you can rely on— that too, with flexibility across transportation modes to address all your business needs!

  • Predictive Freight Matching and Smart Load Assignment Solutions

    Digital Freight Matching tool replaces old load boards and provides brokers with predictive freight matching, which streamlines the booking process in order to drive efficiency and save time for brokers.

    Only having an intelligent load board is not enough, you will also need to assign the right load to the right drivers and assure that the dispatch is managed and communicated correctly. A Smart Load Assignment makes the dispatcher’s job easier by showing the right drivers from the database based on various selection criteria such as route, assigned trailer load, consignment load, HOS (Hours of Service), availability, etc.

  • Freight Management Solutions

    Freight management encompasses the technology and human resources to facilitate effective, efficient and expeditious coordination between carriers and shippers to ensure the goods are delivered on time and within budget. Freight Forwarders utilize specialized Transportation Management System (TMS) software to track shipments.

    Some core features of our specialized Freight Management Software that our clients are enjoying include Freight Load Matching, Costing and Rate Chart Management, Invoicing & Billing, Bank Settlements and Reconciliation, CRM, Drivers and Fleet Information, Delivery Driver Portal and Mobile App, Quotations and Claims Management, Tracking & Freight Status Updates and Customer Portal.

Gain control over your assets with our sophisticated RFID-enabled track and trace!

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Integrations In Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Integration with external systems helps in managing data across systems and makes identical data available for all without any additional efforts. Integrations will also help to create a flow of information to specific teams and members, which will provide easy access to data for analysis, more accurate tracking and reduces labor time.

Load Management Integrations

Integrate with industry leaders to obtain the necessary load information to make informed decisions about bidding for the right truckloads.


Fleet Management Integrations

Integrate with fleet management for real-time insights and analytics for vehicle tracking, route optimization, driver performance, and much more.

Data Analytics

GPS Tracking & Telematics Integrations

Integrate your Fleet Management Software to provide you with an integrated platform to help manage drivers and vehicles from real-time data.

Payment Gateway

Enterprise ERP Integration

Integration with Enterprise Solution and reap the benefits

Odds API

Accounting Integration

Integrate with readily available accounting software for easy year-end process and accounts postings.

Payment Gateway

Other Integrations

3rd Party Integrations for specific needs such as Computerized Maintenance Management, effective communication, Data Analytics, etc

Payment Gateway

Multiple Engagement Models

At DreamzTech, we tailor our services according to the needs of our clients, providing the best possible way for them to incorporate digital solutions into their product lifecycle and manufacturing value chain.

That’s why we have multiple engagement models for you to choose from:


For specific client projects and customer collaborations, project-based software and solutions are the right options.

Team Extension

The team extension model allows our clients to add experts to their in-house team for short or long-term projects.

Development Team

Our software developers partner with your company to manage long-term technology solutions!

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We contracted DreamzTech Solutions to help develop a custom software solution for our manufacturing business. We found them to be an incredible asset to our company and the final product worked quite well for us. In fact, we were able to increase efficiency by 32% and also improved the product quality. Would strongly recommend!”

It has been a pleasure working with DreamzTech Solutions. We can vouch for their Transportation & Logistics development services. Extremely professional and innovative. They took the time to understand our requirements and iterated by adding new features till we perfected the software. Cannot ask for more. 10/10!”

DreamzTech Solutions came highly recommended to us and now we know why. With a narrow timeframe, they delivered a software solution that far exceeded our expectations and works exceptionally well for our company. If you need custom industrial manufacturing solutions, look no further.”

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