Collateral Reconciliation Solution

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Collateral Reconciliation Solution

Collateral Management System which records the details of the collateral received, currency details, margin/haircut details and interest rates payables for cash collateral. Each collateral will be registered as per the federal norms and those details are entered in Collateral registration.In this highly competitive banking environment, Banks need to be responsive to the ever-changing customer needs and consistently exhibit clarity and transparency to earn customer trust. For Banks, collateral management is time-consuming and complicated by lengthy lending workflows.DreamzTech has developed a collateral management framework for one of our esteemed banking clients to address these complex challenges.To overcome issues with risk and time-sensitive operational aspects, we have used Blockchain as the backbone of this solution that is immutable, decentralized and built on Distributed Ledger Technology.

Business Problems

The client was facing the following business problems prior to implementation:

  • Tracking of all collateral reconciliation against secure loan where savings bank account are kept as a collateral pledge.
  • Synchronization and reconciliation of collateral information available in the existing banking system on a secured platform.
  • Secured tracking of the lifecycle of individual collaterals.
  • No notification system was available for any payment related update on the loan account.
  • Transactions made through the loan accounts were becoming vulnerable to online fraud.

Solutions We Provided

The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution team.

  • DreamzTech has created the Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract to track all the collateral reconciliation against each secure loan.
  • To help synchronization and reconciliation between the blockchain network and banking existing internal systems we have developed the process to invoke collateral information onto the blockchain.
  • Immutable ledger of each loan transaction has worked to trace the end-to-end lifecycle of each collateral on Ethereum Blockchain
  • The will send an instant email notification to the Bank Manager and Customer whenever any transaction is made and update the same on Ethereum Smart Contract
  • DreamzTech has developed end-to-end solutions where all transactions happen through a secure hardware wallet to prevent misuse of Ether.

Approach from DreamzTech

As the customer ventured into their digital transformation journey they sought support from a software partner with expertise in the areas of new-age technology and technical consulting. DreamzTech got the opportunity to develop a Blockchain secured collateral reconciliation solution for the esteemed client.

asset management system ANALYSIS

Onshore and offshore Business Analysts (BA) from DreamzTech discovered of underlying business needs after discussion with the client’s stakeholders, specified and organized the business requirements and worked with offshore Solution Architect to confirm and validate the requirements are being met properly.

digital ad platform PLANNING

The Solution Architect had created the workflow of the project and selected the technologies to be used. Project Manager (PM) specified the in-scope requirements, cost, schedule, list of the deliverable, delivery dates and created a backlog of tasks. The project execution plan was segregated into sprints based on agile methodology.

b2b travel portal DEPLOYMENT

The deployed project team comprised of Project Manager, Business Analysts, Solution Architect, Tech Leads, Designer, Developers, and Quality Analysts. The public Blockchain Smart Contract deployment in mainnet and collateral reconciliation related all functionalities were done successfully and deployed to the client’s cloud infrastructure and due support was provided.

Services We Provided


The Solution helped in tracking collaterals on Ethereum Blockchain. Using the solution, each collateral is traced as a digital asset to track the end-to-end lifecycle of a Collateral and act as a single source of truth of collateral on the blockchain network. The solution provided real-time collateral reconciliation as well as an immutable ledger of all loan transactions pertaining to savings and CD accounts. The platform manages the synchronization and reconciliation between the blockchain network and banking internal systems. It ensured transparency and visibility to the customer of the outstanding loan balance and real-time alert and notification system when the loan is fully repaid. This resulted in increased efficiencies in banking processes and improved customer satisfaction.

Key Application Features

asset management system Add Collateral

Add multiple collateral information for a loan. Data saved to the Ethereum network.

digital ad platform Search Collateral

Search collateral information via Smart Contract. Transaction history from the Ethereum network.

b2b travel portal Update Collateral

Update collateral information via Smart Contract. All interactions based on oraclized concept.

automated oil change Real-time Notification

Automated email notification to loan representatives and customers.

fleet management -asset management Close Collateral

Once the loan is fully paid and updated the same is done on Ethereum Smart Contract release of the collateral is initiated and the loan account is closed.

asset order manage Hardware Wallet & Event Logs

All transactions happen through a secure hardware wallet to prevent misuse of Ethereum. Immutable event logs to pinpoint any attempt of a breach.

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Remix IDE




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