Leveraging the 10+ years of experience, DreamzTech helps business owners to offer the unbeatable and unique experience to their consumers with the perfect mix of online presence, mobile outreach and sophisticated backend capabilities.

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Along with the gaining popularity of smartphones, utility apps have always been a necessity. Billions of people across the globe use multiple utility apps in their smartphones to work efficiently which makes their lives easier. Developing utility apps not only ends with the outcome, however it revolves around user’s sentiment, usability, expectation and making the user better at what they are trying to accomplish. DreamzTech has been developing utility apps for more than 10+ years and has gained hundreds of happy clients by going extra miles to satisfy their expectations.

Booking And Scheduling Solution

A powerful scheduling app for making an appointment with service providers of the car wash. Users can check availability by days and hours, can pick service types like Full Wash, Seat Wash, etc and based on which the hours of the appointment will be booked from the available option. The app also has a spot booking facility so if you find your neighbor’s car being washed you can check with the service person and if available you can get the next booking as well.

Van Booking For Goods Delivery

Ever bought a piece of furniture and found out that it will not fit into your car, and the store owner also does not support delivery. This service will make you happy, as you can book a van depending on the size of the goods to be delivered, enter the delivery address and get your goods delivered. Users can rent a van on the spot or scheduled it for planned delivery. Users can also select multiple pickups and delivery points.

Online Table Reservation

Customers can use the PWA app to search the restaurant according to their location. They can also use the reservation module to book a table for themselves. The app also allows the user to check for the available menu in the restaurant. Restaurant owners can manage the table bookings, customers, and services in a real-time hassle-free. Create a digital menu card, offers, and promotions and reach to the customer through push and geo notifications to build encouragements between the customers and the other sponsors.

Incident Logger And Reporting

This incident logger and reporting app, allows any reporter to capture pictures and videos add notes, of any incident happening in localities especially related to public health and environment, and send to area head of the organization as a report in PDF format. It also supports offline data storage if there is no internet connection available, which can be sent later after gain network access.

Smart Shelves

The Smart Shelf solution developed by DreamzTech is a revolutionary IoT solution in retail. The smart shelf allows displaying specific product-related information, promotional offers, and ads when an item is picked up from the shelf by customers and also gives insights of stock and customer’s behavior to retailers.

Business Collaborating And Chatting System

DreamzTech developed a business collaborating and chatting system where people can register and add one or more companies and under each, they can invite business contacts to collaborate. It’s a peer-to-peer chatting system where you can chat one-to-one with contact or create groups to chat with all members, share notes and upload documents, etc. We also developed a VOIP audio conferencing solution so members can have single or group calls as well.

Multi-Layer Delivery Van Security System And Tracking

We built a cloud-based multi-layer van security system, where the VAN door is secure by an electronics door lock powered by a security key. The security key changes every time when a new order is made. Once the order is raised, the driver gets OTP in his mobile number and can use the OTP to open the door, but only when he has reached the delivery area secured by geofencing technology. Once the door is opened, a camera installed inside detects the motion and starts recording the activities outside which can be later used for audit. Once the product barcode is scanned the delivery is marked delivered automatically and proof of delivery uploaded.

Ad Retargeting Platform

We developed a cloud-based ad retargeting platform, where advertisers can register and help small to medium businesses bring more traffic to their sites. The advertisers can upload multiple types (HTML, Video, Banner, Native) ads, create segments, create an audience group and bring all these together to create campaigns for their clients. The platform provides an option for the customer to analyze their marketing efforts. Customers can report on the ROI of their campaigns, track the users who targeted with the campaigns and who has responded, or analyze which opportunities resulted from campaigns. Advertisers can also blacklist domains if they choose to.

Beauty & Salon Appointment Scheduling App

This salon and spa appointment scheduling app lets users see the list of services you provide and choose a service to schedule an appointment depending on availability shown over a calendar. On successful scheduling, it shows under upcoming appointments and users also get alert notification prior to the time of appointment. There is a waitlist facility that allows users to book appointments over the phone and on cancellations of existing booking or as admin seems fit, those waitlist bookings can be honoured. Powered by GPS artists can get the direction of the clients to serve the attendees. Also, easy payment option through the app itself make the whole process hassle free and fast, at the same time admin can monitor all the appointments which are taking place along with the payments which being automatically collected during the appointments.


Beauty & Salon Appointment Booking Solution

Our client is one of the renowned beauty & spa company in the USA. They provide on-location beauty solutions with the help of their professional hair and makeup team for different occasions. Dreamztech has provided the client with a Progressive Web App(PWA) solution by replacing the existing native app. The new PWA solution has fixed all the pre-existing native app bugs and provided the client with integrations for new features. The platform is designed for the artist, customers, and admin user types. The solution provided an easy to use and integrated platform for all the users to avail all the features offered by the client. Dreamztech is providing support to the client to date.
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Car Seat Cleaning Service App

In this era, it is essential for any business to turn digital. Online businesses reap benefits like 24×7 presence, improved client service, cost savings, faster and better services, better customer retention and so on. DreamzTech got the opportunity to work with a client who was looking to bring their car seat cleaning services to the digital platform. The client is a recognized sanitizing service provider in many large cities across the US. We transformed their business by providing a customized appointment scheduling tool along with branding and marketing opportunities.
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Food Order Delivery & Takeaway App

The Client wanted to develop a next-level on-demand food delivery business and consumer-facing mobile app to boost customer experience and hence improve sales. Dreamztech has provided a platform with a Progressive Web App(PWA) solution where all the user features from a food ordering and delivery app were integrated into a single functional platform. The platform is designed for the customers, delivery persons, and business owner types. We integrated the functionalities of discovering the dishes, selecting dishes from menus, placing the order and real-time status tracking of order in the mobile apps. We also developed the interface for delivery person and for backend, integrated the Stripe & Paypal Payment Gateway and built intuitive graphics.
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