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Case Study – Asset Tracking Solution

DreamzTech Asset Tracking Solution Enables One Of The Largest UK-based Brewery Specialists To Effectively Manage Inventory Worth Over £8 million!

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One of the largest brewery rental companies in the UK, with an inventory of kegs and casks containers worth over £8 million, was finding it extremely challenging to effectively manage their inventory in real-time.

Inefficiency, missed opportunities, dismal product quality, and customer dissatisfaction were crippling the company.

This is when they teamed up with DreamzTech in their quest for a customized solution harnessing the power of Industry 4.0 technologies.

Understanding the operations, needs, and goals of the UK-based brewery company, DreamzTech engineered a world-class Asset Tracking Solution integrated with RFID Inventory Management catering to the precise needs of the client and delivering the desired results.

Key Challenges Faced By The Client

With large orders from rental clients, heavy volumes of kegs and casks containers were shipped from the client’s factory and warehouses every day.

Following were the key challenges faced by the client:

  • Difficulty in tracking the movement of kegs and casks from PO to Rental-Out Gate-In.
  • Inefficient and error-prone manual systems
  • Loss of assets caused by lack of proper audit trail
  • Loss of new opportunities due to inventory inaccuracy and misforecasting
  • Poor product quality as a result of unsatisfactory maintenance plan and performance

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For the company to manage consignments on such a large scale, it needed to have a robust system to keep track of its assets and manage its inventory seamlessly.

The Effective Solution Provided by DreamzTech

The DreamzTech team worked closely with the client’s staff to assess the existing processes and develop a custom, reliable, and scalable solution: RFID Based Asset Tracking Solution & Enterprise Asset Management!

Valued at $14.5 billion and expected to reach $35.6 billion by 2030, the RFID market is revolutionizing asset tracking.

    Equipped with efficient serialization, inventory forecasting, and third-party integrations, our RFID-based asset tracking solution provided the client with a sophisticated all-in-one system.

    Here’s how DreamzTech helped the client embrace automation:

  • Implemented RFID / Barcode to serialize each asset and accessory with a unique information code as per GS1 Standards
  • Automated asset journey through conveyors, fixed line scanners, and RFID scanners to gain real-time information on asset movement.
  • Secured Audit Trail Mechanism to safeguard from loss of assets
  • Advanced In-Built Inventory Forecasting to enable smooth order fulfillment
  • Integrated a comprehensive Maintenance Management including scheduled maintenance tasks, maintenance checklists, and routine inspections to allow superior product quality
  • Simplified inventory mobility with a dedicated RFID Mobile App

    Technologies and Tools Employed

    At DreamzTech, our focus was to provide our client with a high-performance, effective, secure, scalable, and user-friendly solution to cater to their inventory tracking needs.

    Our technical team utilized the best tools and technology in the industry to make it happen:

  • Manual tasks such as movement of assets are automated using conveyor and integrating with Fixed Line Scanners at various point to track movement and status.
  • Technology: C#, ASP.NET MVC5, JQuery, JSON, Ajax, HTML5, Bootstrap, Amazon AWS
  • Tools: Visual Studio, SQL Server

Third-Party Integrations Offered

DreamzTech’s asset tracking solution also offered third-party software integration capabilities. From risk assessment and device management to embedded payment options, we empowered our client to manage its inventory end-to-end using some of the best third-party apps, including

Modulr Finance
For vendor risk assessment

Refinitiv World-Check
For financial compliance and AML/CFT controls.

For address lookup and validation

Chainway Scanner and SDK
For RFID terminal data capture

For digitized supply chain options

ScaleFusion MDM
For mobile device management

Benefits of RFID-Based Asset Tracking & EAM Solution

By developing a custom RFID-based asset tracking and EAM solution, DreamzTech enabled the client to seamlessly manage an inventory of kegs and casks worth over £8 million, delivering the following benefits:

rfid asset tracking solution

Enterprise Asset Management:
Entire £800,000+ inventory managed from EAM software automatically

track assets

Individual Asset Tracking:
RFID and barcode labeling allow tracking of each Keg and Cask Container

configurable asset scan points

Automated Scanning:
Configurable Asset Scan Points installed throughout PO and Gate-In

rfid asset tracking and EAM

Better Reporting:
Updated asset information enables qualified risk assessment and smarter decision-making.

asset tracking solution

Accurate Forecasting:
Inventory management becomes smooth and aids in timely order fulfillment.

api integration of eam

Extensive Features:
Greater integration opportunities with third-party solutions

With DreamTech’s RFID-Based Asset Tracking Solution & EAM, the UK-based Brewery Specialist is one of very few companies in the brewery rental sector embracing Industry 4.0 and leveraging it for growth.

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