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Case Study – Educational Games Development

Expert GDevelop 5 and PhaserJS HTML5 Programmers Developed Educational Games and Quizzes for an Indian EdTech Unicorn

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The global EdTech market size was valued at USD 106.46 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 127.0 billion in 2022. The EdTech and Smart Classroom market size was valued at USD 88.82 billion in 2021. The global EdTech market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.5% from 2022 to 2030 to reach USD 429.5 billion by 2030.

EdTech solutions are expected to evolve in line with the advances in the latest technologies, such as AI and AR/VR, and contribute significantly to the market’s growth. The integration of AR and VR in EdTech solutions helps to offer an interactive experience for the learners.

The Client is a global EdTech company, providing highly adaptive, engaging and effective online learning games solutions to more than 150 million students around the world. The client was looking to outsource its LMS Content Development to a tech company with proven expertise in developing interactive and intuitive online learning educational games and quizzes using GDevelop 5 and PhaserJS HTML5 Game Framework.

DreamzTech is associated with the client for multiple years developing hundreds of educational games and interactive activities such as concept clarity through visualization etc. DreamzTech team works along with the client team throughout from conceptualizing a storyline till finalizing the design and development of games. They were completely involved with the client in Storyboard based game designing.

A scalable, robust and secure LMS Content development was the aim to manage the educational games and quizzes for the learners which can be configured and managed from the platform. Scalability of the programs was a major factor as every game was to be played by numerous users simultaneously which requires extensive data processing, stable and fast game processing engine such as PhaserJS HTML5 Game Framework.

Key Challenges

  • The client was facing difficulty in finding a right technology partner to deliver high quality game based learning with rich graphics using HTML5 Game Framework
  • There was a need for a technology solution partner with experienced game development team who would be able to consult and contribute smart ideas and inputs in creating the gaming storylines and contents
  • The solution was required to capture learner performance and identify accurate learning gaps of individual students, for necessary corrective actions
  • The solution was required to capture each student’s progress and performance and to publish consolidated reports to enable the parents to track their ward’s progress and performance via the published achievements and reports
  • There was a need for a safe, reliable and multi platform supported technology which can run in different screen resolutions maintaining high quality
  • Client was looking for an interactive storyboard based educational games development which would help the learners in understanding the concepts easily

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The Solution

DreamzTech’s game development team worked closely with the client to provide required consulting and educational game solutions by in HTML5 Game Framework with PhaserJS and GDevelop5. DreamzTech has developed innovative and engaging educational games as a part of Web and Mobile App based LMS content of the e-learning platform that offers smart, advanced, wide-ranged educational games for toddlers, kids and high school students and help them to learn new things, participates in quiz and exams to assess their progress.

  • Developing online learning games using GDevelop 5 and PhaserJS HTML5 Game Framework which creates competitive learning environment through educational games, quizzes and polls
  • Educational board games were developed for learners in accordance with their curriculum, subject and topic
  • Implemented an “experience points” system where learner’s grades are determined by the number of points they have accumulated or by how much they have accomplished
  • An awarding solution to encourage students with badges for each game or completed quizzes. Badges and points help translate the completed work from the students into a tangible output
  • Developed a scalable solution which could simultaneously enable numerous learners to play the developed educational games and quizzes easily without any system performance issues
  • Developing a solution to capture analytics on learners performance including clicks on correct and wrong places to capture learner’s performance and identify learning gaps
  • Enabled Parents to monitor their ward’s performance and progress through Parents portal to showcase achievements and results
  • Interoperable educational games development with HTML5 Game Framework that can support on multiple browsers and devices such as Android, iPhone, Tablet and PCs.
  • Technology & Tools:

    Npm, PhaserJS 3, HTML5 Game Framework, GDevelop 5, JavaScript ES6/Typescript, Lottie JS, Visual Studio Code


DreamzTech worked with the client as the technology partner, provided solution consulting and developed HTML5 Game Framework with PhaserJS and GDevelop 5. The innovative and engaging educational games help client to offer smart, advanced, wide-ranged educational games for toddlers, kids and high school students.

Some of the major benefits that was achieved through this development are :

Developed numerous storyboard based educational games for preschoolers and K3, K10, K12 students and subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Grammar & Vocabulary, and Logical Reasoning


Interactive quizzes developed for learners which can be configured at the end of course or subject for evaluation


Helped in identifying learning gaps with analytics on learner’s interactivity with games and quizzes.


Provide parents with a visibility of their ward’s performance with results and analysis


Scalable and stable architecture to support innumerable learners simultaneously to play games and participate in quizzes without any system performance issues


Supports High volume data processing to support concurrent games


Data Security to store user’s data in compliance with local and global data protection requirements and follow industry standards

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