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Case Study

DreamzTech’s Custom Trucking Management Software Proves to be a Game-changer for US-based trucking company!


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Our client is a leading US-based multinational trucking company specialized in local and long distance delivery, Air and Ocean Freight.

The 1PL trucking company was facing the usual problems that plague the global Transportation & Logistics industry today: new digital requirements, demand for digital transformation, improving speed and delivery timings, integrating the supply chain and transforming core systems, including that of the bidding process.

It is at this critical juncture that the client consulted and collaborated with DreamzTech to alleviate the issues they were facing. The DreamzTech team, being a pioneer in this domain, feels proud to have developed and delivered a cutting-edge Trucking Management Software (TMS) that provided a major fillip to the future business prospects of the client.

Tapping on the advantages of TMS

Our experienced team realized that a strong TMS can prove to be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Connecting the dispatcher with available carriers in the area for both pickup and delivery.
  • Allowing Load Bid Managers to smartly bid for the loads by showing selective loads available and helping dispatchers for managing trucking routes, providing mobility solution for drivers and the end-consumer to be coordinated.
  • This modern trucking management system is used for processing orders, tracking Empty Loads per Mile, delivery route optimization and real-time tracking.
  • It is a powerful tool for dispatchers because it helps drivers get the right jobs with the surety of real-time tracking.

A modern custom developed TMS Solution usually includes the following services:

  • TMS planning & execution
  • TMS order management
  • TMS audit
  • TMS payment & transport claims
  • Transport management reporting & analytics
  • Fleet routing
  • Tracking and driver’s mobile App
  • A Dispatcher’s daunting task is to ensure FMCSA compliance on drivers’ hours of service. Thereby this Trucking Software must be fully compliant with FMCSA guidelines and enforce hours-of-service rules to comply.

Key Challenges

Of course, some of the major hurdles we had to keep in mind, and overcome, while developing this TMS solution included the following:

  • Lack of real-time availability of Load Information associated with the key business of bidding.
  • The uncertainty in conducting bids that is related to the quality of information and network imbalance. Not having enough information can result in carriers either biding too low and not being able to service the lanes or bidding too high and not being awarded the business.
  • Excessive paperwork, ranging from delivery details to driver’s expenses, often lead to delayed documentation that, in turn, adversely affects cash flow.
  • High risk of errors owing to multiple manual process.
  • Risk of not knowing Telematics of vehicle, driver information, fuel information, etc.
  • Not meeting compliance requirements that could result in any business paying a huge penalty.

Ready to experience?


The Solution

DreamzTech has developed a custom trucking management software integrated with different 3rd party APIs that helps in smart load management, route planning and management, vehicle tracking and other data-driven insights.

Employing our extensive experience working experience in this critical sector on the global platform, DreamzTech took stock of the problems that the organization was facing and developed a customized trucking management software integrated with different third party APIs that benefitted our client in all its concern areas, namely smart load management, route planning and management, vehicle tracking and other data-driven insights.

Riding high on our penchant for innovation and focus on excellence, our state-of-the-art solution integrated most of the critical aspects of the trucking industry as well as provided visibility and transparency to the entire process of bidding, dispatching and tracking.

Some of the major highlights include:

  • Integration with various sources such as DAT COYOTE, TRUCKSTOP, CH. ROBINSON API to access real-time load information.
  • Developing an intelligent platform for LBMs to smartly bid for the selective matching loads spanning various parameters.
  • A comprehensive trucking document management system to keep records of trucks and trailers, drivers, trips, fuel, vehicle telematics, BOL, etc, under one umbrella for quick and easy browsing.
  • Enablement of chat integration with the client’s existing bot capability.
  • Easy creation of route plans and load assignment in drivers’ mobile app ensures that all stakeholders including the management stay informed throughout the delivery cycle.
  • Minimize human touchpoints to reduce risk of human error which make the process faster and accurate.
  • Integration with various third party providers such as Fleet.io, KeepTruckin, FleetOne for collecting Driver, Truck and Fuel Telematics.


With this custom development, we were able to change the business fortunes of the client positively by:

  • Exponentially improve the bidding process
  • Achieve a whopping 85% on-time pickup and delivery completion.

We are proud to mention that our happy client is still reaping benefits galore thanks to our unstinting efforts:

Bid it Right

High Win ratio with Identifying and Bidding for right load.

Improved Efficiency

Reduce Empty Loads Per Mile 20%

High On Accuracy

Accuracy in trip information and billing

Eye On Future

Scalable and reliable for future growth

Adhererence To Necessary Compliances

Meeting FMCSA Compliance and IFTA Submissions made easy

More Penetrative Business

Effective information analysis with comprehensive reporting

Smart Accounting

Easy accounting information and tax process in the year-end by integrating with Stripe and Quickbooks

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