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Case Study – B2B NFT Marketplace Platform Development

DreamzTech helped USA Based Digital Firm make B2B NFT Marketplace Platform an amazing success

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B2B/B2C NFT Marketplace Platform | Pinata API Integration | Alchemy API Integration | MetaMask Wallet Integration | Coinbase Wallet Integration | ERC721 Smart Contract Development | White Label NFT Portal

The Client is a renowned Digital Marketing Firm who got highly benefited by developing a custom white label NFT marketplace platform for his B2B clients.

This NFT marketplace website is integrated with managed blockchain infrastructure services such as Alchemy API, Pinata API and Crypto Wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase, Wallet Connect etc.

This venture helped NFT enthusiasts, artists and influencers help create and launch their own NFT marketplace website without hiring any developer. The easy-to-use NFT marketplace platform helped entities to launch their NFT marketable products with very minimum go to market time.

As a custom developed NFT marketplace platform, it includes Store configuration, Collection creation and contract deployment, Product upload, publish products to marketplace with fixed price or auction, Mint NFT, distribute NFT’s to secondary marketplace such as OpenSea, Storefront for end users to purchase, which supports both crypto and fiat currency.

Key Challenges

  • Unavailability of a White-labelled B2B/ B2C NFT Marketplace Platform Provider.
  • Lack of proper software for managing store branding and configuration
  • Lack of product management with pre-minting option for entities
  • Lack of cross chain minting of tokens to save gas cost
  • Unavailability of a NFT marketplace website from where artists can earn through a transparent royalty system
  • Lack of secure and easy monetization of digital assets for influencers, artists or enterprises

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The Solution

DreamzTech has designed and developed a custom B2B/ B2C NFT marketplace platform for enterprises, artists or influencers built with features such as store branding, collection creation and deployment to blockchain network, product upload, bidding engine supporting dutch auction integrated with blockchain infrastructure services such as Alchemy API, Pinata API, Hardhat and wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase, Walletconnect to name a few.

  • A user friendly and easy-to-use nft marketplace solution was developed which would help artists, enterprise or any individual launch their NFT Store without having any technical knowledge
  • Entity users can now create their own collection and deploy smart contracts to any blockchain network of their choice with a click of a button
  • Bulk upload option allows users to upload as well as configure the products while the upload is going one saving them a huge time
  • With a pre-minting option the application allows customers to make payment using fiat or any currency of their choice to purchase products irrespective of on which blockchain network they are deployed.
  • A bidding engine was developed along with fixed price support, allowing users to host auctions for their customers to bid.
  • Technology: Solidity, Node Js, Nest Js, Typescript, React Js, PostgreSql, Rest API, Alchemy API, Pinata API, RabbitMq
  • Tools: Hardhat, Remix IDE, VS Code


The NFT Marketplace Website and Store Management Platform has helped the client to catch the customer’s attention, providing them with the best nft marketplace website which helped their customers launch their stores in a matter of minutes. The NFT marketplace platform made a significant position in a short span of time.

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Website

10K+ products uploaded
10K+ products upload across all stores

NFT Marketplace Platform Development

White Labeling made easy
White Labeling made easy. Every company can have their own whitelabeled NFT storefront

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Platform

1k+ Users
1K+ users onboarded currently

B2B NFT Marketplace Website

99.99% uptime
With integration with managed blockchain infrastructure the solution reported 0 downtime

NFT Marketplace API integrations

Cross-chain support
Option to purchase with their preferred currency fiat or any of the crypto, allowed customers to purchase from any network thus increasing sales by more than 8%

NFT Marketplace Website Development

Consolidated Reports :
Intelligent reporting module generates consolidated report at day end to for the stakeholders and circulates via email. This helps the the management a lot in decisions making and understanding performance of the processes

NFT Marketplace Website or Platform

Wallet Integration
Multiple wallet integration exposed entity users to a wide range of customers and helped them with onboarding into their stores

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