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Case Study

Robotic Solutions Provider’s Revenue Grows By 28% By Using The Customized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Crafted by DreamzTech!

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A renowned Robotic Solutions expert was finding it extremely challenging to serve its dynamic portfolio of clients in the manufacturing industry, including some of the very big names in the biological and pharmaceutical, metals and mining, and construction sectors.

Its efficiency was fizzling out like electricity from a shoddy wire, due to unpredictable equipment breakdowns, no centralized tracking, disorganized records, and costly maintenance.

Stuck, unable to grow, and faced with numerous day-to-day challenges, the Robotic Solutions provider partnered up with DreamzTech.

DreamzTech custom designed a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that was perfectly tailored to cater to the client’s manufacturing industries’ needs. It not only provided effective maintenance management but also performed an array of essential functions, boosting overall productivity, cost-effectiveness, and revenue.

Key Challenges Faced By The Client

As the Robotic Solutions expert served many clients in the manufacturing sector, it had the complex and challenging task of managing the sample data collected from various lab equipment.

The core challenges plaguing the client’s day-to-day operations were as follows:

  • Decentralized and Unwieldy Data

    Difficulty in controlling and tracking equipment data, due to the lack of a centralized information management system that covered the entire lab

  • Sudden Equipment Breakdowns Taking The Lab Hostage

    Unpredictable equipment malfunctions would burn away valuable time, manpower, and energy every time they occurred, with no way to prevent or monitor them digitally

  • Archaic Manual Monitoring

    Tedious manual monitoring of equipment was wasting away company productivity and time

  • Effectively Invisible Inventory

    Inability to ascertain inventory caused confusion about the availability of assets and parts, which further led to significant financial inefficiency in production

  • Jumbled Records and Documents

    Records were unorganized because there was no digital information management system; this was both frustrating and risky as physical documents were difficult to find and, if misplaced, were lost forever

  • User-Unfriendly Data Display

    Overly complicated data representation meant that active decision- making was always bogged down by the time-consuming, difficult task of interpreting the data in the first place.

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For the Robotic Solutions provider to effectively manage the data of these manufacturing giants, it needed a Laboratory Information Management System which was not only more efficient but also customized to serve its specific needs. In a nutshell, it needed to be centralized, predictive, seamless, organized, and effective.

The Breakthrough Solution Provided by DreamzTech

To address these challenges, the DreamzTech team custom designed a solution that suited the manufacturing-centric and layered needs of our client:

A state-of-the-art Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)!

The solution designed by DreamzTech delivered real, measurable results: it boosted revenue by 28%, efficiency by 30%, and saved 10-15% of the maintenance time.

    Our LIMS ensured that the client seamlessly managed data collection and representation, as well as critical equipment maintenance.

    Here’s how DreamzTech assisted the Robotic Solutions expert by harnessing various tools:

  • Developed a cloud-based information management system for easy access, as well as streamlined capacity to handle complex data
  • Integrated this LIMS with the equipment APIs, so that data input from the lab into the system would always be a smooth process
  • Utilized IoT’s data-based precision, to ensure that the essential business data was analyzed correctly
  • Enriched the LIMS with the capacity to monitor the idle time resulting from equipment malfunctions, thereby saving valuable company resources
  • Incorporated the critical elements of asset maintenance process flow, so that the labs could pinpoint and resolve malfunctions pre-emptively
  • Integrated the system with DevExpress report, so that reporting data was a timely and dynamic experience
  • Assimilated Twilio and sendgrid integration into the system, so that SMS and email (respectively) were fully incorporated

    Technologies Employed by DreamzTech

    DreamzTech sought to provide our client with a centralized, efficient, and robust information management system.

    Here are the robust technologies employed by our technical experts:

  • Back End: MVC.NET 5.2.3 | MVC Web API 5.2.3
  • Front End: Bootstrap 3.3.6 | Jquery 3.5.1 | DevExtreme 21.2.6
  • Reporting Tool: DevExpress 21.2.4
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2018

Key Features of DreamzTech’s Solution

By developing a custom LIMS, DreamzTech empowered the client to efficiently manage and maintain the lab data and equipment: DreamzTech saw the client’s problems as exciting opportunities for crafting efficient systems. Our team took apart the whole layer of problems faced by the client, and then actively transformed their situation by creating:

    Centralized Data Management System

    Instead of uncontrolled and wayward data, the client now has a central information management system with a broad holistic capacity. This includes all of the following:

    Transparent Inventory Tracking

    Vital information about the status of assets and parts is now clearly visible in the system, maximizing production efficiency

    Performance KPIs

    Now, optimizing systems to their maximum efficiency is possible, with detailed graphical analysis of real time data in an easy-to-read dashboard of asset status.

    Robotic Interactions

    Specifically tailored for our client, the system has the option to control machines from a user interface using PLC/SCADA /IoT.

    Controlled and Predictable Maintenance

    Confronting the unpredictability of equipment malfunctions was a tremendous boon to the client. Now, the system:

  • Automatically alerts maintenance technicians and other stakeholders about necessary repairs;
  • Contains an easy and convenient scheduling tool, so that technicians can precisely schedule their shifts;
  • Gathers and systematically sorts the statistics of breakdowns, which means that our client has the power to analyze why breakdowns occur, the patterns within them, and take necessary actions pre-emptively.

    Clear and Actionable Data Representation

    The system creates a powerful visualization of the sample data, enabling the client to address flow congestion and automatically generate reports specific to the company’s requirements.

  • Custom reporting as per requirements is enabled by integration with DevExpress report
  • MTBF and MTTR reporting means predictive and proactive possibilities are opened up, in addition to analytical reports regarding asset maintenance.
  • Interactive dashboards allow the client to visually analyze and track data with ease

Core Benefits of The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

By custom developing this information management system, DreamzTech helped increase the client’s revenue by 28%, efficiency by 30% and saved 10-15% of the maintenance time.

Process Automation :
No more tedious manual maintenance (or its hefty costs) with our automated process.

Preventive maintenance:
Instead of waiting for malfunctions, prevent them! By doing so, minimize idle time and costs.

Process Efficiency:
Our solution dramatically streamlines and boosts operational efficiency.

Decreased Downtime:
Because of the new preventive maintenance capacity, downtime is significantly reduced, which enhances productivity.

Interactive Dashboard & Reporting:
Data management is no good if data is not understandable and actionable. That’s exactly what the interactive data representation fixes.

Essential Intelligence Delivered!:
Data is captured from equipment with razor sharp precision, by using IoT devices. This greatly aids excellent data analysis.

With DreamTech’s Laboratory Information Management System (which was custom-tailored for a Robotic Solutions provider serving manufacturing clients) process control automation can now be significantly improved, especially when enriched by third-party integration.

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