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Case Study – Fantasy Sports Betting App

A UK Based Betting Company chose DreamzTech for developing a Niche Fantasy Sports Betting App for Eurozone

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The global sports betting market was valued at USD 70.23 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.7% during the forecast period.The gross gambling yield (GGY) of the betting sector in Great Britain between April and September 2020 was approximately 63 million British pounds. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic this had a steep decline over previous years. Comparatively, the GGY between April 2019 and March 2020 was 2.4 billion British pounds.

Our client is a UK based company looking to develop a new app for their niche target market. The client came with some amazing new fantasy sports betting ideas to target a large betting audience with some specific games.

The client needed an Android and iOS Fantasy Sports Betting app primarily having football leagues and tournaments fixtures, odds and bets with betting wallet and analytics.

DreamzTech team worked closely with the client team to prepare a detailed functional document to understand the user journey and functionality. Based on the needs, user experience was created the fantasy football app. The solution was developed in integration with various 3rd Party apps and services to extend the functionality such as Live Game Feeds and Statistics, Live Odds API, Payment Gateways, Alerts, Notifications and SMS, Chat and Video Calls etc.

The Fantasy Sports Betting App platform also has social features such as friends, follows, chat, groups, game feeds etc where users can interact and share their placed bets for challenging peers and follow their favorite fan clubs.

Key Challenges

  • Fantasy sports betting is not new but has limited gameplay options and most of the betting apps or platform don’t have socialization which connects users and give better experience
  • Need of Fantasy Sports Betting App that could allow one to challenge their peers along with socialization
  • Creating custom logics to fulfill the business requirements for enhanced betting experience
  • Making the app meet the betting standards and compliances for KYC and Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  • Provide a seamless betting experience for users by having a wallet to store and transact money from with flexible payment options.
  • To have responsible gaming options that comprises of several policies of Gambling Act 2005 and its statutory requirements that apply to gambling stakeholders

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The Solution

DreamzTech expert developers and project managers worked closely with the client team to discuss and document the functionality and designed intuitive and interactive fantasy sports betting app that provides unique and unparallel user experience. Some of the core features and functionality developed for resolving issues are –

  • Implementing social media integration to provide seamless onboarding experience linked to 3rd Party KYC verification sites such as Onfido API and Checkr API.
  • Developed the feature to allow users to create their own fantasy team and place bets accordingly.
  • With RapidAPI Integration and the odds-API provided gaming bets and odds, matches and tournament fixtures, game feeds and statistics etc
  • Niche betting games developed such as Peer-to-peer challenges where user can place a bet and brag about it and challenge their peers.
  • Another niche functionality was developed where users can create a custom pool based on a tournament fixtures and invite their friends to play the last man standing challenge
  • Developing socialization features to enable users to connect with peers, see what they are betting, share what they are betting on, chat with each other, create fan groups, follow influencers and more.
  • Integrated with payment gateways to provide seamless experience to transfer funds for placing bets, storing winning amounts, and withdrawals.
  • Some of the top payment gateways have been integrated successfully such as NMI Payment Gateway, GoCardless, and Stripe Payment Gateways.
  • Integrations with Vonage done for creating chat and video chat capabilities and Twilio integrations done for SMS capabilities for promotions, alerts and notifications.
  • Technology:

    PHP Laravel with MySQL, Rapid API, iOS App with Swift C on Cocoa Framework and Native Android with Java

  • Tools:

    PHP Storm, Visual Studio IDE, Xcode (iOS IDE) and Android Studio (Android IDE)


The custom developed Fantasy Sports Betting App covered 5 different sports including Fantasy Football, Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Tennis, Fantasy Basketball, and Fantasy Baseball, The app was GDPR Complaint and also got Gambling Commission License.


The app was a huge success and attracted over 70K active users from eurozone in the 1st year.


The app transacted over 12 Millions GBP in the same year.


The app was downloaded 120K times from Apple and Google Play store combined.


While Fantasy Football and Cricket remained most popular among users, some users also requested new sports such as eSports and Table Tennis.


IIntegration with various 3rd Party apps and services developed seamless user experience with Live Game Feeds and Statistics, Live Odds API, Payment Gateways, Alerts, Notifications and SMS, Chat and Video Calls etc


The socialization brought the fantasy gaming community together and they created over 2000 fan clubs, Public and private groups.

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