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Case Study – Blockchain Enabled EHR Software Development

Blockchain Enabled Electronic Health Records Software System Development

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The client was looking for a EHR (Electronic Health Record) software solution which would helps in digitizing and storing all healthcare related information of the patients. It would also help in streamlining clinical workflows and helps in improving communication between doctors and patients with online consultations and telemedicine. The client also had thoughts for a secured EHR system where patients themselves can store their health records virtually. The strong and versatile EHR Software Development Team of DreamzTech has helped to fulfill this EHR software solution requirements with blockchain implementations.

DreamzTech developed a SAAS based cloud EHR system to be used in both web and mobile platforms. Doctors, Hospitals and pathology labs can register in the system and can create booking slots. Patients can search for the doctors and hospitals when in any medical need. They can get the doctor consultation , online doctor appointment and virtual doctor visit . The EHR system provides an unlimited storage capacity to upload the test reports, prescription and any relevant medical documents for a patient. DreamzTech team is having experience in using blockchain in healthcare sector to implement EHR Blockchain which prevent hackers from getting access to the health care records. The Nextgen EHR system with HIPAA compliance and various custom built modules resulted in client delight.

Doctors can create medical charts, clinical notes, record signs & symptoms, order a medical test, medicine advice prescription etc. for a patient which can be used for all future needs and for further research. Doctors can directly bill to patient for scheduling an appointment. Hospital and clinics can follow the same process. They can add their associated doctors in the system for OPD booking appointments.

Key Challenges

Secured maintenance of Patient records digitally is one of the major concern in the healthcare industry. Patients tends forget to carry along their medical records and prescriptions while visiting a doctor. This causes a lot of hindrance in correct treatment. EHR solution is a response to this problem. But the security aspect of EHR solutions and the related trust factor from the patients was a challenge.

While planning and designing for this EHR system, the key challenges that were identified are :

  • Unavailability of patient medical records : Patients tends to forget to maintain and keep track of their hard copy medical records. In absence of the medical records and reports, Doctors encounter difficulty in further treatment and diagnosis. Absence of a EMR repository poses a problem for both doctors and patients during the medical treatment process. Hence, there is a need for a secured EMR software solution.
  • Mismanagement of Doctor appointment bookings : Management of appointment bookings in offline mode through phone calls or physical booking was cumbersome and error prone. Tracking the appointment status and availability for appointments was difficult. Availability of booking history for ready reference was a challenge in absence of a digital process for appointment bookings
  • Security & Privacy Concerns : Trust factor of patients on the EHR system was a major challenge. The EHR system would contain confidential medical and personal information of patients. These needs to be highly secured and access restricted. Ensuring Data security was a major challenge while developing this EHR system
  • Inefficient communication between Doctors & Patients : Patients always have follow up queries and clarifications for Doctors after a consultation. But it is a challenge to always consult the doctor in person. Also, unavailability of the doctors due to their busy schedules poses a challenge to communicate with them for follow up queries. Telemedicine solution would help in connecting with the doctors remotely easily and can solve the communication related issues to a great extent

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The Solution

Dreamztech has developed customizable SAAS based electronic health records software solution on cloud along with Telemedicine facility. The EHR system supports Blockchain secured patient data storage. Doctors can set the booking slot and receive appointment bookings. The doctors and hospitals can invoice patients during appointment booking. Patients can view the list of available doctors and schedule appointments. The patients can view the medical charts, advices and clinical notes which are prepared by doctors.

Below are the important features of the electronic health records software or NextGen EHR.

  • Customizable invoice generation – Hospital can setup the OPD doctor booking slots and generate invoice to the patients during appointment bookings. The system have the payment gateway integration to receive the payment. Individual doctors can also generate invoice and receive payment from patients for booking
  • Subscription module – The application has subscription section developed for the doctors and hospital. They can join the subscription plans to get more patients through the system. Various plans are defined based on the different parameters. Users can join the plan by paying monthly subscription amount through online payment gateway
  • NextGen EHR Software Development with Blockchain secured data –  Blockchain is a decentralized and trustworthy distributed system (without relying on any third party). The implementation of Blockchain in EHR systems can mitigate the limitation in a single point of failure. Besides, since data is recorded in the public ledger, So all the nodes in the blockchain network have ledger backups and these data are accessible anytime, anywhere. The blockchain technology ensures data transparency and secures the system. User can view Blockchain transaction logs Which are secured
  • Connect & Associate with others in Network –  Institutions and individual educators can be associated among themselves to promote collaborative services. The students and educators are also able to get associated to build an ever growing educational network. Individual educators can create their own address book of students contact and also can share the same with associated institutions. The system provides the facility for students to fill up feedback forms. This helps everyone to have an idea about a teacher before joining the class. This also helps in building up a credential for a school or a teacher
  • Unique Digital health Card for Global Identity –  The solution is integrated with Unique digital health card. This card provides an unique number to identify the patient to access the health chart and others medical history of the patient. Every card has a QR code to retrieve the basic information of a patient from anywhere. During any emergency, doctors can quickly access the medical history of the patient from the EHR System
  • Technology – PHP, Angular Framework, Laravel , MySQL
  • Tools – Google Map API, TextLocal SMS.


DreamzTech has implemented the customizable electronic health records(EHR) software with digital health card and secured blockchain data. The implementation of the EHR software results in the following benefits :

Availability of Medical History 
The Cloud based system can be accessed from anywhere. With the availability of the Electronic Medical Records in a secured way, it can be accessed from anytime, anywhere. The patients understood the benefit which resulted in increased number of patient registration in the system


Blockchain implementation, a trustworthy step 
Blockchain implementation to the EHR software is a major factor to create trust on the security of the patient’s data. This provided patient’s confidence resulting in increased registrations


Faster loading after huge user traffic 
The application is designed to be scalable for huge number of simultaneous users. It can allow users to work simultaneously without any scalability issues resulting in user satisfaction


Global Unique card attachment 
The solution offers a Unique Digital health card which enables the patient or doctors to access EMR anytime, anywhere. This saves the hassle of availability of physical records during the hour of need

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