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DreamzTech delivers a wide range of custom Python development services, spanning
powerful web portals and next gen apps for your critical business needs or help you
in establishing a new venture. Hire Python developers to build scalable and robust
web platforms and back-end systems for your commercial grade, mid-large scale
projects. Hire Python developers on hourly or full time (dedicated monthly) basis who are adept at working in Django, Flask and Web2py frameworks and save up to 60% of your development

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Our Full-Stack Python Web Development Services


Flask is a micro framework for Python based on Werkzeug and Jinja 2. It is easy to learn and
simple to develop, enabling developers to fabricate more in short time frame. It has already
gained huge popularity among Python developers.


Django is a high-level Python web framework that is built for fast development and clean,
pragmatic design.We build powerful and business-centric web applications with Django 1 and
Django 2.


Selenium is recommended for automated testing of web applications. Using Selenium test suite
WebDriver we communicate directly to the browser, overcome potential challenges in Automation
Testing, run the same set of tests on different browsers, execute regression tests etc.

Why Choose DreamzTech

We deliver reliable, high-performing, process-oriented python web app and mobile solutions that serve to the goals and needs of the businesses irrespective of their size.

  • Trusted By Startups & Fortune 500 Clients
  • Delivered 1500+ Projects in last 10 Years
  • Serving 12+ Industries, 5 Global Delivery Offices
  • Local offices in Tempe & San Francisco
  • We sign Local NDAs / Agreements
  • Face to face meeting for project understanding
  • Agile Project Management,Six Months Maintenance Support
  • Robust Data and IP Security (ISO 27001 & BSI 27001)
DreamzTech Awards & Recognitions


We have developed portals and intranet solutions that helped business processes to run in a
streamlined process. Dreamztech has a flair for creating enterprise applications that can help
businesses assist in solving several business issues. Be it a small business or big MNCs; a business
application is useful for everyone. It is designed keeping in mind the strict requirement of
administration, management and security. From payment processing to content management to HR
management, from automated billing system to enterprise resource planning to customer relationship
management, all these processes get covered in business applications.

Enterprise Asset Management System

DreamzTech EAM optimizes performance, extends asset life cycles, and
reduces operational downtime and costs. We help upgrade enterprise asset
management (EAM) software automatically for nonstop uptime, reduced costs
and minimized risk.


Manufacturing ERP System

We developed a cloud-based Production and Manufacturing ERP solution for
UK based prominent Rubber products manufacturing company. The solution is a
comprehensive set of independently workable modules to support the entire
manufacturing processes.


Blockchain-Enabled Vehicle Security System

DreamzTech provided leading europe-based engine oil manufacturer a
blockchain solution to track all their frieghts real-time and sales
activities being made by the driver with a multi layer security system that
brings tracking and transparency in every activities.

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Telehealth Solutions

We have provided Californina-based organization a Telehealth Solution
that includes Web Portal and personalized Mobile applications (iOS &
Android) where Patients and Therapists can meet more easily and keep
communicating flawlessly through LIVE video consultation.


Enterprise B2B E-Commerce Portal

We have provided a Enterprise B2B E-Commerce Portal with complete new
look with modern interactive and intuitive design which is also easily
customizable for different brands at any point and rebuilt legacy system to
make the ordering process much smoother with the best performance.

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Blockchain KYC Solution

DreamzTech Blockchain KYC Solution is a game changing innovation of
RegTech Industry. It enables seamless, secure and faster data transaction
with a reduced operating and compliance costs and improved customer

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Our Service Offerings

Python Software Strategy Consulting

Python web/mobile application development

Data Analytics in Python

Testing / Application maintenance

Technologies / Tools
  • Django, Flask, CherryPy
  • Ipython
  • Matplotlib
  • pandas, Pycharm, Werkzeug
  • Kivy, NumPy

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