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Why every business should visualize their data Performing numerous permutations and combinations on spreadsheets is a time consuming task. With visualizations, analysis becomes automatic. When data sources are connected in the right way, all you need to do is ask questions. Our visualization services combined with Power BI’s natural language processing, makes it easy to seek insightful information related to every aspect of your business.

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Connect data sources

Connect unstructured, structured, or semi-structured data

Analytics & visualizations

Full set of services from consulting, strategy, development and support

R scripts for machine learning

Get deep analytical insights without hiring a dedicated R developer

Reports & dashboards

View and share reports on any device and take faster decisions.

Power BI integration services

Integrate with third party technologies and eliminate the need for specialized software.

Onshore Power BI Consultants

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Any way through Power BI connectors

ODiscover new data opportunities with Power BI


Similar to Q&A, you just have to ask or type a question in natural language and Power BI will find answers directly from the particular dataset or report pages. You can interact with the visualizations as you would in Power BI and to further explore an answer, you just have to simply open a result in Power BI.


This is a feature that allows users to save and share insights with others. It is a quick way to pick up from where you left off. You can save interesting stats as part of a report, use bookmarks as a story or in a presentation as well as create report navigation.


The selection pane lists out all objects on the report page so that you can select the particular visual. It is useful when authoring complex reports with many overlapping charts while it also allows you to hide visuals on your report depending on who is viewing them.


When looking at larger visuals, it is often easy to lose track of certain data points. This is where Spotlight comes in. You can easily call attention to a chart without losing the context of the report by spotlighting a visual to fade out all the other charts on the page.


Quick measures let you quickly and easily create new measures on numerical columns of the data table. You can use quick measures for report that are using live connection mode against SQL Server Analysis Services models.


The cell-level formatting support now extends to multi-row cards, meaning that the formatting on the cell, value, matrix, and single value card visuals will be implied directly on the output without any additional steps.


This offering lets you keep your data safe and secure on-premises with content embedding. Share Power BI reports within the organization while retaining full control of all your data with the on-premises setup offered by Power BI where you can select the virtual cores, memory (RAM) and peak renders / hour that you need.

Power BI + Azure Machine Learning Studio

Integrating Azure ML Studio with Power BI helps users to connect with their data and forecast a range of parameters with powerful what-if analysis scenarios. It lets users gauge the distribution of outcomes based on the conditional data sets providing them with predictive models.

Transform your data in your own convenient way

Dreamztech has a flair in building big data & BI solutions. Our development is primarily based upon long-standing proficiency and in-depth expertise in applying technologies, tools, and methodologies properly across the complete data cycle. We set up project teams based on the needs of the clients. Our project team comprises of exclusive and finest specialists with talents, background and skills aligned best with the prerequisites if our clients.

  • Power BI Desktop

    You can visually explore your data from drag-and-drop canvas of Power BI Desktop, whether is stored on your PC or the cloud. You can get access to a broad range of data visualizations and a user friendly report authoring experience.

  • Power BI Mobile

    You can have access to your data anywhere, anytime with Power BI mobile apps. This native app offers interactive view of your business data with visualizations through mobile access within a second no matter where you are.

  • Power BI Gateway

    Power BI Gateway gives you the flexibility to meet your individual and organizational needs. You can query large datasets, set up scheduled refresh, serve multiple users and much more to manage your organizational requirements.


Of our clients extend their teams for 2.5+ years


People is the average team size


IT pros in the pool


weeks to get a team

Power BI Proof of Concept Program

Work with DreamzTech who offers an effective way of using insights for the betterment of your business.

Why we are the ideal Power BI consultants

  • Enterprise-grade software solutions
  • Development as per the latest web standards and practices
  • Extensive experience in Power BI development
  • Simplify complex configurations and integrations
  • Microsoft Certified Partner as well as Azure IoT Partner
  • Strong legacy of Microsoft products with a decade plus partnership

Real-time data transformed into insightful reports and visualizations through Power BI

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