Digital Newspaper Solution

Digital Newspaper Solution

Helped a historical document preservation company to digitialize their massive 2 Billion records and worked with them throughout the complete life cycle. Starting from scanning, OCR, storage process till SOLR search Engine implementation process, we offered an end-to-end Digital Newspaper Solution. DreamzTech’s product team designed and developed a tool for the online users of the company to seamlessly search and read the documents online through Mobile and Tablet. The tool was loaded with robust utility features that were easily accessible by the end customers

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Important features of the product

  • Automated OCR of Documents
  • SOLR Search Engine Implementation
  • Search records withing 2 seconds from 2 Billion data
  • JPEG viewer Tools for reading documents
  • Ecommerce & Subscription Models to access documents


We developed and maintained a number of their products e.g.

Main Website – client’s main website

Featured Microsites – websites with specific newspaper contents

Library Accessable Systems – Academic library version of Digital Newspaper Company through which only library patrons could get access to their content, authenticated through their IP.



We took the responsibility of their online application and also managed it.

Initially all their applications were traditionally formatted (design perspective) and were also built with ASP.Net 2.0. We upgraded their system with a V2 version and released it with ASP.Net 3.5. Finally the application was upgraded to MVC 3 version. The changes were reflected across all their products inclusive of the look and feel. All of their products were given a Bootstrap and HTML5 faceoff.

Hot fix of any production issue that cropped up including database changes(related to stored procedures)

Issue related to their web servers – we had a monitoring system through which we kept a constant vigil of their entire system and performed system maintenance from within their environment.

Functional Features:

News Paper Archive Digital Newspaper Solution

Browse Article:

Browse by location and browse by date.

Digital Newspaper Solution

Extensive search:

With this extensive search option, user could search with keywords within their content by First Name, Last Name, Keywords, Dates and Locations. We implemented the Search Engine SOLR in their system for enhanced performance.

News Paper Archive Digital Newspaper Solution

Payment system:

Payment system was integrated within their website that included shopping cart and membership.

News Paper Archive Digital Newspaper Solution

Viewer Tools:

PDF viewer that showed up through the Adobe reader plugin.

Jpeg viewer is a customized IIP Viewer with deep zoom capability.



SOLID Principle

Dependency Injection

Entity Framework

News Paper Archive Digital Newspaper Solution


Dreamztech has worked in a 5 year plan with the Digital Magazine company to provide a series of interconnected solutions which helped the company go digital with the latest technologies and architectures. As a result of the digital move, the magazine company had an increase in the number of online traffic. the company is converting it’s target users into loyal customers on a daily basis.The successful launch of their ASP.Net 3.5 V2 application and a consecutive launch of their ASP.Net MVC 3 V3 application was a huge success from technology as well as performance point of view.



Digital Newspaper Solution

Digital AD Platform

We have provided the solution with the iOS and Android mobile application with the key features which made the platform accessible to the users more easily and let the user access to the most important functionalities using just a few taps on their mobile. User can start a deal or complete a deal in few minutes using this application when he/she is on the go.
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