Online Gaming Portal

Online Gaming Portal

We have developed Web Application for “Online Gaming Portal” with features for users to add funds and purchase entries for lottery with their funds.

Online lotto Portal

Important features of the product

  • Users can enjoy their favourite lottery games anytime and from anywhere.
  • User friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Users can purchase tickets / entries in popular lottery games.
  • User can add funds using various payment option and can use funds to purchase lottery.
  • Winning confirmation over email to users.


Our customer was looking for an online solution where users can purchase lottery entries and play 12 of the best lotteries around the world.



We have developed Web Application for “Online gaming console company” with features for users to add funds and purchase entries for lottery with their funds.

Functional Features:

Online Gaming Portal

Membership :

Users can simply click on the ‘Membership’ link located on the ‘Home Page’. They can then fill in all the necessary requirements featured on the registration form. Their contact details are mandatory as they are the only resources for “Online gaming portal” to keep users updated at all times.   

add fund

Funds Management :

Once the registration is done, users can fund their ‘Member Account’. This can be done via a valid credit card. Once Upon successful funding, they can use fund to ‘Checkout’ and purchase tickets. 


Purchase Tickets :

All users need to do is click on the ‘Play’ option available on the different lottery game pages and then will enter the Play Zone. They can get all the necessary information related to the game in the ‘How to play” section in the lottery game Play zone page.


User Interface: jQuery, HTML, CSS

Business Logic: Smarty, PHP

Payment: MyGate, Raven Counting House

Persistence (DB): MySQL

play online lotto


The website for users to play lottery online was successfully launched after 3 year of the development. Dreamztech’s dedicated team has already developed a comprehensive solution and its being deployed .



play online lotto

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