Player Coach Interaction Solution

Player Coach Interaction Solution

We have developed a Player Coach Interaction Solution (full sports management system) for baseball players and coaches where they can connect with each other and design their player profile and reach coaches around the states.

Player Coach Interaction Solution

Important features of the product

  • Baseball players can register and connect with coaches.
  • Baseball players can join and create their profile.
  • Player can access above 1500 college coaches.
  • Members update stats, add photos or videos, & interact with other players.


Our customer was looking for an online solution where users will have the ability to create a player profile or a customer recruiting website and have access to collage head coaches. 



We have developed Web Application for “player coach interaction company” with features for users to register as baseball player, create there account, interact with other players and connect with coaches.

Functional Features:

Player Coach Interaction Solution

Player Profile :

Users can simply register and create their player profile. They can add their profile details, stats, pictures and videos. 

Player Coach contact

Connect with Coach :

Players can browse for coaches and connect with them as their advisor. 

Player Coach Interaction app

Interact :

Players can interact with other player and can share message, pictures and videos.


User Interface: HTML, CSS

Business Logic: PhpFox

Payment: USAepay

Persistence (DB): MySQL

Player Coach Interaction Solution


Online portal for baseball player to create player profile or customer recruiting website and ability to connect with coaches.



Player Coach Interaction Solution

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