US based Logistics company uses data driven dashboard to optimize their business process, increasing revenue by 28%


Efficiency increased


Resource Utilization


Accurate Settlement


Revenue Increased

About the Client


Renowned Logistic & Transportation company from Oregon, USA


Logistic & Transportation




Plan, implement, and execute the movement of products and materials throughout the supply chain from the point of origin to the point of consumption

Project Overview — Analytics based dashboard to manage the entire logistics process

Client wanted to develop an agile and intelligent logistic management system and was looking for a smart solution where certain decision needs to be taken through the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & others Analytical data so that business process can be optimized, transparent and faster throughout the supply chain.

The client wanted IoT data driven and AI driven analytical dashboard which helps LBM to minimizing the empty miles, maximizing the rate per mile, minimizing the time between drop off and next load pick up.

The client wanted to modify the load assignment process where system will suggest the best suited Driver/Truck for a particular load so the utilization of the resources will be high along with the revenue.

Client was interested in 100% transparency in tracking and proof-of-delivery through in-app tracking over map by IoT devices.

Solving 90% logistics issues with Ai and IoT

Client was unable to find a proper solution in the market which can cover 360 degree of their business. To solve this problem, the portal allows all its stakeholders the ease of doing operation and stand for their all commitments of services. Inbound users and customers/brokers both become comfortable and proactive due to end to end business and process transparency.

Business problems and Challenges

  • Unable to pick up the right load in busy morning

  • Unable to optimize the empty load per mile

  • Unable to optimize the proper utilization of Drivers & Vehicles

  • Missed multiple time maintenance and insurance date of vehicles

  • Difficult to get proper transparency in transit

  • Unable to handle broker escalation due to visibility issues in multiple transit

Business Benefits and ROI gained

  • AI driven business decision process speeds up operations
  • IoT data driven accuracy minimises errors
  • Increased transparency and real time update in transit
  • Minimize the empty miles
  • Minimize the time between drop off and next load pick up
  • Transparent and flawless transit of goods

30 %

Efficiency increased

100 %

Resource Utilization

100 %

Accurate Settlement

28 %

Revenue Increased

What solution did DreamzTech provide ?

Load Booking Management

Provide operational insight & logical reports which helps to take decision to book right load in rush hours.

Smart Load Assignment

Developed the optimized algorithm which helps to decide best suited Driver/Truck for a particular load based on certain parameter

Smart Transportation Process

Simple steps oriented dispatch flow to avoid any errors

Vehicle Tracking

Increase visibility & realtime update of loaded vehicles

Maintenance Management

Maintenance keep your workforce engaged with pre-planned scheduled tasks and triggers service reminders based on time & measures.

Easy Driver Pay Settlement

Data driven automated driver settlement summary which helps accountant to disburse the payment.

Key Features of the High-Tech Portal

Overview of Services Provided


Business Analysts and Solution Architects from DreamzTech communicated with the client and created a backlog of tasks. All tasks are evaluated and prioritized after consultation and taking approval from the client.


Based on requirements, design team prepared based wireframes and presented prototypes for approval and confirmation and revised based on feedback from client.


A dedicated team for developing the application for Android and iOS was formed, consisting of Project Manager (PM), Tech Leads, Developers, Quality Analysts (QAs) was formed. Tasks were divided between teams with specific delivery deadlines


Stripe gateway integrated for Payment, Google Map API integrated to locate service providers.


Based on test cases prepared and approved, quality analysis, A|B Test, Usability testing etc were conducted and issues were identified and fixed.


After completed QA, portal was published on live web server.


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