Telemedicine App Development

  • Video Visits With Patients
  • Video Conferencing With Multiple Parties
  • Patient outcomes as videos and PDF reports
  • Comes in Web Application & iOS, Android App

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Live Video Consultation With Doctor. Easy & Improved Personalized Patient Care. Protected Health Data.

Video Visits

Doctors remotely can visits patients, discuss medical records, conditions through video consultation.

Tracking & Multi-Tenant

Doctors can track patient’s progress and you can add multiple service providers/ doctors in your platform.

Secure Medical Instructions

Doctors can securely add personalized training /instructional doc or videos for patients.


Patients can book appointments for a video consultation as per doctor's preschedules slots.

Reduce Average visits to resolution with the help of remote health LIVE consultation and AI-Enabled reporting system

LIVE Video Consultation with Care Team

Enablement of efficient remote health monitoring allow doctors to see patients remotely via video visit and AI-powered tools.You can add any provider that treats or cares for your patient, including nurses, pharmacists, doctors, caregivers, etc.

AI Enabled Assessment & Wellness Report

Doctors & Therapists can see all patient's report and check their progress report individually. AI Enabled tools allow doctors to remotely measure range of motion (patient's exercises) without external sensors.

Easy Communication & Personalized Training Material

Communicate patients with text /video chat that cannot come to your clinic due to severe weather or other conditions. Customize the treatment and instructional programs and upload instructional materials to meet your patient’s needs.

Detail Patient Dashboard & Multi-Tenant Facility

Track patient’s compliance, goal, treatment, pain and neural symptoms with summary and graphs on your dashboard. You can make your platform multi tenant where multiple service providers can onboard and provide services to patients.

Client's Success Story

Care coordination for rehabilitation is a continuous process. A Therapist needs to be in touch with patients all the time, guide with treatments and follow up to check if the treatment plan is being followed properly. However, with hundreds of patients and all with their unique treatment plans – it is a hectic task for any therapist to follow up an individual patient, assess the condition and provide the right action plan. DreamzTech has developed an AI enabled, mobile first, telemedicine app and web portal for one of our clients to address healthcare challenges. In this cloud based platform both the therapist and the patient can login through mobile apps or tablets and can communicate over chat, understand the problem with video feed and monitor the progress of the treatment remotely from anywhere.

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