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The Solution is Packaged with

Progressive Web App for Customer

Customers can use the PWA app to search the restaurant according to their location. They can also use the reservation module to book a table for themselves. The app also allows user to check for the available menu in the restaurant.

Administration Portal

Restaurant owners can manage the table bookings, customers, and services in real-time hassle free. Create digital menu card, offers and promotions and reach to customer through push and geo notifications to build encouragements between the customers and the other sponsors.

Why US?

  • Online Table Reservation is a solution for the restaurant owner through which they can manage the customers and table bookings seamlessly.
  • They can create an interactive menu card through which it is less complicated and improves customer experience.
  • These apps don’t need to be downloaded or installed by the customers.
  • Restaurant owners can simply share the URL/link by any medium and once your client open it - they would be connected with the mobile app.

Customers PWA

Digital Menu

Interactive menu card Digital menu makes interaction less complicated with excellent customer experience.

Online Reservation

Skip the wait time outside restaurant The booking tool, it allows users to skip the wait and reserve their table with your instant app.

Social Media Marketing

Easy business sharing Users can check the social media feed to stay updated regarding the restaurant. They can check the new and special dishes that is being prepared for the day.


Get notified real-time The push notifications help customers to get notified quickly on any update or good to know information.

Admin Portal

Manage Menu

Manage menu card Manage of menu is less complicated as addition of new items, price change becomes easy to update rather than printed static menu.

Outlet Listing

Easy Locate You can list down the restaurants outlet according to location to process online reservation. This will help customers to search according to their location and encourage more usage of the app.

Data Analytics

Tailor your events With the help of Advanced Data Analytics, you can capture, observe, and analyse data that can help your business to improve.

Global Notification

Reach the customers quickly The push notifications help to reach all the customers quickly with no time and to convey them the important news and updates.

Manage Online Reservation

Skip the wait time Admin can use this feature to manage the bookings for their restaurant. They can sort it accordingly and can also take prints against the table booked.

SMS Notification

Reach the customers quickly The SMS notifications help to reach the new customer registered quickly and to convey them the present notifiable information.

Social Media Marketing

Easy business sharing Users can launch the web app from a URL. You can also broadcast you business on Facebook, in an online ad, or text message.

Key Features of Online Table Reservation

Track and manage reservation seamlessly

Interactive and Digital Menu helps more flexibility to manage Menu

Reaching and retrieving new customers are easier

Global push Notifications

Huge cutting in Cost of Branding & Promotions

Easy support system

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