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Though they did not have any existing business yet they had over 20 years of coaching and sports mentoring experience.



Our client is a group of former college coaches and players that help advise student-athletes in the recruiting world. Though they did not have any existing business yet they had over 20 years of coaching and sports mentoring experience. They wanted to blend state of the art technology with personalized recruiting help for athletes. DreamzTech got the opportunity to develop a Progressive Web Application for the customer that lets sports career advisors connect student-athletes to colleges and coaches. The whole cycle of onboarding, mentoring and recruitment is supported by the platform.


  • Unification of data
    from all equipment onto a single platform and automated interpretation.
  • Registering a sample for
    machine with upper and lower reading limits so that alerts can be generated in case
    abrupt fluctuations.
  • Process data and represent
    the form of animated graphs and charts wherever possible for instant decision
  • Using Industrial IoT to
    monitor equipment health and provide scheduled maintenance, proactive and preventive
  • Platform to view the
    status of a machine and the ability to view its breakdown history.
  • The solution also provided
    option to control machines from a user interface using PLC/SCADA and IoT.

Business Objective

  • A digital platform for collaboration between athletes, advisors, and coaches.
  • The ability for athletes to create a recruitment profile and showcase their strengths online.
  • The platform should act as a database of colleges and coaches.
  • Leads and player management portal for recruitment advisors.
  • A self-management and tracking tool for recruitment advisors.
  • A very flexible yet easily manageable subscription process.
  • A marketing website connecting users to the application that can be used as a mobile app.


  • A platform that lets sports career advisors onboard athletes and connects them to colleges and coaches.
  • Athletes can create a recruitment profile that is auto-converted to a shareable microsite.
  • The platform allows students to search for colleges, discover coaches and show interest.
  • Recruitment advisors can add leads, convert to a subscriber and customize the recruiting plans.
  • Recruitment advisors can set goals for themselves and execute tasks w/o dependency.
  • Any number of subscription plans can be created on the platform. It can be customized further by Advisor.
  • Advisors can auto-send athlete reference to coaches using predefined email templates.
  • We developed the whole application on PWA technology making it portable.


Approach from DreamzTech

As the customer ventured into the development of this sports recruiting platform they sought support from a software partner with expertise in the areas of new-age technology, web apps and consulting. DreamzTech got the opportunity to develop end-to-end features for this solution, engineer user experience, integrate with relevant third party software and provide marketing support.


DreamzTech engaged Project Managers and Business Analysts to gather requirements from the client, prepare specification documents and produce interactive wireframes for the core application. We provided consulting services on the self-managed workflow process.


The architects from DreamzTech analyzed requirements to determine Technology to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. The project budget, timeline, and release dates were determined and shared with the client. A product backlog was created.


Our team comprising Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts have been working with the client since 2018, developing and releasing the core application in late 2019. Since then we are working on social media promotions.


DreamzTech helped the client achieve their goal of empowering student-athletes and their parents. The platform has been built keeping future expectations in mind. The client is extremely satisfied with the speed, reliability, and simplicity of the platform. The platform has resulted in a large number of students being able to spread their sports abilities online thus bringing happiness to their parents. The client is planning to expand beyond the US.

Key Application Features

The application developed by DreamzTech is an innovative way of providing sports recruitment services online. It is packed with features that appeal to both advisors and student-athletes.

asset management systemMANAGE ATHLETES

Add athlete, assign advisor, add sale, communicate, assume login, view transaction history and assign tasks.

digital ad platformMANAGE ADVISORS

Add advisors and assign leads and athletes to them. Visually identify who has bandwidth.

b2b travel portal PROFILE STANDARD

The platform admin can set rules and guidelines on athlete profile information. Min goal for publishing can be set.

automated oil change REVIEW ATHLETE

Review profile information added by athlete, completion %, add a suggestion, view microsite and approve.

fleet management -asset managementMANAGE LEADS

Manage the full lead life cycle. Assign to Advisor. Add notes and set tasks in the calendar.

asset order manage SALES INFO

View subscription info for students. Send invoices for pending amounts and manage refunds.

asset management systemMANAGE ROLES

The platform admin can create admin staff and manage permissions for staff as well as advisors.

digital ad platformCOACH AND COLLEGE

The platform admin is able to add colleges and coaches with contact details, address and other info.


Internal messaging system between admin, staff, and advisors. Notification indicators are present.

asset management systemHELP TOOLS

The platform admin can add video/pdf help tools for admin staff, advisors and athletes for different sports.

digital ad platformMANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS

Create and manage subscription plans with different periods and charges for different sports.

b2b travel portal ASSIGN COACH

Assign coaches to an athlete when their profile is completed to satisfaction. Automated recommendation email sent.

asset management system MANAGE ACTIVITY

Advisors can set weekly/daily goals of lead generation, conversion, and marketing for themselves.

digital ad platformATHLETE PROFILE

Athletes get a portal to set up their profile. Profile goals set by admin are enforced. Completion progress displayed.

b2b travel portalMICROSITE

Once a student’s profile is 100% complete, it is reviewed and published. A microsite is auto-generated for each.

asset management system SEARCH COLLEGE

Athletes can search for colleges and filter by several criteria. They can visit the college info page and mark it as a favorite.

digital ad platformRECRUITMENT PROFILE

A seven-step intuitive recruitment setup workflow is in place for the athlete. It is complemented by video guides.

b2b travel portalANALYTICS

Students get a full analytics report for their published microsite. They can share the microsite URL over social media.

Technology Overview







Restful API







Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

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