Blockchain Secure Collateral Management

DreamzTech Secure Collateral Management Solution helps in tracking collaterals (such as Loan, CDs, Credit and debit status etc) on Ethereum Blockchain. Using the solution, each collateral would be tracked as a digital asset to track the origination, trail of records and act as a single source of truth of collateral on blockchain network.

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Blockchain based Collateral Solution : Bring Visibility in Collaterals & Improve Efficiency

Secure Collateral Management

The platform is integrated with Collateral Management where allocation logic pertaining to regulatory mechanisms maintained and triggers by blockchain smart contract and all private rules maintain on off-chain. Blockchain nodes access the off chain data and rules by secure Web API. Financial institute like bank can see real time transaction data instead of day end view, it improves the collateral usage between parties and generates more liquidity with the help of releasing excess collateral of the account holder.

Reconciliation & Real-time Notification

Each payment to the customer loan account updated in blockchain by smart contract logic and off-chain via Web API. Once customer loan balance become zero in blockchain then platform will trigger email to notify customer and bank manager that collateral is free from loan. It helps to release the collateral within a day which helps to increase customer satisfaction and scope to generate more business.


Platform provides the graphical view of the summary of collateral activities and status (like as Active Secured Loan, Total Collateral Pledged, Overdue Loan Payment, Collateral at Risk, KYC update pending, Annual Pledge Collateral Activity, Loan Registry Activity, Type of Loan, Overall Types of Collateral and Pledged Value, Type of Loan by Loan Amount)

Risk Management

Based on customer’s input, platform generates Customer’s Risk Score against the branch - graphical presentation of branch data can be drill down which helps to monitor the customer details and branch wise risk analysis

Blockchain Collateral Reconciliation Advantages

Single source of Truth of collaterals

Bank is able to trace end-to-end lifecycle of Collateral

Real-time collateral reconciliation

Transparency and visibility to the customer of the outstanding loan balance

Immutable ledger of all loan transactions pertaining to savings and CD accounts

Real-time alert and notification when loan fully repaid

Synchronization and reconciliation between the blockchain network and banking internal systems

Increase efficiencies in banking processes & Improved customer satisfaction

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