Renewable Energy Transactional Marketplace

Renewable Energy Transactional Marketplace

We offered technological support to our client and also extended our consulting services to them to build the Renewable Energy Transactional Marketplace as they needed. The renewable energy manufacturing company wanted us to design a platform that helped them utilize their resources and create a marketplace of renewable energy credits for the green energy generators


Important features of the product

  • In addition to the electricity produced, green energy electricity generators (like solar panels and windmills) create a certificate called a renewable energy credits, or REC, for each unit of electricity they produce. Renewable Power Manufacturer is a mobile app (and associated database backend that serves the app) that provides a real time transactional market for RECs that are bought and sold between buyers (app users) and sellers (green energy generators).
  • The web application back end manages all the admin functionalities like the following:
    A) All the configurable properties of the renewable power Manufacturer app
    B) Viewing the registering Buyers, Sellers, Installers and GreenCoders
    C) Keeping track of all the transactions which were being made by each Buyer through the renewable power Manufacturer app
    D) Prepare and Send payments via the Paypal Mass Payment API on a monthly basis


The whole system consists of four different types of users:

Buyers: Buyers are renewable power Manufacturer app users. Buyers may have several mobile devices that are using renewable power Manufacturer app. Each Buyer downloads and installs the renewable power Manufacturer app on their mobile device.

Sellers: People or organizations that own any form of renewable power generator like solar panels or windmills. A Seller can have multiple Generators. These users sign up through a Web Application

Installers: Installers recruit Sellers to become a participating seller in renewable power Manufacturer. Installers receive a commission on every transaction that the Seller is involved in. A Seller can have an Installer referenced while they are signing up. If there are no Installer mentioned no commission is paid.

GreenCoders: GreenCoders recruit buyers into renewable power Manufacturer. GreenCoders receive a commission on every transaction that the Buyer is involved in. A Buyer may or may not have a GreenCoder referenced. In that case no commission is paid.


We offered technological support and consulting services to a renewable energy manufacturing company so that they could utilize their resources and create a marketplace of renewable energy credits for the green energy generators.


Functional Features

Renewable Energy Transactional Marketplace


The Web application enabled users – Sellers, GreenCoders, Installers and the renewable power Manufacturer Admin to login in their respective sessions and manage their account

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Seller, GreenCoder and Installer can register in the web application

Renewable Energy Transactional Marketplace app

Bulk Upload:

The Installer has the option to introduce many generators through a bulk upload of excel data into the application

Renewable Energy Transactional Marketplace

Back end Admin:

The back end admin section has a different managing option. The admin can control the configuration sections of both the frontend web application and the renewable power Manufacturer App.


The renewable power Manufacturer widget built with D3js and HTML5 has its own unique way to represent the interactive data to the App users.

Social Share:

This widget for subscribed users give them the daily log of their support to the usage of renewable power resource. Users could also share this information over Facebook and Share

GPS Tracker:

The phone’s GPS system is used to track the nearest possible renewable power source and utilize its power whenever the user is charging his/her phone

Charging History:

The App also stores data in history from where the user gets all the necessary information of the generator from which it is drawing power while charging.

Web App:

It has a web application having front and back end.


The system included both Iphone App and Web Application. The IPhone interacted with the database through back end Web API calls. Following are the technology which has been used in the whole project:

Titanium framework for App development,

ASP.Net Web API 2 for interactivity with the back end system,

ASP.Net MVC 4 for development of the web application,

Widget within the App was developed using D3js and HTML5 elements

Dependency Injection,


A year after starting the project with both development of the Iphone app, Web Application, and a set of Web API calls, an initial soft launch was made with the IPhone app in the App store for a review with an initial subscription amount of $1.99



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