Online Consumer magazine solution

Online Consumer magazine solution

The dedicated team of business analysts and technology experts in Dreamztech worked together to provide a business strategy and a roadmap to one of the most popular consumer magazine companies in UK. Dreamztech helped them to increase their online sales and growth by ensuring a profitable return on investment.

Online Consumer Magazine Solution

Important features of the product

  • Magazine Subscription
  • Prize Draw
  • Banner Management
  • Article Management
  • Banners impressions and click management through DFP. Create and get monthly report from DFP for each of the banners


The magazine company needed a growth in their monthly subscription process. They wanted us to provide a solution which not only increased their sales but gave their online and mobile customers an easy tool to read the monthly magazines with convinient subscription model



We have been working with The magazine company for the last 3 years now. We have been providing end to end solution starting from setup server, web development, mobile apps, and maintaining their complete internal management system. Some important functional features are:

Functional Features:

Online Consumer Magazine Solution

Magazine Subscription:

The company’s magazine is loaded with stories, articles, advice, recipes, reviews, tips, jokes, competitions, and anecdotes. You can subscribe to The magazine company print version and get discounts.

Online Consumer Magazine Solution

Prize Draw:

This module consists of £1000 cash prize draw. Here Dreamztech has successfully managed huge amount of data (Database indexing, caching). If you want to participate in this competition, you need to register first. After registration, you will receive a coupon code on an everyday basis that will help you participate and win £1,000.

Online Consumer Magazine Solution

Banner Management:

Every category can have their own set of banners which gets changed every 30 seconds or one minute. In this manner, the site can display several banners. Dreamztech created the feature that was one of the major requirements of the client.

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Article Management:

Dreamztech has worked on content management system (drupal) of the magazine company and has made it convenient for the admin to easily manage the system.

Online Consumer Magazine Solution

DFP Solution:

We provided the DoubleClick for Publishers & Small Business solution which is a free ad management solution that helps growing publishers sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of their digital ad inventory. With a simple interface, rich feature set, built-in revenue optimization, and Google powered ad delivery, user will be quickly on their way to maximizing the value of their ad impressions. The developers at Dreamztech has created this feature which was one of the major requirements from client.We use google’s ad tracking service in site to track every impression and click on any banner placed in any page of the site.


The technologies, we have used for The magazine company are below:

User Interface: jQuery, HTML, CSS

Business Logic: Drupal, Webform, Views, Block etc.

Communication: Mailgun API

Persistence (DB): MySQL

Online Consumer Magazine Solution


As we have been working with The magazine company for last 3 years, we have built a strong Business Relationship with them. We are still providing 24 X 7 IT support, Customer support for any technical problems with Quality control. Dreamztech has had the privilege of working with The magazine company and we are devotedly providing highest quality work that ensures good return on investment.




Digital Newspaper solution

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