Next-Gen Restaurant Solution

With several technologies taking the service offerings to the next level for a restaurant business, addressing the need for integrated tools that allow you to manage the different aspects of your business from one place, beginning from attracting guests, taking orders, reducing guest wait times, optimizing operations, ending with increased revenue opportunities. Connect all the dots with a super affordable next-generation smart restaurant solution.

We Add Value...

  • Contactless Check-in
  • Contactless Ordering
  • Contactless Payment and Feedback
  • Integrated Loyalty Program
  • Significant Cost Reduction

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Respond to the COVID-19 Challenges today and make your business FUTURE READY.

Priceless Gems Picked for You

To enhance the guest experience, encourage repeat business, reduce operating cost and maximize long-term revenue, we have put together the best of our experiences. What do we have for you?


Next-Gen Restaurant Solution : Recognise, Personalize and Re-Engage Customers.


Accept Online Order

Give access to your digital menu. Describe every dish with attractive content. Attract your clients with food photography, video & Nutrition information.. Present digital menu with easy update and accept online quick service orders.

Attractive food photos, categorized neatly will help your guests to choose their orders easily. Create categories, items, and options in real-time. You have full control of your menu, pricing, and images.

internet of things companies
internet of things companies

Manage Pickup & Delivery

Integrate your pickup & delivery with your online ordering system. Dispatch orders to your delivery partner and track in real-time.

Set up multiple delivery zones, allocate drivers in different zones, auto-assign orders to the delivery executive, and automatically update the guest with the expected completion time along with real-time GPS tracking.

Drive Digital Loyalty Program

Ensuring repeat orders & retention. Greet your regular guests with special offers, discounts, and coupons instantly to enhance repeat orders.

Customize loyalty points, vouchers, and rewards based on your business goals. guests can earn and redeem loyalty points every time they purchase whether using the app or in-store. guests can review the loyalty points and they can redeem for offers.

internet of things companies
internet of things companies

Accept prior Reservations

Increase table turn times, quote wait times more accurately and improve the guest experience. One central place to automatically store and manage all your reservations.

An online booking system works all the time, it gives them the freedom to potential guests to book a table anytime they want. Send automated confirmation that keeps guests informed and reduces no shows.

Hasslefree Walk-in Guest Management

Front Desk Queue Management system helps you serve your potential guests with greater ease. Keep your guests healthy and save waiting time. Improve staff productivity.

Efficiently manage the walk-in queue. Suggest free times & reserve tables for guests so you don't lose business. By equipping your staff to deliver optimal service, manage lines, and even drive guests to less busy times of the day, experience increase in the speed of service and productivity.

internet of things companies
internet of things companies

Contactless Self-Ordering

Equip guests with a faster contactless self-ordering digital interface and reduce service time significantly.

Let your guests choose and order by themselves right from your digital menu using their own device or even from ordering kiosks.

Automate Sales using Point of Sales

Process and manage all orders and requests from integrated Point of Sales and manage invoices too.

Give yourself the joy of serving guests and manage all sales centrally from the versatile and user-friendly Point of Sales. All your orders, invoices and transactions are at your fingertips anytime.

internet of things companies
internet of things companies

Flaunt Your Brand with Lite App

Create your own brand with a platform-agnostic Lite App to address the need for a marketing website as well as Mobile App to increase customer reach.

Create a strong presence within an ocean of potential customers to be searchable easily and show off your unique specialty and offerings as well to attract new and existing customers and take a big leap towards your success.

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