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Project Overview

In today’s social media era, it’s easy to socialize with umpteen numbers of known and unknown people , make friends and hang out. But when it comes to forging a relationship, it becomes extremely difficult for people to find the right matches for them due to many factors like authenticity of the profile, difference in tastes, preferences, culture etc.

Our client, who finds out exactly the reasons why people failed to find the right match for them and how marriages through the matrimonial sites aren’t always successful. So, he wanted to develop a dating app instead where people can first find the exact match for them. The dating app platform we developed provides a safe, secure and anonymous way to find and communicate with people based on personal preferences. The profile matching mechanism of the platform is unique – the platform not only matches by gender or location, but it also gives an opportunity to the users to build their personality profile by specifying their preferences through questions.

These questions are managed by the Platform Admin and focus on understanding users’ likes and dislikes, their personalities and preferences. Admin can add and manage existing questions from backend and the overall matching with other profile depending on our proprietary AI-based mathematical algorithm that is used to calculate and decide based on preference matching and location. The user may also search for other users, connect with others via in-platform messaging system, and share photos etc.

Enabling users to build their personality profile and in the process helping them find the right partner for life

The platform focuses on creating users personality profiles. The questionnaire used are carefully designed to ensure no personal or sensitive information are shared. it focuses on daily routines, habits and behaviour, likes and dislikes of a user. For a user, the questions are funny but for our AI-based algorithm, the questions are designed to drive the personality matching.

Business problems

  • Location based matchmaking

    Mostly the dating apps available in the market focus highly on location-based matching instead of behaviour or personality based matching

  • No Personality Analysis

    There’s no way to know if the next match is the right match for that user or not – no personality analysis.

  • Random profile recommendation

    No option to search based on user’s own choice. Platform provides the choices all the time. In most cases the recommended profiles aren’t relevant.

  • Lack of privacy

    Privacy of users aren’t always protected there is a high-chance of digital identity theft.

  • Limited restriction filters

    Anyone can contact anybody by sending message. Users don’t have option to allow or deny certain users when they are trying to connect.

  • Inefficient chat functionality

    No way to keep in touch with other users without sharing contact information as most of the dating platforms do not offer chatting solution.

  • Age and Identity verification

    Most of the dating and matchmaking app does not follow proper verification process using identity cards. Anyone can simply come and open a profile without any proof of identity.

Business benefits and ROI gained

  • Highly secured personality driven matchmaking app increases the popularity of the platform.
  • With control, visibility and automation of user management from backend, the business could focus mostly on the marketing to gain a better pool of active users.
  • Millions of matchmaking done so far generating over 1.5 million dollars in revenue.



The platform is up and running always and for all users above 18.



We’ve seen that 65% of the users are working professionals.


Perfect Matches

Based on our internal analysis, 35% users found their soulmates.


Positive Response

Our survey says, none of our users gets spammy or unwanted chats.

Solutions provided by DreamzTech

Personality Building

45+ questions and options to add more if required to determine user’s personality preferences.

AI-driven Matchmaking

Our proprietary AI-based mathematical algorithm determines the best matches for users.

Advanced Search Options

Advance searching option that allows user to tweak the personality parameters along with distance from current location

Secured Privacy

Contact information are never shared. Chatting can be done inside the app without contacting via email or without sharing phone number.

CMS Admin Panel

Backend CMS Admin panel to control the content and the users of the platform.

Real-time in-app notifications

Real time in app notifications allows user to instantly connect with profiles from whom they have received interests.

Key Features

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