Locate Nearest Medical Directory Portal

Locate Nearest Medical Directory Portal

The portal helps the Medical Agency in promoting their social network platform and creating brand awareness. the users were given information on the nearby doctors and medical Dispensaries around their locality .

Locate Nearest Medical Directory Portal

Important features of the product

  • This is a one-stop-shop for anything related to medical Dispensaries.
  • Users are able to learn about medical services from the site and always be up-to-date.
  • The website also helps people find local Doctors and medical Dispensaries.
  • Users can explore the Strain Database and know more.
  • Users can give rating to Strains, Dispensaries and Doctors which can help other users choose.
  • Site users can talk to each other in the Social Network community area of the site.


This Medical Company is a one-stop-shop for anything related to Cannabis. It offers edibles as well as information on locations of dispensaries and doctors. When we started off, The Medical Company didn’t have any web presence. The development team at Dreamztech had to start from scratch. We developed their website that included design and maintenance of  their website.

The Medical Company offers a range of informative resources on the proper uses of medical cannabis. It also provide a range of cannabis concentrates, seeds, topical ointments, and foods including but not limited to beef jerky, granola bars, cookies, bread and much more.

They highly encourage the responsible medical marijuana users to take advantage of their various products and numerous services online. Whether user are just searching for some basic information on medical marijuana, or would like to purchase edible products, seeds or concentrates, they can get help here.



We have delivered high-quality and result-oriented Web development Solutions. We have provided the following functional features:

Functional Features:

Locate Nearest Medical Directory Portal

Cannabis Communities:

The Medical Company helps you connect and share with the people from within the cannabis communities. This module consists of blogs, forums, photos, and more. User just needs to sign up for free and become a part of the community.

Locate Nearest Medical Directory Portal


With the help of this module, user can find the list of dispensaries. If user clicks on a dispensary, he will find detailed information about the it such as availability (18yrs+, physical location, security guard onsite, Handicap accessible, walk ins welcome), opening hours, menu, address, phone no.



With the help of this module, user can find the list of doctors. If user clicks on a doctor, he will find detailed information about the doctor such as availability (18yrs+, accepted credit card, walk ins welcome, appointment only), opening hours, address, phone no, website, and nearby dispensaries.

Medical Directory Portal


From this module user can get lists of strains or product. Users can explore the Strain Database.

Medical Directory Portal

Location Search:

If user sets his exact location, the search result will show in accordance with his current location.

Medical Directory Portal

Map search:

Map search is available for searching dispensaries and doctors. User can search the dispensaries or doctors via map. In map search, user can use ‘sort’ that includes 18yrs+, 21 yrs+, store, delivery, security, C/C, ATM, Tab Listed, VA discount, walk ins, appointments and other options for better search results. User can also search for a state or a city, the result will reflect on map.


The technologies, we have used for The Medical Company are below:

User Interface: jQuery, HTML, CSS, bootstrap

Business Logic: Drupal, custom search

Communication: Search API

Persistence (DB): MySQL

Medical Directory Portal


As we have been working with The Medical Company for last 1 year, we have built a strong Business Relationship with them. We are still providing 24 X 7 IT support, Customer support for any technical problems with Quality control. Dreamztech has had the privilege of working with The Medical Company and we are devotedly providing the highest quality of work that ensures good return on investment.



Medical Directory Portal

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