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Machine Information Management Platform

Mining Companies depend on robotics and automation in this sector to improve productivity and ensuring that their end product meets the market requirements. However, it is challenging for machine suppliers to automate and ensure optimum machine operation as they don’t have direct access or control over the mining company’s production network.
DreamzTech has developed a Lab Machine Information Monitoring System for one of our esteemed clients to address these complex challenges. The solution has two sides – A Machine Integrator to monitor the process in real-time and a cloud-based Machine Performance Monitor that can connect to all the devices of different mining companies and provide analytics related to machine’s performance only.

The Business Problem

  • Disjoined platforms for monitoring data provided by individual machines
  • Difficulty to ascertain reliability and integrity of data provided by machines and robotic equipment
  • Lack of pictorial representation of data leading to slower decision making process
  • Manual, constant monitoring of machines meant incurring unnecessary cost
  • Control a machine functionality physically when needed

The Solution

  • Unification of data received from all equipment onto a single platform and automated interpretation
  • Registering a sample for each machine with upper and lower reading limits so that alerts can be generated in case of abrupt fluctuations
  • Process data and represent in the form of animated graphs and charts wherever possible for instant decision making
  • Platform to view current status of a machine and the ability to view its breakdown history
  • The solution also provided the option to control machines from a user interface


Customer has been able to maintain high standards with regard to integrity, quality and precision of analytical data. They have seen a manifold increase in customer satisfaction resulting in high revenue generation.

Functional Features

asset management system

Inventory Control

Auto update of inventory whenever a spare part or component is utilized for maintenance jobs

digital ad platform

Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule maintenance services and assign to technicians. Monitor outcome

b2b travel portal

Triggers and Alerts

Create triggers and alerts strategically on spare parts to prevent and predict failures

asset management system

Component information

The application digs down to component and sub component levels to show status and condition

digital ad platform

Breakdown details

Breakdown history, statistics, audit trails and utilization / idle hour reports

b2b travel portal

Peripheral Support

The application is integrated with barcode / QR code scanners, printers to ease manual efforts

automated oil change

User Management

Create users and set up collaborative teams. Manage user level permissions

fleet management -asset management

Manage Machines

Create machines, machine groups with spare parts and components. Map to customer, lab and site

asset order manage

Custom Dashboard

Customizable and shareable dashboard to view quick stats and performance





Windows Service



J Query


CSS3, jQuery


Various third party tools

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