Leading retail e-commerce voucher aggregator converts an idea to innovation with DreamzTech


increase in consumer base


increase in Vendor Registration


Commercial Transaction/day


New user Registration

About the Client


Renowned Voucher wallet & E-commerce aggregator platform from Bahamas


Retail & Hospitality




Helps user to save money on purchase around the world through the use of virtual coupons & Credit Points within the Bahamas & cross country.

Project Overview — Aggregating virtual coupons and credit points to be sold nationwide & cross border

The client being a leading e-commerce aggregator, wanted to lift up small businesses by aggregating their offerings under one roof. The idea was to build an online ecommerce aggregator platform that helps end user to save money
on purchase from around the world through the use of virtual coupons & Credit Points within the Bahamas & cross country.

The client also wanted to introduce blockchain secured, cryptocurrency enabled SaaS platform helping retail and hospitality industry with high value analytical insights.

Not only within Bahamas, but the idea was also to enable small businesses extend their offerings to potential customers outside their nation.

The portal would also allow customers to purchase discounted voucher credit for international and local brands and also share it to overseas friends and family members to save exchange & transactional cost of remittance.

Solving remittance sending challenges with cross territory marketplace platform

Often local businesses within a territory are unable to extend their offerings to the potential customers. They do have a huge market but don’t have the means to reach to them. On the other hand, consumers are unable to compare
between multiple product choices of similar nature and price.

To solve this problem, this e-commerce aggregator platform connects vendors with right customers and maintain the ecosystem in hospitality & retail chain business.

Business problems and Challenges

  • Traditional digital loyalty programs often lacks popularity amongst users

  • Problem with redemption and acceptability of credit vouchers

  • Traditional loyalty programs lack predictive analysis of data

  • Lack of a trusted aggregator within the territory

  • Lack of futuristic approach to compete with evolving consumer requirements

  • Lack of futuristic approach to compete with evolving consumer requirements

  • Secure mobile based user experience for the end customer without making any change to the conventional form of retail transactions for suppliers and brands

  • No option to prevent promo abusers from taking undue advantage of coupons/vouchers

Business Benefits and ROI gained

  • New vendor and new user registration.
  • Improved user experience with smooth interface.
  • Flexible options for commercial transactions.
  • User friendly e-commerce management.
  • Considerable business growth over a short period of time.
  • No to negligible promo abuse ensures better profitability.
  • Data analytics with consumer behaviour ensures better matching of customers with products.


Increase in consumer base


Increase in vendor Registration

12K +

Commercial Transaction/day

1000 +

New user Registration

What solution did DreamzTech provide ?

Central Administrative System

This is the main admin section built a comprehensive system to manage the content, transactions and configuration of the end user’s digital and conventional journey. It has also user roles within it.

Vendor Portal

End to end e-commerce management capability for the onboarded vendors and partners to achieve their primary business objectives.

High-End Marketplace Module

This module comprises of the offerings from different vendors all under one umbrella. This section has all the basic functionalities required in an e-commerce aggregator portal.

Crypto Token based Loyalty System

Integrated fully configurable Crypto Token based digital loyalty program by omni channel.

Easy to use Mobile App

Developed smartphone based user interactions such as mobile wallet and mobile commerce along with digitization of consumable voucher service.

API Fast Structure

Built a package of consumable APIs open for integration with third-party systems to help expand the partner business network.

Data Analytics

Ai based data visualization dashboard and analytics provides deep insights into consumer behaviour.

Key Features

Overview of Services Provided


Business Analysts and Solution Architects from DreamzTech communicated with the client and created a backlog of tasks. All tasks are evaluated and prioritized after consultation and taking approval from the client.


Based on requirements, design team prepared based wireframes and presented prototypes for approval and confirmation and revised based on feedback from client.


A dedicated team for developing the application for Android and iOS was formed, consisting of Project Manager (PM), Tech Leads, Developers, Quality Analysts (QAs) was formed. Tasks were divided between teams with specific delivery


Stripe gateway integrated for Payment, Google Map API integrated to locate service providers.


Based on test cases prepared and approved, quality analysis, A|B Test, Usability testing etc were conducted and issues were identified and fixed.


After completed QA, portal was published on live web server.


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