Kiosk based Slotgame System

Kiosk based Slotgame System

We have developed a Kiosk Application for legal Slotgame with features like reveal, autoplay, redeem,next result preview, add entries, bonus, freespin, and madam skidoozy.

Kiosk based Slotgame System

Important features of the product

  • Reveal – Set the betline and play value and reveal the reels.
  • Next Reveal Outcome – Before reveal user always see the reveal outcomes as this game is legal.
  • Autoplay- User can play automatically multiple reveals by this features
  • Bonus – If user get 3 or more scatter on a reveal then user gets bonus features like free spin or points.
  • Add Entries – User can add entries by giving real money in bill accepting machine for playing games.
  • Redeem – User can redeem his balance by this features. Print the redeem coupon and get payment at counter by this coupon.
  • Madam Skidoozy features -User can see next 10 reveals results by this features.
  • Result Preview- User can see the next result preview as this is a legal shot game.


It is a website for coupons and there are two admin part, one is admin portal and another establishment portal. The features of the site are coupon search, buying , redeem ,news etc . Admin section includes features like add establishment, establishment balance add etc. Establishment can add kiosk, redemption etc



Slot game is 2D game for kiosk. It is not gambling so the user can see the next spin outcome legally. Main game’s configuration and result comes from Slot-IDE engine. The game have features like auto spin, next spin result preview, and madam skidoozy. Its also includes bonus game features like free spin.

Functional Features:

Kiosk based Slotgame System

Next Outcome Features:

Since it is not gambling game , it is purely legal, so user can always see the next spin outcome(the possibility of winning in next spin) in Next UI section based on line selection and bet value. Also user can see the preview of next spin result by preview button click.

Kiosk based Slotgame System

AutoSpin Features:

User can select number of spins which will continue one by one by auto spin feature.

Kiosk based Slotgame System

Bonus Features :

When three or more scatter symbol occurs in game, then user get bonus features like free spin or get entries.

Kiosk based Slotgame System

Add Entries :

Users put the real money on bill acceptor machine for adding entries. We use pyramid acceptor tools for this(

Kiosk based Slotgame System

Redeem :

User can also redeem there point by redeem feature.


User Interface: Unity3d

Scripting Language : C#

BackEnd: SQL server, .Net MVC C#,.Net C# Web API 2.0, Slot IDE



Bidding platform that connects consumers with professional service providers.




Online Gaming Console

We have built the solution, the website established and published, this is something like social media but only for online game lovers, people can make their profile, and play game, based on their skill and winning their rank changes. They can challenge someone or make groups, as well as play tournament from this platform. All payment done via Authorized .net.
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