Growing online logistics platform from Canada sees 49% annual growth by implementing automated load booking system


Increase in Booking


Time Saved for Pay Settlement


Reduction Warehouse Maintenance Cost


Improved Productivity

About the Client


Renowned Logistic & Transportation company from Canada


Logistic & Transportation




A cost effective on-demand platform for shippers and truck drivers where they can meet to fulfill each other’s requirement of shipping and transporting the good to destination

Project Overview — On-demand automated load booking platform

Client wanted to develop a simple, easy customer-centric platform where customer can book a load and that would directly go to the Truck driver.

Client wanted an intelligent automated solution which can take decision itself and connect customer with the right service provider nearby.

The solution provides an easy, configurable load matrix option that helps to manage competition in the market.

System satisfies the customer by increasing 100% transparency during the transit and proof-of-delivery. On the other hand, it satisfies the drivers and partners by automated payment settlement process.

Solving on Demand Goods Delivery Services

The global truck market is seeing an upward growth curve due to rapid industrialization. And with on demand facilities, any product can be delivered anywhere anytime. The solutions created by us provide you the opportunity to track your shipment easily so that you can predict the time of delivery. The pandemic has already accelerated the on-demand services manifold because the people have been restricted to move and the on-demand delivery services are still going to see an upward trend in the next two years to come.

Business problems and Challenges

  • Additional maintenance of warehouse and products for partners to pick up goods for shipment

  • Manual handling of tasks was leading to an overall maintenance cost overrun, which ultimately the client has to bear

  • Lack of transparency on tracking and proof of delivery

  • Headache of book-keeping for delivery partners for settlements

  • Unable to optimize the empty load per mile

  • Less visibility during the transit time

Business Benefits and ROI gained

  • User-friendly load booking app increases overall customer satisfaction
  • Transparency and real time update during transit increases reliability among the customers
  • Automated work assignment and payment settlement helps connect more partners
  • Increase in revenue through partner’s network
  • Data transparency to manage compliance
  • Minimize the empty miles
  • Minimize the time between drop off and next load pick up


Increase in Booking


Time Saved for Pay Settlement


Reduction in Warehouse Maintenance Cost


Improved Productivity

What solution did DreamzTech provide?

Door to Door pick up and Delivery

Door to Door pick up and delivery directly from app helps to reduce additional maintenance of warehouse and products/goods.

Automated process

Automatic load booking process improves productivity, reduces man hours and hence reduces cost overruns.

Asset Tracking

100% transparency in tracking and proof-of-delivery through in-app tracking over map using Google API and picture upload of goods before pickup and after delivery.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance keeps your workforce engaged with pre-planned scheduled tasks and triggers service reminders based on time & measures.

Easy Driver Pay Settlement

Settlement with delivery partners happens weekly automatically through app where their payment gets transferred to their bank account directly.

Key Features of the Camion Trucking Portal

Overview of Services Provided


Business Analysts and Solution Architects from DreamzTech communicated with the client and created a backlog of tasks. All tasks are evaluated and prioritized after consultation and taking approval from the client.


Based on requirements, design team prepared based wireframes and presented prototypes for approval and confirmation and revised based on feedback from client.


A dedicated team for developing the application for Android and iOS was formed, consisting of Project Manager (PM), Tech Leads, Developers, Quality Analysts (QAs) was formed. Tasks were divided between teams with specific delivery deadlines


Stripe gateway integrated for Payment, Google Map API integrated to locate service providers.


Based on test cases prepared and approved, quality analysis, A|B Test, Usability testing etc were conducted and issues were identified and fixed.


After completed QA, portal was published on live web server.


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