Fleet Management Solution

An IoT and Blockchain enabled 360 degree fleet management solution at your fingertips to optimize your business productivity, improve transactional transparency, regulate fleet maintenance and moreover help you to achieve significant operational cost reduction. The insightful analytical business visibility also helps in proactive business decisions.

We Add Value...

  • Operational Excellence
  • Optimized Tracking & Productivity
  • Unmatched Transparency & Visibility
  • Business Cost Reduction up to 30%

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Fleet Management Solution : Improve your fleet performance with real-time tracking and traceability

The Key Features

Smart Dispatch

Quickly locate and dispatch the nearest driver with the right skills and vehicle for the job.

  • Offer customers accurate ETAs
  • Filter by attributes or tags
  • Sort by distance
  • Reduces per-mile costs and double-handling
internet of things companies
internet of things companies

Automation Rule Engine

Build custom workflow rules to schedule or trigger events and notifications for your operational preference.

  • Set multiple triggers or schedules
  • Supports complex conditional rules
  • Create triggers as per your business need

Fleet Tracking and Monitoring

Monitor and manage all types of mobile assets, track them live and get event notification. Blockchain secured fleet history provides unmatched transparency.

  • Vehicle Information management
  • Blockchain secured fleet history
  • Vehicle tracking and fuel management
  • Track actual routes are taken by drivers
  • Show specific events, such as speeding or stops
  • Compare drivers’ performance
Fleet Tracking and Monitoring
Smart Maintenance

Smart Maintenance

Proactive maintenance is now possible. Scheduled vehicle maintenance alerts lets you know the exact cost and service requirement.

  • Improve the accuracy of maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Control service costs
  • Blockchain secured audit trail

Prompt Alerts & Notifications

Set custom alerts for each of your vehicle so you are aware of the events and driving behaviour.

  • Alerts on over-speeding
  • Harsh braking
  • Idle time
  • Route deviation
Prompt Alerts & Notifications
Asset Utilization

Asset Utilization

Enhance the utilization of your assets will enhance your productivity and at the same time bring down unwanted cost.

  • Relocate unused assets
  • Vehicle performance information
  • Help improve the ROI on your assets

Search Assets

Easily find a vehicle, driver, location or tagged group within your fleet

  • Powerful search function
  • Automatically updates the map
  • Optimized for each query
Search Assets
Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

Run historical reports on accumulated fleet data to uncover insightful trends.

  • Support investigations
  • Extrapolate reliable forecasts
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Regularly backed up and replicated

User, Group & Permissions

Create unlimited users and assign them to specific groups.

  • Modular management
  • Customized access levels
  • Set access permission for different groups
User, Group & Permissions
User, Group & Permissions

Reports and Dashboard

Get Real-time visibility of every aspect of your fleet along with insightful business reports for improved business decision.


  • Analytical 360 Dashboard
  • Scheduled Reports
  • History Reports
  • Activity and Tripwise Report
  • Service and Maintenance Report
  • Expense History and more

Right Fit For Your Business




  • Better Visibility of Fleet and Operators
  • More accurate billing
  • Know driving behavior
  • Increased equipment uptime
  • Improved asset security
Logistics & Distribution

Logistics & Distribution


  • Efficient Crew Dispatch and tracking
  • Assess drivers’ behaviors
  • Increase fuel efficiency with
  • Data on idling and harsh driving
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
Trades and Services

Trades and Services


  • Track vehicles alongside job status on a live map
  • Respond more quickly to emergency jobs
  • Easily schedule and dispatch jobs to techs in the field
  • Get more jobs done and work more efficiently
Surface Transport

Surface Transport


  • Improve response times with greater vehicle visibility
  • More effective service and help reduce expenses
  • Coach drivers to help reduce harsh driving and accidents
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance and plan for downtime
Oil Gas and Mining

Oil Gas and Mining


  • Manage driver safety with scorecards and alerts
  • Track all vehicle movements and activities
  • Report on asset location and utilization
  • Monitor vehicle and asset maintenance
Utility Fleet

Utility Fleet


  • Respond quickly to outages
  • Real-time vehicle tracking and dispatching
  • Manage fleet safety with driver scorecards
  • Track vehicle utilization
  • Improve fleet maintenance
  • Prevent costly downtime

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