Facial Recognition Software Development

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Facial Recognition Software Development

Security is a key concern for customers visiting your business premises. Any premise, be it office, shopping mall, gymnasium or hospital, is vulnerable to threats. A robust surveillance system boosts security, prevents unauthorized access, reduces thefts and inspires confidence among visitors. DreamzTech has been working on AI and Facial Recognition technologies for several years. We got the opportunity to deliver an end to end surveillance system with face recognition technology for a large business. The customer is the owner of a large gymnasium chain in Brisbane, Australia.

Business Problems

The client was facing the following business problems prior to implementation.

  • Lack of surveillance systems in all of their gyms across locations.
  • Unauthorized access and usage of facilities.
  • Manual intervention in a preventive action against tailgating.
  • Customers reporting a theft of membership cards.
  • Lack of a biometrics-based access system to ensure security.
  • The business was not able to prosecute offenders due to a lack of evidence.


The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution provided by team.

  • Surveillance system with facial recognition in all gyms with centralized control.
  • Instant alerts on the event of the unauthorized access attempt.
  • Tailgate alert with identification and image of the offender.
  • Notification to gym admin in case swiped card ID and face mismatch.
  • Another layer of security added to their magstripe technology with AI.
  • Business owners see a list of offenders and can block their access.

Approach from DreamzTech

The customer was looking to partner with a reliable and affordable IT services provider with expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition technologies. DreamzTech provided technology consulting, hardware recommendation and end to end implementation services for a face recognition based surveillance system.

asset management system CONSULTING

With several years of experience in the facial recognition system and AI, DreamzTech possessed the expertise to understand the surveillance needs of the client. We recommended the hardware requirements, software requirements, and holistic implementation approach.

digital ad platform TECHNOLOGY

Since surveillance comprises both hardware and software technology we planned location for every camera down to the position from the floor where they would be mounted. The backend technology along with user roles and UX were detailed for easy monitoring and action.

b2b travel portal IMPLEMENTATION

DreamzTech has an AI and IoT lab setup in its delivery center. We installed Axis cameras in various entrances of this lab, developed the facial recognition and monitoring system as per requirements for this client and implemented in the house before delivery to the client.

Services We Provided


Using DreamzTech’s solution, our client has set a surveillance system benchmark for gymnasiums. They have been able to reduce manual surveillance efforts and increase the sense of security among gym users. The customer has been using the solution successfully for more than a year. The improved trust with consumers has resulted in more memberships. They have opened more gyms and implemented the technology without any further assistance from DreamzTech.


60+ Offence reduction.

Theft, tailgating and card sharing offenses reduced.


550+ Faces recognized.

On an average per day throughout the gym chain.


1M+ Images / sec

Can be processed by our facial recognition algorithm.

Key Application Features

DreamzTech is proud to have developed and implemented a surveillance system with facial recognition, that is easy to use, looks simple on the front yet robust and powerful in the background.

automated oil changeGYM MANAGEMENT

Platform admin can add gyms and entrances for a gym. For each entrance, they can add camera IPs.

fleet management -asset managementCARD MISUSE

Notification fired as soon as a member attempts to access via an entrance they are not authorized to use.

asset order manageONBOARD MEMBER

The gym administrator is able to add gym members and map the system with their card ID.

automated oil changeAI TRAINING

Gym admin can capture member images from multiple angles and add to the system to train AI.

fleet management -asset managementMAGSTRIPE INTEGRATION

To trigger the face recognition algorithm we had to integrate with magstripe to detect a swipe.

asset order manageZONE DETECTION

The solution can detect which zone a member entered through via camera input.

asset management systemGYM ADMIN

Platform admin can create gym admins. Gym admins onboard members and train AI.

digital ad platformTAILGATE PREVENTION

Upon card swipe system monitors tailgating and generates notification if detected.

b2b travel portalTHEFT PREVENTION

Unrecognized face with successful card swipe triggers alert for the gym admin.

asset management systemREPORTING

Detailed access and offense reports are available for download in PDF and excel format.

digital ad platformBLOCK OFFENDER

From the list of offenses in the admin panel, admin can delete the user or block them.

b2b travel portalZONE ACCESS

Admin can set zones for special access. For example, certain members can visit the nutritionist.

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