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Case Study

DreamzTech’s Custom Manufacturing ERP Solution Enhances Production Efficiency By 21% For Global Rubber Manufacturer!

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With numerous manufacturing units in countries across the globe, a leading rubber manufacturer was faced with a challenge many large-scale and growing businesses do:

Its existing traditional manufacturing ERP didn’t provide the flexibility to support its growth.

The client consulted DreamzTech to develop an overarching ERP framework that provided an end-to-end rubber compounding solution.

The DreamzTech team delivered a cutting-edge cloud-based, custom manufacturing ERP software aligned with the rubber manufacturer’s needs for global manufacturing resource planning and manufacturing operations management.

As a result, the client experienced a 21% boost in rubber production efficiency and cut down efforts by 50%!

Key Challenges Faced By The Client

As a fast-growing rubber manufacturing business with a footprint across continents, the client faced multiple obstacles in streamlining operations, standardizing inventory management, and making smart data-driven decisions.

Following are the key challenges the client was facing and needed help with:

  • Inefficient Manufacturing Planning

    Lack of visibility of historical data and trends led to inefficient planning, delays, and wastage.

  • High Possibility of Human Error

    Without any centralized production parameter controls, the traditional ERP system was vulnerable to human error during recipe formulations and revisions.

  • No Mechanism for Forecasting

    The company couldn’t foresee or plan for future orders resulting in stock shortages and bottlenecks in work centers.

  • Poor Inventory Management

    Lack of insights and data-driven decisions caused inefficient manufacturing inventory control, higher stock costs, and eventually, lower profitability.

  • Lack of Waste Control

    High wastage and write-offs reduced the overall operation’s profit margins.

  • No CRM Implementation

    Most customer and supplier communication was done manually, leading to sales order fulfillment inconsistencies.

  • Compliance Issues

    Despite a large-scale manufacturing operation, unsatisfactory tracking and data management lead to statutory and financial non-compliance.

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The company needed an overhaul of its existing ERP systems with a custom cloud-based solution to maintain its standards as it scaled.

DreamzTech All-in-One ERP Solution

With extensive experience working with global manufacturers, DreamzTech understood the challenges faced by the client and provided a state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 solution.

A Custom Compounding and Manufacturing ERP

With centralized control, adaptive hybrid cloud architecture, and IoT-enabled processes, the rubber manufacturing company can manage and scale its operations throughout its geographical locations.

Here’s how DreamzTech enabled the client’s growth plan:

  • Systemized Production Process Management

     Developed on a journey-based end-to-end platform, the production process management system distributes and allocates resources most efficiently, reducing time, costs, and wastage.

  • Sophisticated Production and Manufacturing Control

     With smart production planning from formulation to finished goods, the new ERP system ensures optimized allocation of time and resources by stacking similar tasks together, reducing lead times and changeover delays, and bringing down production costs.

  • Edge Computing For Automated Processing

     From planning and operations to monitoring and controls, the edge-computing system provides low latency production and hybrid cloud architecture to manage every process faster and without error.

  • Smart Predictive Price Analysis

     Leveraging historical price data and current market trends, the ERP system’s predictive feature develops accurate forecasts for various pricing components.

  • IoT Enabled Stock Management

      By utilizing market demand data, historical trends, and external sources, the solution provides intelligent predictions for stock requirements. It automatically sends out an alert and initiated auto-ordering when stock is low, especially critical materials, ensuring 100% production uptime.

  • Better Machinery Management

      IoT sensors are installed at critical stages of the manufacturing process for real-time machinery performance reporting and timely maintenance activities.

  • Integrated CRM For Stakeholders

     Equipped with an in-built CRM, the client can now manage end-to-end customer data, sales order fulfillment, and shipping.

  • IoT Enabled Asset Tracking and Maintenance

     Real-time stock control with track and trace capabilities from pallet to packaging for each raw material and finished goods provides visibility and ensures compliance on all levels.

Core Benefits of The Custom ERP Solution

DreamzTech’s Custom Manufacturing ERP solution has already resulted in a remarkable 21% increase in production efficiency for the client.

The solution oversees the entire product lifecycle, ensures tracking of globally distributed manufacturing units and vendors, and clients, and enables the business to expand its footprint:

Here’s how the rubber manufacturing business is enhancing its planning, production, and operations:

Adaptive Scalability
The hybrid cloud architecture allows the client to grow its operations while maintaining data security and integrity.

Smart Predictions
With accurate stock predictions, the client can take proactive decisions to enjoy a 15% increase in Stock Efficiency!

Asset Track & Trace
From pallet to package, IoT-enabled stock control enables end-to-end tracking of rubber materials and goods.

Optimized Resource Allocation
Comprehensive production planning and smart allocation of resources boost manufacturing schedule compliance by 18%!

Efficient Manufacturing Operations
Advanced Manufacturing Operations Management has led to a 50% reduction in effort, an 8% decrease in raw material wastage, and a 21% boost in production efficiency!

Integrations Solutions
Integration with machines sends real-time manufacturing data while Sage API Integration help manage financial data transfer.

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