Interactive Display Management Solution

The futuristic smart solution is thoughtfully designed to control your digital display remotely along with real-time content management and optional integrated IoT sensors to provide you with the best experience of digital content marketing. It proves to be the one-stop solution from remote display management to smart content marketing and beyond.

We Add Value...

  • Interactive Content Marketing
  • Engage Audience Real-time
  • Create Omnichannel Experience
  • Know, how your Content Performing

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Interactive Display Manager : More than just a Digital Billboard or Signage.

The Key Features

Flexible Content Management

The solution gives you flexibility to create and manage different media content in real-time and display them as per your preference.

  • Display Images, Videos, and Presentation
  • Stream live video feed
  • Display tickers and RSS feed
  • Display Webpages
  • IoT Sensor data
  • Weather and Traffic
Flexible Content Management
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Integrate Smart Sensors

In multiple sectors the solution can be integrated with smart IoT sensors, which can be used to collect, display and act on the relevant and related data in real-time.

  • Display live weather forecast
  • Show pollution level in real-time
  • Display any IoT sensor cultivated data
  • Collect audience demographics

Android App for Smart Display

The solution provides an android app for the displays to be able to run your media content as per your choice. The App runs even without internet connectivity.

  • Android app for content display
  • App supports Android-powered display/media box/device
  • Displays pre-defined and real-time content
  • Runs in offline mode too
internet of things companies
internet of things companies

Remote Display Management

The platform seamlessly works as a remote display manager which essentially manages and monitors all the displays in your network associated with the platform.

  • View all your displays status remotely
  • Easy expansion of display network
  • Instant alerts on display malfunctioning
  • Manage displays in a group

Schedule CMS Update

The solution allows to pre-schedule content to be displayed for individual and group of display. It also empowers you to trigger quick casting media content manually and electronically using IoT sensor.

  • Pre-schedule contents
  • Set the start and end date of specific contents display
  • Set sequence of contents to be displayed
  • Set quick and default content
  • Schedule content for a group of displays
internet of things companies
internet of things companies

Real-Time Interaction & Engagement

The solution is powered with the ability to display interactive content which helps to improve instantaneous audience engagement.

  • Interactive display solution
  • Improved viewer engagement
  • Convert viewers to potential customers

Analytical Insights & Reports

The thoughtfully crafted solution gives you real-time visibility of your marketing efforts. It also gives you back with the insight on the performance of your interactive contents and helps you to take suitable business decision.

  • Display and Exposure Time Reports
  • Content and Schedule Reports
  • Content Performance Report
  • Custom Report
internet of things companies

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