Call center application

Call Center Application

Dreamztech provided a modular, secured, and easy-to-use web based call center application with Social Media Integration. The solution offers functions like Inbound call tracking, Lead Management, Marketing Automation,Automated Text Messaging systems. It has Cross platform integration that is integrated with 3rd party CRM and legacy systems.

Call Center Application

Important features of the product

  • Lead Management
  • Automated Text Messaging
  • Marketing Automations
  • Inbound Call Tracking
  • DialPad, Social Media Integration


We have delivered high-quality call Center Solutions which comes integrated with Lead Management, Automated Text Messaging and Marketing Automations modules.


Functional Features:

Call Center Application

Lead Management :

This application supports lead providers integration. Lead Provider Integrations includes reputed companies like: Lowermybills, LendingTree, LeadPoint,, ReallyGreatRate, Quinstreet, SmartQuite, and many more.


Automated Text Messaging :

Users can trigger a welcome text for every new incoming lead, from any source. They can send customized text messages based on the lead’s status or call results. They can even send text messages to the leads by using their preferred intervals.


Marketing Automation :

Call center application’s Marketing Automation system helps users communicate the right messages to the right audience. It even supports existing sales pipelines, improves customer retention and increases revenue.


Inbound Call Tracking :

This functionality makes sure that the inbound leads/calls have been met with desired responses. It provides fast, friendly responses with the help of social integration and optimal sales queues.

social media

Social Media Integration :

Social media integration from Ricochet’s Social Links gives the clients instant access to LinkedIn profiles. It allows them to access details like photo, company, job title, and location of the leads. In seconds, they can have useful customer information at their fingertips and plan common interests for their conversation.

dial pad

Dial Pad:

Custom virtual onscreen Dialpads are given to users for better UI experience and enhanced security.


Admin Panel:

Admin can see and manage all data and pages from the admin panel. User statistics can be seen and managed by the administrator through the admin panel.


The technologies, we have used are mentioned below :

User Interface: AngularJs, HTML, CSS

Business Logic: PHP with Laravel etc.

Communication: Laravel Api

Persistence (DB): MySQL



As we are working with the Call Centre Company for the last 2 years, we have built a strong Business Relationship with them. We have provided them 24 X 7 IT support for any technical problems with Quality control, and extended support whenever needed.



Call Center Application

b2b E-commerce Portal

We have provided a complete new look with modern interactive and intuitive design which is also easily customizable for different brands at any point and rebuilt legacy system to make the ordering process much smoother with the best performance.
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