Working With Us

Working With Us

Whether you are a tech giant or a small enterprise, a blue chip company or a non-profit organisation, we ensure same friendly and professional service with a can-do attitude and high level of responsiveness. It is very natural that when you work with a company, you want to be clearly up-front with what to expect. Several question may plunder your mind. Questions like are they right fit for us? Will they deliver what we want? Will the delivery be at the right price on the right time? Would the experience of working with them be a positive one? Well! The answers to all these questions would be that DreamzTech really works hard to ensure that the experience you have while working with them and after is so commendable that you would want to work with them yet again.

How do we work

We do not offer one-size-fits-all services as we know that each of our clients are different and so are their requirements. We follow the following steps so that we deliver what they want:

  • Discussing requirement

We start the process by getting a detailed idea of what the customer’s business is all about. Their existing processes, ambitions, visions and challenges everything matters a lot when making the ideal solution. We carefully listen to what our customers have to say, ask questions in case of any queries, provide ideas that we think is best for them and challenge them by providing a feature-rich strategy that can meet their prerequisites.

  • Proposal for a project

With immense knowledge that we acquire from our customers, we prepare a formal proposal document. The document encompasses the way that we intend to work and it also allows the customers to know the feature-set that we promise them in the solution. Estimated costing, estimated time scales and other forecasted estimates are also outlined in the proposal.

  • Planning

When we get the go-ahead signal, we start the planning phase. one of the most collaborative parts of a project is planning. As customers, you might want to know everything that we do during the development stage, thus we need to stay connected. we offer a single point of contact which will help each of our customers to stay associated. With the help of documentation that ensures daily or weekly work status and days of meetings, the customers can track our progress on a regular basis. Also we create a prototype that can help our customers to visualise how everything would work. A complete functional specification document is also prepared that allows the customers to know every single detail and aspect of the software.

  • Development

After the approval of design stage, our software developers begin with software development. Our in-house team of experts and professional handle software development. As we have a talented pool of experienced developers in the house, we do not outsource any development work. With the combination of best technical platforms, we ensure delivery of a high quality software product.

  • QA testing

Extensive quality assurance processes and testing allows us to test all design aspects as well as the codes all throughout the development stage. On completion of the application, a final round of testing on the software is performed. UAT testing or User Acceptance Testing is done to ensure that the software is free from bugs or any other issues. This pseudo-live environment testing also allows us to know whether the software is robust for a day-to-day use or not.

  • Support and assistance

We ensure comprehensive support for every new software that we create before or after the launch. Our priority is to fix bug, assist our customer with any unfamiliarity in functionality and access every issues that is sent through online help desk or telephone or email.

Our Clients

Few of the great companies we have worked with.

Our Clients