US based crowdfunding company drives in 40% more user engagement by using Gamification in fundraising


More engagement


Increase In campaign sharing


increase in new user registration


Increase In Business Growth

About the Client


US based crowdfunding company for social cause





Project Overview — Social fundraising portal with gamification

Often organizations, companies and corporates wants to raise funds for social causes. As a part of their corporate social responsibility or just to support a cause, they often sponsor fundraising initiatives or themselves conduct fundraising activities. Our client from the US who are into crowdfunding, wanted to develop a fundraising portal that will have a gamification module to encourage supporters for greater participation.

So the social fundraising platform that we built has mainly three participants to it –

(1) Organization, who creates the campaigns for a cause to raise funds

(2) Sponsors, who provide exciting offers on one or more campaigns to encourage supporters

(3) Supporters, who actually come forward to do the funding or donation.

Besides funding, a supporter can also influence the campaign in many ways such as sharing the campaign with friends and families, liking it to boost it’s reach and collect points. The more points they collect, the more it helps them to reach certain levels which eventually boost their morale and social status. Every supporter is assigned with a set of tasks as mission to be completed and once they complete it, they can collect badges, gifts, coupons etc. And this Gamification feature boosts participation of the supporters through social engagement.

Solving digital fundraising issues with gamification

The success of any fundraising program, depends largely on the power of the supporters it can harness.

Social sharing is another aspect of the campaign where people need to be encouraged enough to support and share any social cause. Awareness of the campaign is equally important in this regard.

To overcome all these challenges related to a fundraising campaign, we developed a cloud based fundraising platform where the campaigns are visible and supporters can earn gifts with each activity they make on the platform.

Business problems

  • No common platform for fundraising

    Explaining fundraising campaign to potential supporters was not an easy task due to lack of reachability and awareness. So there was a need of a consolidated fundraising platform which can speak for itself.

  • Getting sponsor for fundraising wasn’t easy

    Explaining fundraising cause to multiple sponsors required repetitive meetings and presentations. It was time consuming and hectic job manually convince each decision maker to sponsor the program.

  • Almost impossible to engage supporters

    Motivating supporters on engaging for a cause / campaign was nearly impossible. People were not motivated or interested enough to share any campaign. Supporters might hail from different locations with different perception towards fundraising. So there has to be something interesting to catch their attention. Hence the concept of gamification within fundraising was introduced.

  • Investment Security concern of donors

    There was a lack of security and central control force in investing with smaller businesses

Business Benefits Achieved

  • End to end digital fundraising platform for social causes expedites the fundraising process
  • It’s easy to get organizers, sponsors and supporters under one platform than to approach them separately
  • Hectic physical meetings with sponsors and lengthy presentations could be avoided
  • Gamification helps to retain more and more supporters to the cause
  • An overall 30% growth in business during the first year of launch


More engagement


Increase In campaign sharing


increase in new user registration


Increase In Business Growth

Solutions provided by DreamzTech

Digital fundraising platform

End to end saas based digital fundraising platform to allow organizers, sponsors and supporters to collaborate with each other under one consolidated platform.

Campaign sharing module for awareness

Organizations can create a single campaign once and share the idea with thousands of people with the same link everytime.

Gamification for engagement

The gamification module allows to engage more and more supporters to the cause by taking part in simple to play games. Every time they play and engage with the fundraising platform, they get reward points , gifts and coupons in return which they can easily redeem and share with their family and friends.

Campaign management tool

The platform has campaign management tool for every single campaign the organizers run on it. Each campaign has its own reports and leaderboards which can easily be exported or shared with anyone. The system also allows role based access to users of the platform.

Social sharing and promotion

The platform comes with social media sharing options, promotion modules, sharing through emails and real time notifications for supporters to spread the word. And for every activity they do on the platform they get rewarded with badges, gifts, points etc.

Secure payment gateway and monitored process

Payments and donations are made through a secured payment gateway with a close monitoring process to ensure transparency and prevent money theft.

Key Features

How DreamzTech helped and ensure end-to-end solution

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Onshore Business Analysts from DreamzTech interviewed stakeholders from client premises and gathered requirements for the project. They worked with offshore Business Analyst and Solution Architects for analyzing the business objectives as discussed with the client.

Project Planning and Execution

The dedicated team assigned to the project analyzed the objectives of the project and the probable solutions to determine technologies to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. For developing an application compatible with Android and iOS, we planned to segregate the project into multiple phases with separate deadlines.

UAT and Deployment

Our team consisting of Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts worked with the client for over 6 months. The team delivered along with several new enhancements following Agile methodology for technology implementation with continued support.


Overview of Services Provided

  • Consultation

    Business Analysts and Solution Architects from DreamzTech communicated with the client and created a backlog of tasks. All tasks are evaluated and prioritized after consultation and taking approval from the client.

  • UX/UI design

    Based on requirements, design team prepared based wireframes and presented prototypes for approval and confirmation and revised based on feedback from client.

  • Project management

    A dedicated team for developing the application for Android and iOS was formed, consisting of Project Manager (PM), Tech Leads, Developers, Quality Analysts (QAs) was formed. Tasks were divided between teams with specific delivery deadlines

  • Integration

    Various integrations such as Stripe and Paypal for Payment are done to ensure

  • Quality control

    Based on test cases prepared and approved, quality analysis, A|B Test, Usability testing etc were conducted and issues were identified and fixed.

  • UAT & release

    After completed QA, a beta release was made to Google Play Store and feedback was recorded and worked on to make a first version of the apps in both Android and iOS App.

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