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Case Study – Trucking Dispatch Software Development

Trucking Dispatch Software Development for Trucking Deliveries and Dispatch Scheduling

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The global transportation management system market was valued at $5,467 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $11,367 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 9.6% from 2020 to 2027. The transportation management system (TMS) market size in North America is expected to reach a value of USD 443.72 million at a decelerating CAGR of 9.06%, during 2021-2025.

The client is a Renowned Logistics & Transportation company from Canada who wanted an cost effective on-demand platform for shippers and truck drivers where they can meet to fulfill each other’s requirement of shipping and transporting goods to destination. Client wanted to develop a simple, easy customer-centric platform where customer can book a load and that would directly go to the Truck driver so that it can be used as a mobile service trucking dispatch software. The client also wanted that the system should work as a scheduling dispatching software and should also serve them as a freight broker software. They also wanted the system to be SAS based so that they can rent out this freight broker software as required.

This mobile trucking dispatch software works by allowing customers to book or schedule freight for delivery by means of pieces or skids. The trucks are tracked using GPS truck tracking systems using integration, which is available to the users by means of Google Maps. The driver of the truck can view the pick up and delivery location in this dispatch routing software.

The Trucking Dispatch Software solution also got integration with 3rd party tools and solutions like Stripe for payment and payout, AWS SES for mailing, Twilio for SMS service, Google API for Google Maps and for real time truck tracking.

With this custom developed trucking deliveries software, the client could engage 30% more users and grow their network. This eventually attracted more drivers to register and increase the revenue.

Key Challenges

  • Freight Broker’s had to incur additional costs to maintain warehouses where the products were required to be stored for driver partners to pick up for shipment
  • Maintaining and tracking of all tasks manually lead to a cumbersome, time consuming and error prone process. This also resulted in increased operational costs impacting profitability
  • Lack of transparency on tracking delivery truck and unable to provide proof of delivery in an automated way
  • Overhead to maintain financials and bookkeeping for delivery partners settlements
  • Manual process was unable to efficiently optimize the empty load per mile
  • The shipment could not be tracked while it is in transit. This lack of visibility caused customer dissatisfaction

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The Solution

DreamzTech’s experienced delivery team worked closely with the client to understand their business requirements and design and develop the trucking dispatch software solution that could meet their business requirement with a custom built and easy to use software for trucking deliveries. It also connects with various 3rd party solutions such as Stripe for payment and Payout, AWS SES for mailing, Twilio for SMS service and Google APIs for Google Maps

  • User-friendly mobile service dispatch software for load booking and scheduling, eventually increased overall customer satisfaction
  • Transparency and real time update by tracking delivery trucks during transit improves visibility, confidence and reliability of customers
  • Automated work assignment and payment settlement through stripe helps in partner satisfaction and resulted in connecting with more partners
  • This freight broker software increased revenue through partner’s network
  • Digitization of the processes and centralized data management resulted in Data transparency and could easily cater to various compliance needs by providing required data based intelligent reports
  • AI Based algorithm to assign the booking request to the available free and nearby truck. This has resulted in minimizing empty load per mile, saving cost. This has also helped in minimizing the time between drop off and next load pick up, saving cost and improving profitability
  • Technology:

    Laravel, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, MySQL, Swift, Kotlin

  • Tools:

    Stripe for payment, AWS SES for mailing, Twilio for SMS service, Google APIs for Google Maps and for real time truck tracking

The Extended Features of the Dispatch Solution

  • Door to Door pick up and Delivery –

    Users will be able to book loads from this app which will be picked up from the customer doorstep and delivered to the delivery address, reducing maintenance cost of warehouse for the products and goods

  • Automated process –

    Automatic load booking process helps to improve productivity, reduce effort consumption resulting in reduction of operational costs

  • Freight Tracking –

    Providing complete visibility, transparency and real time update to the users from the trucking tracking software through map using Google API and API. Pictures of goods are uploaded before pickup and after delivery for clear visibility, confidence and reliability of customers

  • Driver Payment Settlement –

    Automatic Payment settlement through Stripe which helps in partner satisfaction. The settlements can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or at monthly intervals based on partner’s need.

  • Instant or Schedule Booking –

    This trucking dispatch software allows customers to place booking request for instant pickup or schedule freight for delivery for any future date, ensuring customer satisfaction

  • AI based Truck Assignment –

    AI Based algorithm to assign the booking request to the available free and nearby truck, reducing empty load per mile and saving fuel and cost

  • In-app Wallet –

    This shipment tracking software has In-app Wallet option to pre-fill money in it and utilize the Wallet for booking for a easy and fast booking process

  • Asset Tracking –

    This GPS truck tracking system tracks the Truck’s live location using Google Map API throughout the delivery process providing the users visibility of their Goods movement and delivery status

  • Configurable Rate Matrix –

    This freight broker software has the ability to create rate matrix for various types of Truck, loads based on weight/height/width

  • Review & Rating System –

    This logistics & transportation system has Review and Rating mechanisms for the customers to rate the delivery once the delivery is completed

  • Analytics and Reporting –

    This transportation management system has different sorts of Analytics for users activity and also includes different type of reports based on Sales, Earnings, Deliveries, Payouts, etc)

Business Benefits

DreamzTech has developed this trucking dispatch software for easy load booking and scheduling which helped in increasing the user base. The GPS truck tracking system allows the users to track the truck and provides transparency and real time update to the users, improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue for the company.


Over 30% increase in booking by users, increasing the revenue of the company and freight broker’s


Automated payment settlements to partner’s through Stripe saved almost 60% of time, reducing operational costs


Freight Broker’s warehouse Maintenance cost was reduced by 100% by using this freight broker software, improving the overall profitability


Using this trucking dispatch software, productivity has increased by 12%

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