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Case Study

A Renowned Facility Management Service provider automated their facility management software and increased sales by 215%

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The global facility management market size to grow from USD 42.2 billion in 2021 to USD 76.3 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.6% during the forecast period.

The client is a Germany based leading Facility Management Service provider. The client collected work orders from their customer and distributes the work to vendors and subcontractors through offer process.

Their work includes electrical, heating, ventilation, painting and plumbing services, routine inspections for fire safety from a renowned aircraft manufacturer. These jobs are distributed among relevant vendors. It was a cumbersome task to track and monitor every work order and tasks. They were looking for an automated facility management software and facility management app to allocate and track the tasks through a centralized panel. The vendors can quote and process the work orders from the system. The facility management system would let all stakeholders to remain apprised with real time work progress status.

DreamzTech has developed a CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) software for the client to handle the orders and distribute the work orders to the vendors. The integrated facility management software has SAP integration with the end customer system to import and update the work orders. It includes the modules of Computerized maintenance management system with RFID integration.

Key Challenges

  • Absence of Common platform across business verticals-

    The client was struggling to manage multiple softwares for the business verticals like Electrical, Heating, Ventilation and Plumbing etc. The disjointed maintenance management processes were causing loss of time and cost overruns.

  • Absence of a monitoring tool –

    There was a lack of an unified Ordering System and Monitoring Tool. Real Time Order Monitoring and Status update tools were also unavailable.

  • Manual Tracking –

    Manual process of distribution of orders to the vendors and tracking those manually was cumbersome and error prone. It was managed through phone calls and / or emails. This process was unable to generate correct status of work at EOD.

  • Lacking Trust and Transparency Among Vendors and Subcontractors –

    The work order processing require engagement from multiple parties engaged in various stages of maintenance and refurbishment, it requires lots of operational tracking, process updates at different stages. Lack of trust and transparency with accountability is a big challenge.

  • No centralized communication process –

    There was lack of a centralized communication system. If the vendor were unable to process the work order due to unavailability of resources or any other reasons, then the job got delayed because of lack of information. Stakeholders were not aware of real time situation from every team/vendors due to missing centralized communication process impacting decision making process. Due to lack of communication, order distribution was getting delayed impacting delivery deadline. As a result they were losing the revenue at the end.

  • Unorganized Records –

    There were no digital management of records. Only Paper based process of maintaining certificates and other documents of vendors were cumbersome and tough to manage. Fetching of correct documents during vendor selection process and job distribution was quite difficult.

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The Solution

DreamzTech developed a cloud based facility management software solution which the managers, vendors and field staffs can access through web and mobile to update in a central system. The facility management system has SAP integration to import the orders and distribute the jobs to relevant vendors. Vendors can receive alerts about job allocations. They can accept or reject the orders. Vendors can update the status of job real-time in the system. System generates consolidated reports to management team at EOD over email.

  • SAP Work Order Distribution –

    The Facility Management system has the automated work distribution solution. System generates multiple work order from the main order, imported from 3rd party SAP application. Through the individual Panels for Vendors, work orders are distributed into multiple offers for bidding. Vendors / subcontractors can view the offers and can add their quotations. When a quotation is approved, vendor gets notified in the system. They also receive a push notification for work order assignments.

  • Document Management Solution –

    The solution has a provision for maintaining qualification matrix to manage various kind of certifications. The certificates are maintained in digital format within the application. This helps in vendor selection during the bidding process.

  • Realtime Job Tracking –

    All Work Order or Job status can be updated by vendors real time from their mobile devices. The Vendor team can log work hours and also status of a task from anywhere, anytime using the mobile application. The Administrator can also track the status real time through the mobile application.

  • Building Trust and Accountability –

    By using the blockchain technology, all parties involved in a work order processing and task management are able to update their work status accordingly and providing proof of completion. Since all the key data elements are kept in blockchain immutable ledger, stakeholders are able to avoid disputes, have access to the single truth of status in near real-time, and mitigate.
    The blockchain ledger will act as a single source of truth, automatically tracking every change, so it is auditable, trustworthy, and transparent.

  • Vendor Management –

    One of the major feature of a Facility Management software is to manage the vendors. System maintains all information relevant to a vendor and business needs. It includes vendor onboarding process, RFQ module with quotation comparison, contract negotiation and vendor performance report.

  • Asset Management –

    The system can capture all the Asset equipment data. For any emergency issues, system can generate work order for maintenance. It follows the CMMS basic principle

  • Easy Identification through Floor Plan –

    The system includes Floor plan which helps in locating important space, areas or assets. In case of any fault detected within the facility or emergency situations, the floor plan helps in locating critical areas, spaces or an Asset.

  • Consolidated Report over email –

    A major requirement to fulfill customer need is to have a data driven , intelligent reporting module. The reporting module generates various intelligent reports which helps in decision making. The reports includes various status of work orders like consolidated report of total work orders, list of work orders pending, list of work orders In Progress or Completed status. The system generates consolidated report and share every EOD via email.

  • Notification and Push Message –

    The system includes a Notification and alert module. For each of the events, system sends alerts and notifications to relevant stakeholders. It sends push notification over mobile

  • Chat Module –

    The vendors can communicate with the facility managers or other stakeholders of the system through the chat module. The chat module is easily accessible from the mobile app.

  • Blockchain enabled Transaction Log –

    With Blockchain enabled transaction log, the system enables the assets to integrate with business processes in a shared and immutable ledger – increasing trust and transparency across ecosystems. Added advantage of having Blockchain enabled solution is that it lets to fetch accurate and up-to-date information/reports on assets status, movement, location, repair and maintenance data.

  • Technology:

    Back End : ASP.NET C# | MVC | Linq Entity Framework
    Front End : Bootstrap | Jquery | HTML 5
    Database : MS SQL Server 2012
    Android: Java
    IOS: Objective C & Swift


The Facility management software supports all facility management services alongwith order tracking and order fulfillment. It can be defined as Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system with SAP integration. Using the software for a year, client was able to achieve 3.2M+ Sales Revenue. It reduced the cost about 42% , increased order processing by 45%. There are currently 100+ clients using this application in cloud. The benefits of the facility management system are summarized as :

Centralized Operation :
Admin can manage operational tasks of an entire facility from one place with a centralized system. Vendors can view the offer and bid. Also they can easily update the work status. A centralized solution brings transparency in the entire process, saving time and improving productivity.

Automated Work Order distribution:
The Order received from 3rd party SAP system are easily distributed among relevant vendors for bidding process and allocations

Real time Order Tracking :
In the centralized system, the users can update their task status real time from their mobile devices. The admin can also easily track the situation from anywhere, anytime to check any delay in the process

Reduces Document Management Hassles :
Manual process of Document management is tough when the number increases. With the digital format storage and maintenance of documents, searching of any documents becomes very easy and can be done anytime

Consolidated Reports :
Intelligent reporting module generates consolidated report at day end to for the stakeholders and circulates via email. This helps the the management a lot in decisions making and understanding performance of the processes

Efficient Communications :
Chat module helps users to communicate any time. System also sends various alerts and push notifications to keep the stakeholders aware of various events.

Maintenance :
Tracking of Assets under maintenance along with ready checklists for easy reference and availability of proof of completion of a job.

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