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The restaurant owners require custom-tailored digital business solutions to manage all the orders as well as food delivery systems. Our client runs a chain of restaurants with dine-in and takeaway options.



The business module for restaurants has changed drastically since the increase in online food ordering and the inclination of the customers towards the takeaway option. In order to cope up with the customer demands and preferences, the restaurant owners require custom-tailored digital business solutions to manage all the orders as well as food delivery systems. Our client runs a chain of restaurants with dine-in and takeaway options. They wanted to expand their business by entering the online ordering system and reduce the existing day to day operational obstacles of running a restaurant chain. Dreamztech developed a customizable POS solution to address all the operational problems for managing customers and orders. We also developed a PWA solution for online ordering with an interactive user portal and order management admin portal which is synchronized with the restaurant POS solution. The POS and PWA solution is integrated into a single platform that can be managed through a single centralized system.


  • Unification of data
    from all equipment onto a single platform and automated interpretation.
  • Registering a sample for
    machine with upper and lower reading limits so that alerts can be generated in case
    abrupt fluctuations.
  • Process data and represent
    the form of animated graphs and charts wherever possible for instant decision
  • Using Industrial IoT to
    monitor equipment health and provide scheduled maintenance, proactive and preventive
  • Platform to view the
    status of a machine and the ability to view its breakdown history.
  • The solution also provided
    option to control machines from a user interface using PLC/SCADA and IoT.

Facing Business Problems

  • We developed a POS solution to manage all the dine-in and takeaway orders.
  • Developed an online ordering platform for the customers to view menu and order along with an order management option for the restaurant admin.
  • We integrated the online ordering system with the restaurant POS solution to manage all the orders from the same platform.
  • We incorporated an option in the admin portal to set the radius for receiving orders for each restaurant.
  • We developed a PWA solution for the customers to place and manage orders online from desktop or mobile.


  • Develop a digital system to manage all the dine-in and takeaway orders easily.
  • Develop an online platform for customers to order foods online with an order management option for the restaurant.
  • Build a centralized system for managing the online ordering system and dine-in management system.
  • Develop a location-based customizable ordering system for managing online orders.
  • Reach out to the maximum number of people through a user-friendly and interactive online ordering platform.


Approach from DreamzTech

Dreamztech has developed a custom-tailored solution to meet the exact business and operational needs for the restaurant chain owned by the client. We developed a POS solution for the restaurants’ business management and a PWA solution for the online ordering platform. We delivered an integrated POS and PWA solution with admin access managed through a centralized system to the client to address all their business needs.


Business analysts appointed by dreamztech solution communicated with the client to discuss the objectives of the project and analyzed the obstacles. The analysts along with the architects consulted with the client to finalize the solution in order to overcome all the problems.


The design and workflow for the solution were finalized by the architects and business leads of the project. For proper and timely completion of the project, the work was divided into multiple phases and assigned to different teams with specific deadlines.


The dedicated team worked with the client for 4 months and deployed the POS and PWA solution within the proposed time frame. The dedicated team for the project followed Agile methodology for technology implementation and consisted of dedicated Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts.


The client was able to manage all the dine-in and takeaway orders from a single platform through the POS solution delivered by dreamztech. The PWA solution ensured seamless management of all the online orders placed by the customers to be integrated through the POS system. The PWA solution helped the client give better services to its customers hence improved their customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Key Application Features

DreamzTech delivered a solution that consists of an interconnected POS & PWA platform which is managed through a centralized system. The following features are availed by the client through this consolidated POS & PWA solution.

automated oil changeINVENTORY MANAGEMENT

Admin can manage the inventory for all the activities of the restaurant. Create or remove categories, subcategories, product type, manage POS and category mapping.

fleet management -asset managementWAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT

Admin can keep track of the stock of the kitchen through the POS solution in real-time and view the availability of specific items.

asset order managePURCHASE MODULE

Admin can manage supplier management, create and manage purchase orders, goods received notes and purchase invoices. Users can set terms and conditions for payment and order terms.

automated oil changeOFFERS & PROMO

Admin can set product bundles, special offers for marketing, instant offers and membership card for the customers from this option.

fleet management -asset managementREGISTER MANAGEMENT

Admin can keep real-time track of the cash register through the POS machine software along with options to close, payout or drop register.

asset order manageTRANSACTION HISTORY

Admin can view transaction history with a filtering option based on a date range. Admin can also view refund history with a filtering option.

asset management systemADMIN RIGHTS

Admin access to create or remove employee, allocation management of an employee and assign permissions to the POS platform.

digital ad platformREPORT MANAGEMENT

Admin can access the sales summary and details report. Track purchase orders and purchase invoice reports. View customer and stock reports of the restaurant. Access to cash flow and customer feedback reports.

b2b travel portalBILL MANAGEMENT

The POS solution has an option to manage bills generation and closure against every order place in dine-in or takeaway. The orders placed through PWA solutions are also integrated through the POS solution to manage online order billings.

asset management systemINVOICE MANAGEMENT

On successful payment of bills, the POS solution provides an option to generate an invoice for all orders. For online orders placed through PWA, solution invoices can be sent through emails registered against the ordering platform users.

digital ad platformPUSH NOTIFICATION

Admin has an option to add push notification to notify customers about special offers or news through the PWA based online ordering platform.

b2b travel portalPRODUCT NOTE

Admin can fill here the extra add ons which they want to mention for a particular product.

asset management systemORDER MANAGEMENT FOR POS

A restaurant can select orders from the list in the POS system during billing and set price, quantity and add discounts.

digital ad platformCATEGORY LISTING

A restaurant can list products and prices from the POS solution platform and add specific discount instructions against specific products listed on the category.


A restaurant can preset the radius for receiving online orders through the PWA platform and customers can place an order through the PWA platform from within that radius.

b2b travel portalSEND TO KITCHEN

A restaurant can manage orders after confirmation by an option to send the orders to the kitchen to notify the cooks about the order and track them from the POS platform.

b2b travel portalCHECK OUT

Restaurant can select payment mode i.e., Cash Payment, Credit Card Payment or Points and Rewards from the POS solution platform. Users can manage to check out from every bill payment with printable bills and invoices along with refund option.

b2b travel portalDIGITAL MENU

A restaurant can set the pricing and availability of products on the digital menu visible to the online customers through the PWA solution platform to let them browse through and pick for online ordering.

b2b travel portalCART

Customers can add or remove single or multiple items along with the individual quantity in the cart and place order later or instantly.

b2b travel portalNOTIFICATION

A notification system is available to notify the admin about every order placed or canceled through the PWA solution through the mail and for the customers to notify them about their order status through the mail.

Technology Overview










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Google Map API

Google Geofencing API

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