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Connecting with property buyer was never so easy. Close deal quickly too.

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The Solution is Packaged with

Progressive Web App for Realtors / Loan Officers

A user friendly and smart Instant PWA that eases the lead generation process for Realtors and encourages them to work with the Loan Officers in the same platform. Using the platform the realtors are now able to follow up on Leads from the Lead database and can close deals quickly.

Administration Portal for Admin / Owners

Manage all the details of your Loan officer, Realtors, Services, Amenities and plans and payments from a single platform. Update any information to be shared with your Loan officer or Realtors and publish in real-time and hassle free way.

Why US?

  • The open house is an innovative solution for real estate lead generation, which is built on Progressive Web App technology.
  • The platform lets Loan Officers gather leads from the Realtors and secure interest from the buyers.
  • The platform appeals to real estate business due to the possibility of creating a database of authentic customers and conversion of leads.
  • The Realtors or admin have the power to bypass app stores and simply share the URL/link by any medium and once your potential buyers open it - they would be connected with the mobile app.

Realtor PWA

Lead Registration

Enlist the customers Realtors now can easily register a new customer on the database. They just need to sign in to the portal and need to fill up the customer details.

Email Confirmation

Automated Email System After registering, the customers will receive an auto generated email from the system. This facility will ensure the customers about their registration on the system.

Advanced Search

Make the search easy Advance search option will help the Realtors to find their name among the list of other Realtors. It will help to save their time for searching among a wide number of other Realtors.

Report Count

Daily customer Count By selecting an email address, realtors can send a daily new customer sign in report to that particular email. It will help the owners to get a daily count of new registered customers.

Loan Officer PWA

Data Analysis

New Signing Report Advanced Data Analysis feature help Loan officers to find the different reports of new joining customers. Filtering the report help them to get specific information on newly acquired customers

Export Reports

Data export made easy Let the Loan officers export the filtered report. It will help them to extract the raw data, which will in turns help them to review the monthly performance.

Advance Search

Make the search easy If a Loan officer has a huge number of Realtors base under him, then advance search will help him to find a specific realtor with no time.

Custom Forms

Acquire details as you wish Loan officers can use preference wise custom made user details forms as per their requirement. It will help them to get only the required details of a customer.

Custom Email Templates

Manage Email Templates Now manage all your email templates as per your choice by using the custom made templates. Simply draft your template and set it for further email communication.

Admin Portal

Manage Loan Officer

Power of Creator As admin managing both Loan Office and Realtors, so they does have all the features that lies for loan Officer.

Numeric Dashboard

Beat the number game Numeric dashboard will show you the total number counts for Loan officer, Realtor and your customers in one place. It will help you to get a brief details about your business in just one click.

Manage Roles

Make changes easily Changing the role of a particular person is easy now. Admins can easily change job role from Actions section, which help them to save their time and difficulties.

Realtors and Customer Maintenance

Makes maintenance easy Maintain your Realtors and customers in a very simple way. Add, edit, delete and search your Realtors or Customers easily by using the platform as per your requirement.

Custom Email Templates

Manage Email Templates Now manage all your email templates as per your choice by using the custom made templates. Simply draft your template and set it for your further email communication.

Key Features of Real Estate Business

A hierarchical and role based lead generation tool

Features transparent relationship management between Realtors and Loan Officers

Maximize business potential by team building approach

Greater visibility of leads to close deals

Instead of buying leads and investing on ads, start Drip campaigns for the Leads

Easy & simple Branding & Promotions

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