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Case Study – Psychometric Software

DreamzTech has developed HIPAA compliant Psychometric Testing Software for US Based Health Startup

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The global mental health market was valued at $383.31 billion in 2020, and is estimated to reach $537.97 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 3.5% from 2021 to 2030.

The Global Mental Health Apps and website(Depression and Anxiety Management, Meditation Management, Stress Management and Others) Market size is expected to reach $10. 2 billion by 2027, rising at a market growth of 16. 3% CAGR during the forecasted period.

DreamzTech’s healthcare software developers have built a Psychometric Testing Software and a Counseling Mobile Application for both providers and clients where providers can design and control the digital forms for creating questions, tests, activities and treatment courses suitable for their clients and share via email. The clients can also access the platform from the client portal and take necessary actions based on what their providers have designed for them. This system also integrates health information exchanges(HIE), practice management system(PMS), Electronic Medical Records(EMR) and Tele-Mental features and functionalities, to streamline communication between clients and medical professionals. Our custom built counseling app solution includes eRx, record data tracking, electronic communications, and much more to support Psychologists, Therapist and clients. This Psychometric testing software and counseling app solution also plays a vital role in Patient Management & Engagement which helps to manage the entire business operations digitally in an efficient way. This counseling app provides a platform for Psychologists and Therapists to onboard their clients, share customized digital forms with questions and psychometric tests related to Depression and Anxiety Management, Meditation Management, Stress Management and Others. This platform also helps in automating the process of generating notation and progress notes based on the data provided by their clients. The platform is smart enough to analyze the data over a period of time and provide detailed insight of client’s progress and changes aiding the therapist’s with data driven decisions.

The Custom Psychometric Assessment & Consultation platform provides a detailed analytical dashboard to enable the providers with a view to the detailed result of individual tests performed over a period of time. The psychometric assessment platform also allows guest users to search for providers based on location and other preferences. As a guest user, they can also access all the psychometric courses and activities that providers may create and publish in the platform. The counseling app and web solution is powered with a comprehensive HIPAA compliant video conferencing software which allows the Providers and Clients to communicate easily in virtual mode.

The counseling app and web solution is built with data processing methodologies that adhere to HIPAA/GDPR regulations.

Key Challenges

  • The client was looking for a comprehensive solution for a custom psychometric assessment which would include health information exchanges(HIE), practice management system(PMS), Electronic Medical Records(EMR) and telehealth features . This platform was expected to perform complex business operations involving different type of operational tasks, electronic documents, customizable chart templates, clinical dashboards & reports. Earlier, the evaluation forms of the providers were all paper-based that was cumbersome to manage. The system should allow the providers to prepare questions and psychometric tests. The platform is expected to provide the users with a easy to use, smarter and rich user experience
  • The reviewing of responses from clients on paper-based evaluation forms was time consuming and error prone. The psychometric assessment system should be smart enough to automate the process of generating notation and progress notes based on the data provided by their clients
  • The counseling app software solutions was required to be intelligent and smart enough for customizing the evaluation form for individual clients as every individual has different mental state. Earlier, with the manual process this was impossible
  • The psychometric assessment system was required to be smart to generate the progress analysis report based on all evaluation forms and tests conducted for any client. This was difficult to achieve in a manual process
  • The psychometric assessment system was required to check and provide real-time progress of the client. Manually process of managing the entire operation was cumbersome, error prone and could not be tracked efficiently. Unless the client comes back with questions or issues, the communication was broken and tracking could not be done
  • It was important to provide our client with relevant and insightful business analytics and reports around all the providers and client interactions. Our client will be able to refer to these reports and make effective business decisions to build and maintain a growth oriented sustainable practice management system
  • It was important to provide our client with a system that adheres to the health information exchange standards and HIPAA compliance

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The Solution

DreamzTech’s software development team has a vast experience in developing Psychometric and Counseling applications and has expertise in this healthcare domain. The team leveraged their knowledge and experience and provided the client the innovative ideas and presented the architecture, design and the business process implementation phases. DreamzTech development team has implemented the feature-rich, robust custom Psychometric testing software and counseling app. The platform includes a comprehensive and intuitive business administration portal to setup, configure and manage various Providers and clients.

  • The counseling app and psychometric web solution was built to provide the clients to sign up and create their profiles.The client’s can manage their own profiles and view Provider’s profiles by eligibility and other search criteria
  • The implemented functionalities of psychometric assessment software enabled clients to book consultation with Provider’s or go for telehealth consultation or HIPAA compliant video conferencing and store the e-prescription in their profile
  • The system has been designed for scalability, Optimized client data processing and security
  • The e-prescriptions that are stored in the client profile can be accessed by any Provider with client’s authorization
  • The providers in the platform can create subscription based profiles which helps our client in revenue generation through subscriptions
  • The counseling app and web solution was built adhering to the health information exchange standards and HIPAA compliance
  • This psychometric assessment solution was integrated with 3rd party solutions like Google API for Maps
  • Technology – PHP Laravel, Angular, Microsoft SQL Server 2018
  • Tools – Firebase, Google API for Map


DreamzTech worked with the client as the technology partner, provided solution consulting and developed the counseling app and psychometric testing web solution which proved to be a game changer for the client. Some of the major benefits and factors that triggered the business growth includes


The comprehensiveness and flexibility provided by the psychometric testing system helped in configuring all business rules for the providers and clients, facilitating the generation of the revenue stream.


The easy to perform Provider’s appointment booking flows, excellent user experience and quick Provider’s onboarding facilities attracted many clients and Providers resulting in increased business opportunities


The in-built and easy to use Provider’s search and individual content creation option of the custom psychometric assessment software helped the clients and Providers to express their business interest easily which resulted in increased number of participation of the Providers and clients on the platform


The implemented core functionalities of a HIPAA compliant counseling app and web platform within the administration and Providers portal helped in achieving transparent business transactions. This helped our client to build long term and sustainable business relationships and achieve a high retention rate of the Providers and clients on the platform


The availability of advanced report and analytical insights for the various Providers and users and its controlled access, helped the owner of the platform(client) to establish relationships with clients and Providers


The counseling app and web provides a complete digital journey with a smarter user experience for the clients and Providers with HIPAA compliant video conferencing software


The custom developed Psychometric Assessment & Consultation website and mobile app helped the users to manage appointment schedules, client profiles and prescription lists

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